Enjoying My Blogging Break

Here’s what we’ve been enjoying during the first part of my blogging break (in pictures):

  • A visit to the Detroit Zoo


watching bear

with monkey




picking berries

Enjoying lots of produce from the garden:


lydia and beets

And spending some time outdoors:


…And if all that looks really idyllic, please be aware that this last week has also involved lots of vomit. And tantrums. But I didn’t get any pictures of those things.

Hope you’re enjoying your August!

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  1. Oh no, vomit and tantrums! :-( Hope everyone’s feeling better now.

    Lydia is getting SO. BIG. Holy cow!

    I haven’t been to the Detroit zoo in about ten years! But I recall I liked it. Most of my dad’s family lives in the Detroit area.

    Enjoy the second half of August!

  2. Lydia does look like such a cute little girl! I think its the bangs and pigtails :)
    alison recently posted..Crossing over: Severing the infertile bondMy Profile

  3. On my goodness, Lydia is so cute! What an adorable little girl you have there! I hope your enjoying your blogging break. Vomiting sounds awful. I hope everyone feels better soon!
    Michele recently posted..Motherhood with a Toddler – TransportationMy Profile

  4. Gah, I hate typing on a phone. I meant I hope YOU’RE enjoying your blogging break, not your.
    Michele recently posted..Motherhood with a Toddler – TransportationMy Profile

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