Homemade Summer Deodorant (That Won’t Melt in Your Cupboard)

Homemade Summer Deodorant (made with coconut oil, but it won't melt in your cupboard)

(Updated to add: several readers have asked about homemade deodorant for men. I am happy to report that my husband has been using this same recipe for years to his complete satisfaction. You might want to select some more masculine essential oils to give it a manly smell — I offer a few suggestions in my recipe. I also put his in a reused Old Spice deodorant stick container, which you’ll see below. Read on!)

Last  year, I shared some of my favourite homemade body care recipes, including deodorant.

I’ve been using my own homemade deodorant for about three years now, to my complete satisfaction. It’s a very basic recipe, and you’re sure to find a bunch of similar ones online — it uses only baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, and essential oils (especially tea tree).

This recipe is great because it’s effective, super-frugal, non-toxic, and much less wasteful than conventional deodorant, where you chuck out a plastic container every couple of months. I’m trying to reduce the amount of waste — especially plastic — I send to the landfill, so that’s a big deal to me. (I’ve been using this same deodorant stick container for the last three years. My husband has been using his for  the last five!)

About this deodorant, from the original post:

You guys: this stuff works. I tried several natural deodorants from the health food store before trying this and none of them worked like this.

The baking soda absorbs odour, the cornstarch absorbs moisture, the coconut oil makes it stick together and offers antimicrobial properties, and the tea tree oil kills bacteria. Any other essential oil helps make it smell pretty.

There’s just one problem with my regular recipe. In the summer, it melts.

See, coconut oil melts at about 72 degrees F — the temperature of a moderately warm summer day. During the cooler months, that’s not a problem — my deodorant stick remains solid, just like the store-bought kind. (I actually have to hold it against my skin for a few moments to warm it up so it can spread.) But as soon as the weather starts getting warmer — for me, usually around the end of May — my deodorant starts to get all gloppy and messy.

Some people remedy this problem by keeping their deodorant in the fridge. I’ve tried that, but it’s kind of a pain, having to head to the kitchen to apply deodorant every day; and I don’t like the jolt of cold against my underarm.

Some people substitute shea butter or cocoa butter for the coconut oil, since these are also natural ingredients that are good for the skin but stay solid at room temperature. I’ve tried these, too, but I found them too stiff and crumbly. They didn’t apply as smoothly. They also didn’t seem to protect against odour as well as the coconut oil — perhaps because they don’t offer the antimicrobial properties that cold-pressed virgin coconut oil does.

But I’ve discovered a simple tip to keep my deodorant solid during the summer, without storing it in the fridge:

Add beeswax.

Beeswax is a popular ingredient in many natural skin-care products, and it has this magical property wherein liquid oils remain in a solid state at much higher temperatures when mixed with it. (You can even turn turn olive oil into a creamy whipped lotion that stays solid at room temperature by adding some melted beeswax.)

With deodorant, I just substitute a small amount of my coconut oil with beeswax, and all that summertime messiness disappears.

Please note, however, that this recipe is still somewhat creamy, and less solid than most commercial deodorant. You will still want to apply it lightly, and may need to gently massage it into your skin. But it won’t ooze or leak oil all over your handy deodorant stick.

Where to get beeswax? Beeswax - secret ingredient for homemade deodorant (keeps it from melting). Includes recipe for DIY summer deodorant

I’m lucky, in that my parents keep bees on their farm, so I have access to free beeswax (and honey!). However, it is a HUGE ordeal trying to clean and purify that stuff, so I highly recommend finding a source of already-cleaned stuff.

If you can, try to find a local source. If you know of a farm where local honey is sold, ask if the wax is available as well. Of course, you can also get beeswax pellets from Amazon if you can’t find a local source.

Ready for the recipe and instructions?

Recipe for Homemade Summer Deodorant

  • 1/4 cup corn starch
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp grated beeswax
  • 5 drops tea tree oil*
  • 5 drops of some other essential oil (optional. I like citrus and lavender. For a more masculine or unisex smell, try patchouli, sandalwood, or bergamot)

Begin by melting coconut oil and beeswax together over a double boiler. I rest a heat-proof bowl inside a small saucepan of water and heat it gently, stirring constantly, until the beeswax is melted.

melting beeswax and coconut oil for homemade deodorant

DIY deodorant recipe

Add the remaining ingredients.

homemade deodorant

Stir it all together. At this point, you’ll have a runny paste or slurry. This will change quickly.

making homemade deodorant

Work quickly: pour your deodorant slurry into your empty deodorant stick. By the end of this step, you may have to scrape the last of the paste into your container, push it down, and smooth the top. That’s how quickly it begins to solidify at room temperature!

pouring homemade deodorant (recipe included)

There you have it! A coconut-oil-based deodorant that won’t melt at room temperature.

DIY Deodorant -easy homemade summer deodorant for men (that won't melt in your cupboard)

One batch should last about two months.

A few notes and tips:

(taken from my original deodorant post)

*I am quite certain that the tea tree oil is an essential ingredient. Don’t skip it! It helps kill the bacteria that create stink. I once tried to make this recipe with patchouli oil instead and it was a complete disaster. I reeked. Likewise, my sister tried some natural deodorants without luck, until she bought one with tea tree oil. And then? No more body odour.

If you don’t like the smell of tea tree, 5 drops in a whole batch is not enough to be perceptible when you put it on. And if you add some other essential oils, they totally mask the tea tree.

(I’ve read that lavender is also antibacterial, so you could probably swap that for the tea tree, or combine the two. I haven’t personally tried it without the tea tree, though, because I want to avoid another patchouli fiasco, but you might be more daring.)

Keep in mind that since it’s not an antiperspirant, it won’t stop you from sweating. But sweating is a natural process that helps your body get rid of toxins, and shouldn’t be inhibited. Embrace it. You won’t smell, I promise. And you won’t sweat as much as you do when you skip a dose of conventional deodorant/antiperspirant.

However, if you’ve never used a natural deodorant, you probably will have to go through an adjustment period. Your body has to get used to not having its glands blocked. Be patient. Pick a time when you won’t be around people too much. My transition period lasted a week or two.

How about you? Have you given homemade deodorant a try? What was your experience? Or are you hesitant to take the plunge? Tell me about it!

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  1. Kathleen! I’m so glad you posted this!! I literally just went out on Sunday and bought the ingredients to make my own shampoo and deodorant using your posts as my guide. I was SHOCKED at how ridiculously cheap all of the ingredients were (except organic coconut oil, which I already buy religiously – so I wasn’t bothered). Awesome posts! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yay! Hope they work out well for me! Let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions.

      • Been making and using my homemade deodorants for some time now!! I’m even making them for other people! I’ve used lemongrass in the place of tea tree oil with great success!

        • I’ve been making mine for about a year now and LOVE it! My 18 year old son has started using it as well. I use lemongrass with tea tree in the summer and lavender/tea tree in the cooler months. I have beeswax from my husband’s hives but haven’t added it because I was afraid it might stain my clothes over time. The coconut oil does melt in my cabinet during the screaming hot parts of summer but I just stick it in the fridge. We live in Oklahoma and my deodorants get a workout during summer, but this stuff is great! Way better than the $7.00 “natural” stuff I bought at the health food store.

      • I have used the recipe below with excellent results. It is a unisex scent and pleasant. The oils all have something to add to the deodorant-there not put in just because I liked them Ect.
        The only thing is it is very soft and I’d like ideas as to how much beeswax to start with to make it more solid and how much would be too much. Thanks

        1 Tablespoon Yellow Shea Butter
        1 Tablespoon White Shea Butter
        1 Tablespoon Coconut 76° Oil
        1 Tablespoon Fx Coconut Oil
        1 Tablespoon Mango Butter
        1 Tablespoon Coco Butter
        7 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
        7 drops Lemon Essential Oil
        5 drops Lime Essential Oil
        5 drops Orange Essential Oil
        5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
        3 drops Cedar Wood Essential Oil
        3 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

        Texture is very soft…takes forever to set up or so it seemed

        • Hi,
          Just use extra vigin coconut oil and replace 1 tablespoon of it for beeswax, and replace one of your tablespoons of shea butter with another tablespoon of beeswax, so 2 tablespoons of beeswax all together.
          Its soft because your using all butters and oils.

        • you need to use some arrowroot powder or baking soda. I’d cut back on the oils and butters and simplify, or combine them in smaller amounts to make up a blended tablespoon but using beeswax is one way to help thicken and raise the melting point. I use candelilla wax as a vegan option, I love it and won’t change.

        • I just made this and have learned that less is better, I dab and rub, not the old fashion painting swipe. I am a male. It will be gritty, but that’s what you want if you want baking soda working for you and you wan it to be thick and not creamy.
          For one 2-3 ounce stick
          1.5 Tbsp raw, unrefined, organic coco oil
          about a tablespoon of organic cocoa butter wafer discs (5 discs)
          1-1.5 Tbsp of candelilla wax
          1-1.5 Tbsp of baking soda
          5-10 drops of pumpkin seed oil or vitamin e
          10-50 drops of essential oils (depending upon scents and desired strength)
          add the oils as late as possible so the mixture is cooler
          pour into screw up deodorant container.

          mine stays solid in a warm car in San Diego so far (Feb 2016)

        • Mine feels grainy how do I make it creamy?

          • you may have heated the shea butter too high.
            if you heat shea butter for too long, it begins get grainy
            heat the beeswax first, then add the shea and stir until melted and no longer, to that add the coconut oil which will melt the moment it hits the mix as it melts easily. and stir until mixed remove from heat and add your cornstarch baking soda and essential oils

          • It’s grainy because of the Shea & Mango butters called for in this recipe, they need to be tempered before adding to any to make body butters, creams, lotions etc.

            Temper at. 140* using a double broiler for 20min then pour into a heat proof container and place in fridge till solid. After doing this the butters will not come out grainy.

            I learned this while in herbal school with Julie James – Green Wisdom. Hrrbal Studies in Long Beach

  2. Did I mention I am totally awed by you? I want to be you when I grow up..
    Fiona Lynne recently posted..A thousand storiesMy Profile

  3. Magdalene says

    I got totally excited when I read the title of this post, since I’ve been having this melting-deodorant problem, but then I was disappointed because I have no idea how to find beeswax in Taiwan. Any suggestions? (PS When I put my deo in the fridge I can’t dial it up. Is that normal?)

    • Hey, Magdalene! I didn’t know you made your own deodorant! Yeah . . . I have no idea where you could get beeswax in Taiwan, either. Dang it — sorry! Can you order stuff online?? Is there a Taiwanese version of Amazon, or a way to get stuff shipped there from Amazon?

      Yeah, we’ve had that problem with being unable to dial it up when it’s too cold, too. With my Old Spice container, I just screw the bottom piece in the right direction (and it starts to screw OFF), and then I push it down on a hard surface to push the contents up. Not sure if that would work for you?

      • Magdalene says

        Yeah, I made some before I left and took it along with me, since I didn’t think I’d be able to get coconut oil here either. I know they have shopping websites, so I’ll have to see if someone can help me navigate it. And I still can’t seem to dial it up… oh well, it works just as well melted, it’s just messier.

        • Have you been able to find beeswax? If not, I have beeswax and can ship it to you.

        • I have just started making my own deodorant and as I live in the tropics, I have to keep it in the fridge all the time (I don’t use the beeswax). What I have found out is that, once I have poured the mixture into the stick container, if I just leave it in the fridge for half an hour and then screw the deodorant up, it works perfectly well. Before that I had tried 20 minutes and it was still too liquid and then I just forgot the stick in the fridge for hours and I could not push the thing up and the container broke. You just have to check the time. Wish it can help.

      • Kathlean says

        I wonder if the problem with the deodorant not pushing up when it’s cold would be helped by lining the inside of the container with oil before pouring the deodorant in? Like oiling a bread-pan before putting the bread in?

        • I do beading and filled an old lip balm container with a beeswax blend to condition the thread (and my lips). Found I needed to lightly coat the inside with some oil otherwise it wouldn’t, ah, screw up.

        • Lynn Carter says

          I have found that running the cold container under very hot water will loosen the outmost layer enough that I can screw it up, and just getting it started is enough. It won’t ever stick again unless it melts somewhere accidentally and I have to put it back in the fridge.

    • Try with plant base wax

    • Jean West says

      Does Amazon ship to you, that’s where I get my beeswax. It comes in pellets so no grating or chopping!

  4. I soooo want to try this! I have all the ingredients too, except my coconut oil isn’t organic (I don’t think). How important is that? I just have to make time. I feel like I still haven’t caught up on my household since DD was born – 17 months ago! I’m amazed with everything you are able to do.
    Michele recently posted..To Sleep, or Not To Sleep?My Profile

    • Hi Michele! A few things:

      In regards to organic coconut oil, Katie and I had an interesting conversation about it here (in the comments). Long story short, it’s up to you, because it’s a complex issue; but pesticides don’t seem to really contaminate the coconut too much. It should still be perfectly effective.

      Also, this recipe is super-easy and quick to make, especially once you get the hang of it and have all the ingredients handy. It’s just gathering the ingredients and equipment and mustering the courage that are challenging. :)

      Lastly: I don’t feel like I’ve gotten caught up on my household since Lydia was born, either!! I feel like I’m always floundering, like everyone else can do so much more than me. The few things I AM able to do (like blogging!), I’m ONLY able to do because I have amazing parents/in-laws who generally take Lydia one day a week. I can’t get squat done when she’s home; I’m only productive when she’s out of the house. If I didn’t have their help, I would probably be eating Hot Pockets and watching Disney movies all week. :) I bet most people would be amazed at all the things you do. Didn’t you make a MEI TAI after your kid was born?!?! I can’t imagine sitting down and SEWING with my maniac toddler running around the house!!

      • Aww, you’re so sweet. I’m glad to know I’m not alone! I wish I had family nearby to do that. Ana was still immobile back when I made the Mei Tai, so she just sat in a blanket and we talked while I worked. Sometimes she would hang out with DH while he was home. I only recently posted the how-to (and took a finished photo) but she was 3-4 months old when I did the actual sewing.
        Michele recently posted..To Sleep, or Not To Sleep?My Profile

  5. i’ll have to look into changing to this recipe next year! i had switched to your recipe and the ratios were better so I was having great success with it (since january) but then spring/summer came and BAM, melt city. I actually forgot and took my deoderant with me on the plane to TEXAS and it melted all over the place. womp womp. so i gave in and bought some tom’s which, incidently, doesn’t work NEARLY as well as the stuff I made. or was it the humid sweaty weather that made me sweat more? Hmm…oh well! Maybe if I can find something else to use beeswax for I might try this!
    alison recently posted..Feedly folliesMy Profile

    • Alison, hope you found other uses for the wax. Otherwise, may I suggest you google lip balm, hand creme, etc. which use beeswax.

  6. Hey, Kathleen, works like a charm! One thing, though, and this may be more a Q for your husband: The ingredients are great, but I’ve noticed most of these deodorant recipes online are created by ladies, and so are being applied directly to skin. As a guy, I’ve found the DIY deodorant stick doesn’t glide very well through the — (ehem) — “terrain.” Any thoughts on how to tweak the recipe to hold its form in mid-swipe? (I’ve been using the jar-and-dab routine, but miss the convenience of a stick.)
    The Crunchy Urbanite recently posted..Vetiver & Tea Tree Moisturizing BalmMy Profile

    • Hi, Crunchy Urbanite! To be completely honest, this is an issue we struggle with, too. My husband uses the same recipe I do, in a stick, and he does have trouble with it clumping. He generally rubs/massages it in after application, which is usually okay, but still not perfect. We’re trying to think of a better alternative ourselves. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

      • Miss.Fanny says

        maybe a bit more beeswax would help?

        also i just made some and its great ! except its a bit gritty, im not sure if its because i used arrow root powder instead of cornstarch. next time i make it im going to try keeping the dry ingredients in the double boiler for a little longer hopefully that will help but if not im going to try to find some organic corn starch.
        have you ever tried to make a deodorant with arrow root powder?

        • We do ours with arrowroot instead of cornstarch and it works great! It’s just the same as before we made that switch. We vary our EOs depending on our mood and the season. Another question on the “man” front though. Does anyone have any reservations about using Tea Tree or Lavender in formulations for men or is that totally silly and only apply to everyday exposure for young boys? Are there alternatives with equal antibacterial properties?
          Tamara recently posted..Street Art: Bogota’s Cultural RenaissanceMy Profile

          • That’s not a silly question at all! I have heard about both tea tree and lavender having estrogenic properties and therefore might be cause for reservation for men. I’ve decided to continue using tea tree oil in my husband’s deodorant, simply because I use such a tiny amount and haven’t discovered another oil that works as well. If someone has a suggestion I’d be glad to try it! :)

          • You might want to try frankincense essential oil as this is known to have antibacterial effects.

      • Hello, my husband and I also use this recipe. He also found that it didnt go on very smooth for a man. I added an extra tbsp of beeswax & it soloved the problem.

  7. Thank you for the great recipe. I will have to gather the ingredients and try to make my own. I would like to share an excellent all natural, aluminum free deodorant (I’ve been using for almost 8 months). I’ve tried the salt crystal, Tom’s, etc.. but they seem to work only for so long. However, I have experienced nothing but success with Nutural. After wearing this deodorant all day, and completing a 3 hour session of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates before dinner, there is still NO! stink and no stains on my clothes. I love it.
    nuturalife (dot) com

  8. Thanks for posting. Being a “guy” I made this and sort of added more beeswax then called for. I made several tubes of deoderant and they work great, but don’t “glide” very well, pulling the hair under the arms. Do you think that I can re-melt my tubes and then add more coconut oil to make them glide better? Thanks for your response.

  9. I am definitely going to try this recipe. I have contemplated about using beeswax and essential oils in my homemade deodorant which is simply coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch. Thanks for sharing.
    Jackie recently posted..How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt: (Week 1) Gather SuppliesMy Profile

  10. I’m new to the world of all-natural deodorants. Had been using standard chemical-based deodorants my whole life, until I came across scary information linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s. My husband and I did a little more research and decided we needed to switch to an all-natural alternative. We’ve been using a deodorant called Lavilin (www.lavilin.com). We use both their foot and underarm creams and we love them! Great reviews of the brand online as well, so anyone looking for a new brand should check them out!

  11. Would Candelilla wax work just as well? I really don’t like to use products from bees.

    • Hi, CaioBella! I’m afraid I’ve never used it, but from my quick online search it looks like it would probably work! As long as it’s safe to use on your body (and it looks like it is!). Worth a shot, I’d say!

  12. That’s interesting that the patchouli smelled so bad on you. I have found that it is the ONLY essential oil I’ve tried so far that will cover the smell of my body odour. Lavender, on the other hand enhances it! Yuck! EOs are funny like that. My friend has a blend that she uses as perfume, and when my friends and I tried it on, it smelled completely different on each of us! On some people, it smelled floral, and on others it smelled spicy or sometimes even citrusy!

  13. Hello! Has anyone tried this with the lavender instead of the tea tree? I’d love to try this recipe, but I am allergic to tea tree oil.

    • I combine tea tree oil and lavender…great scent. But lavender works well by itself too.
      Also, I’m trying 92 degree coconut oil for summer deodorants since the 76 tends to get runny when it gets hot. Also, if you use 76 degree coconut oil and travel, pack it in a plastic bag. Because of that we travel with the crystal deodorants in the summer but will see how the 92 degree coconut oil works.

      • Did you try the 92 degree and has it been working for you?

        • I tried the 92 deg coconut oil in my recipe in place of the regular. I love it. It’s creamier than the regular and my deo doesn’t feel as gritty. We’ve been having high temps and my house is regularly in the 80’s. I don’t miss the goopy mess my deo was. The downside, it’s hard to get out of my clothes that are washed in cold water. It’s especially noticeable on the blacks. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

      • Just for anyone reading, it might be worthwhile to know that the crystal deodorants are made of allum which is another form of aluminium as I understand it. That’s why I stopped using them. I make my own deodorant much the same as here. Sometimes using cocoabutter and shea butter which works really well for me and means no need for beeswax, however the beeswax & coconut oil is properly the more economic way to go in the end. The baking soda is the main ingredient which stops odor …baking soda is incredible in that respect I use it for so many things. Once my son vomitted in the car all over the floor carpet and baking soda was the only thing that finally got rid of the smell! Sorry gross I know …but it’s the baking soda that is the real odor killer…I don’t even need tea tree in my deodorant for it to work well.

    • Iuse a very similar recipe for my natural deo but as it’s summer now, I am sorry i didn’t add beeswax in my most recent batch! Ugh! If only I’d seen this post sooner! Totally trying this next time.

      As for EO’s, I use a mix of 2 parts lavender to 1 part peppermint. I usually do 10 lav. & 5 pep. because I love the scent combo and the cooling of the peppermint. Both are anti-fungal and smell much better than tea tree oil imo.

  14. I have used coconut oil , baking soda , arrowroot and lavender oil in my deo. I am using it from last four month and was very happy to use it. However recently my underarms becomes quite dry and itchy by end of the day. what do you think have gone wrong.

    • Google crunchy Betty and underarm ph. She has a post on some side effects of natural deo and ph and a fix. That may be your issue.

  15. I am deathly allergic to coconut, is there anything else I can use?
    It’s a weird allergy, but I break out in patches of swelling and hives.
    I’m really into natural remedies & would like to give this a try.
    So maybe I could just use the beeswax instead?

    • Hi Katlyn! You definitely need some kind of oil. Luckily, if you’re adding beeswax, it can emulsify any oil (i.e. turn it into a solid). You would just need a smidge more beeswax. I’ve heard great things about unrefined sunflower oil for skin, or any favourite liquid oil that you would use on your body. Shea butter is also an option, but since it’s solid, you would need LESS beeswax (or maybe omit it completely!). I also find that it tends to crumble a little bit.

      I guess that’s a long way of saying you might want to experiment. You can definitely use some other oil! Hope that helps. :)

    • Elizabeth Sofia says

      I made my deodorant yesterday and used Babassu oil, same wonderful properties as coconut oil just a little more pricey and less greasy than coconut oil. Hope that helps.

  16. I’ve tried several handmade deodorant recipes, and I like this one the best. I’m going to take this as a base recipe, because the consistency is so great and add some French clay and/or arrowroot powder, just to experiment.

    From my experience with this recipe, as a whole, it would be better to let this one cool a bit before pouring it in the container, because the baking soda/corn starch does sink to the bottom as it cools and hardens leaving the top portion not as effective.

    • Thanks for the tip, Esther. It probably depends on the temperature of the room — mine hardens so fast (like, instantly) that I don’t have that problem. In a really warm climate, it might help to let it cool a little.

      • Rocksteadyvix says

        How would I alter this recipe for people with the baking soda rash that can come from using it? This recipe is AMAZING(thank you!!) however, I developed a red rash, no bumps or anything (and I didn’t use it on freshly shaven pits just to see) just an irritation. I made some substituting Diatomaceous earth(food grade) in place of baking soda…..but I’m not sure if I need to add more or what as it didn’t work like the baking soda recipe. Please help! Btw I use both tea tree & lavender YL oils 5-7 drops each per deodorant. Thanks in advance for any tips!

        • I have the same problem. I just use half the Baking Soda required and replace the other half with more arrowroot powder or organic cornstarch and no more rashes. I heard a lot of people have problems with the rashes but most can be solved by using less baking soda. It’s just as effective too! Hope that helps.

      • How would I alter this recipe for people with the baking soda rash that can come from using it? This recipe is AMAZING(thank you!!) however, I developed a red rash, no bumps or anything (and I didn’t use it on freshly shaven pits just to see) just an irritation. I made some substituting Diatomaceous earth(food grade) in place of baking soda…..but I’m not sure if I need to add more or what as it didn’t work like the baking soda recipe. Please help! Btw I use both tea tree & lavender YL oils 5-7 drops each per deodorant. Thanks in advance for any tips!

        • The rash usually has to do with the ph balance of your skin. I dab diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) on my armpits first before using the recipe above and have eliminated all rashes.
          I use 1 tbsp ACV to one cup of water and just keep it in a bottle in the bathroom

  17. I made a 1/2 a batch about a month ago. My 9 year old is becoming of age where her body is changing (seems WAY too soon). I didn’t want to get her any deodorant and hard that the Tom’s brand really burns your underarms. ANYWAY, I made some for BOTH of us to use. I have to say, I love it. It took my body no time to adjust to the lack of junk I was applying. The downfall of this is that I find that my underarms are yellow by the end of the day. It does wash off, just wondering if this is just me or others are experiencing this too?

    • Hi Sarah! So glad to hear it’s working well for you! I used to find that my shirts got yellow underarms, too, but for some reason I don’t have that problem any more. I think maybe I just apply less than I used to? I find I don’t need much at all any more — just a very light swipe.

      • Thank you! I tend to use a small amount. It hasn’t stained my clothes, and does wipe off. Just wanted to see if it was “normal” for this.

  18. Thanks Kathleen for the awesome recipes. I haven been making the simple recipe that you have posted here. I added two tablespoons of beeswax, because it seems to hold up better especially when it’s warm here in the South.. I added 5 drops of tea tree and 10 drops of lemon verbena and it is just lovely. I have tried several recipes, but this one is by far the best.

  19. rand robinson says

    I have a question – with the oils in it, does it stain your clothes? Do you have to pay special attention to getting the oils out of the armpits of your clothing when you wash it?

  20. Hi Kathleen, :)

    Wildcrafting Wednesday is hosting a special Hygiene Edition this week (3/5/2014) for posts on personal care and cleaning recipes; ideas for eliminating disposable cleaning items; and tips for making cleaning easier, faster, and more efficient. We’d love for you to share this post with us!

    Thanks! :)
    Kathy @ Mind Body and Sole recently posted..Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help: Harmonizing InsomniaMy Profile

  21. Laura Kae says

    Hi there!!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this recipe!! I have suffered from excessive underarm sweating for years. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of antiperspirants I be tried, I will soak my shirt within 20 minutes after application. It was incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. I am very happy to say that I tried this concoction to my complete satisfaction. Very little to no sweating at all, and absolutely no odor. I will never buy antiperspirant again. I am so grateful for your post…thank you!!

  22. Does stain clothing?

  23. I made this a week ago & it seems to be working pretty good. It doesn’t stain my clothes & sometimes it’s hard to tell if its actually rubbing off on me, but I have no odor issues at the end of the day. I have tried a few other recipes & they were too wet feeling once I put it on my skin. The only problem I had was that it was too thick to really even stir when I added the baking soda & corn starch. I had made a double boiler w/a mason jar & I popped it right back into the hot water to see if it would thin it out & it did. I do have beeswax pastilles & I know that grated beeswax is usually a lot more “fluffy” than pastilles, so I may have just put too much beeswax in it, since I used pastilles instead. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

  24. Bethie Lou says

    Is there any way I can make this free of nuts, tree nuts, coconut, etc? I’m seriously allergic…and do I have to use a starch? Allergic to those, too…

    • Hi, Bethie Lou! See some of my responses above to similar questions. You can use different oils, though you may have to adjust the ratio of beeswax to make it solid enough.

    • if you really just need at deodorant that works and your skin can cope with it…just dabbin a wet finger in baking soda and putting it under your arm will do the trick wonderfully. I sometimes get a little stingy or rashy when I do this but it’s not really bad for you or anything. Baking soda is very alkaline so sometime will cause a sensitive person to rash but most of the time it is good for me. Sometimes with persistence your skin gets used to it too. And it’s the best flipping odor killer you will ever find.

    • Bethie Lou says

      Please remove my comments

  25. I’ve been using homemade coconut oil deodorant for around 6months, my recipe is pretty much the same as yours but I just used coconut oil, corn starch and baking soda ie no tea tree oil. I never really noticed that I smelt bad and I get close and willing friends to smell my armpits from time to time to check whether the deodorant works and they didn’t notice any bad odours. So we probably have very different body chemistry or maybe you just needed some more time to adjust to the deodorant.
    Nevertheless, I’m going to try this with tea tree oil and patchouli and see how it goes.

  26. I love this recipe. My only question is can you substitute arrowroot powder for the corn starch and get the same results? Corn is on my list of don’t use items but I do have arrowroot powder. Thanks so much for this recipe.

    • Yes you can, Marcia. I personally thought it was slightly less effective when I tried it; but lots of people substitute arrowroot powder to their great satisfaction.

      • I have been using this same recipe for three years, but with arrowroot powder with fantastic results. During my research, I found numerous studies which linked cornstarch-based powders to the advancement of yeast infections. Armpits are warm, moist environments where such infections can occur easily. Arrowroot, on the other hand, serves a dual purpose: having the absorbent properties of cornstarch, but also has anti-bacterial properties which fight odor and the potential for infection. You can also be assured that with arrowroot powder, you are not perpetuating or supporting a GMO crop, as many cornstarches out there are made from GMO corn. My two cents :)

  27. Wonderful!

    I am going to try something like this. I currently use Primal Pit Paste, which is awesome but pretty pricey. I like how soft it is though.

    Just wondering, what would you add or use to make this deorderent super strong. As in, remove odor for someone who is VERY active all day long.
    Heidi @ Barefoot and Paleo recently posted..Recipe Review: Spinach Cardamom Smoothie from My Heart BeetsMy Profile

    • I added more baking soda. It became quite thick but I put it in a cream container and stirred it the next day. Maybe you can also try putting in more drops of tea tree oil.

    • Elizabeth Sofia says

      You can try a few drops of neem oil, wonderful for the skin full of vitamin e and fatty acids and it’s anti microbial.

  28. Your recipe inspired me to make my own! I made a few alterations to mine though. I absolutely LOVE IT! Been using it for about 2 months now and will never use regular deo again. Thanks for the post!
    Beth Hilliard recently posted..homemade deodorantMy Profile

  29. Ii have not ventured into making this yet but bought all the ingredients but beeswax. Since I haven’t found any cornstarch that is GMO free, I went with arrowroot. I was thinking of putting it in a little tub and using a makeup sponge to put it on. I have been using coconut oil in the shower all winter with fantastic results. The closest, smoothest shave EVER. No rash after and no itching as it begins to grow out during the day. I have been putting it on all over after turning off the water and it has eliminated my winter chafing anywhere seams touch my legs. This knocks off nearly all the water so I can just pat dry. Added bonus, I forgot to put on my regular deo one day and didn’t stink. Tried just leaving the coconut oil from the shower the next day…no stink. Of course it is not summer and I am not really sweaty yet but for winter…I think I just coconut oil might work for me! Has anyone tried it that had a really bad odor problem even with regular deo? My niece has the worst BO ever. She could bathe 3-4 times a day and use fresh deo and clean clothes and still stink. I wonder if this would work for her.

    • My niece had the same problem, she’s in her early teens and ever since she’s been using this deo, she doesn’t have that problem any more. It also works magic on smelly feet ;)

  30. I put my deodorant in a regular cream container and apply it as almost solid cream with my fingers. With that kind of application it is even welcome to have it melted to some extent. Plus, I regulate the thickness of the deodorant by tweaking the amounts of ingredients slightly. And I must say, it’s the best deodorant I’ve ever had except for the white marks on dark shirts.

  31. Seems like a good recipe and one that I’d like to try, save for one detail. I would not reuse an old plastic deodorant container for this purpose for a couple of reasons. For one thing, you are pouring a warm, liquid product into this plastic container, repeatedly. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this in case there is a possibility of some of the chemicals in the plastic leaching into the deodorant from the heat of the fresh, unset product. Them there is the possibility the container will gather bacteria from repeated uses since you can’t really effectively sanitize plastic. Little scratches in the plastic, as well as crevices in the inside of the applicator can gather bacteria over time. My advice would be to keep the deodorant stored in a glass container and scoop out with a spoon before applying with clean fingers.

  32. This is great! I have been struggling with the inconsistency of coconut oil during hot and cold periods. So excited to find this recipe. I just made some and it came out perfectly. Plus it is so much cheaper to make than to purchase the non-aluminum brands. I just passed this site on to some friends of mine. I know they will love it!
    Lily recently posted..Totes Ma Goats! Has It Been A Year Already?My Profile

  33. I have been using this (with the addition of a few drops of lavender) for a few days and it’s THE BEST deodorant I have ever used. Chemically or not. When I am breastfeeding for some hormonal reason I stink. Holy crap I stink. I have always used the Rx strength stuff but now I know better and can’t unlearn what I’ve learned about that stuff. For a double whammy I live in Florida. Anyway I kind of feel like if it worked for me while breastfeeding, in Florida, in the 80’s, after spending the day on my friends farm, it will work for anyone! Also my husband wears it with the addition of a bulletproof vest, 25lbs of equipment and a black uniform, IN FLORIDA and comes home smelling like a daisy.

  34. Oh, I forgot to mention for those who don’t know. There are yellow and white beeswax. I use the white and have no problems with staining on me or my shirts.

  35. I’m so happy you posted this and in so much detail. I’ve been making the original recipe for two years (corn starch, baking soda, coconut oil, essential oils) and I hate how it goes liquid in the summer. I’m going to try this recipe for sure! I really appreciate it. I haven’t used tea tree in mine and I find I don’t stink. I love combining launder, pink grapefruit, and peppermint. It’s so fresh and light smelling. In my very first attempt I tried balsam fir and cedar because I love woodsy scents but I found that those low notes do not combat body odour. You need lighter notes like florals and citruses.
    Thanks again!!!

  36. Hi Kathleen! I just wanted to say that I loved your post and I tried this and it worked wonderfully. It was warm yesterday and it didn’t melt. Wore it to the gym and I didn’t offend anyone with stink lol. I wrote about it in my blog and gave you a shout out http://dirtyfoodgoneclean.blogspot.com/2014/05/dirty-beauty-gone-clean-clean-deodorant.html Please take some time to check it out.
    Jessica – Dirty Food Gone Clean recently posted..Dirty Beauty Gone Clean: Clean DeodorantMy Profile

  37. This is the perfect ingredient to a problem I have been having with the melty coconut oil. All I can say is WOW Kathleen. I’ve been making my own deodorant for a year and a few months and I must say…adding a natural wax made a HUGE difference. I didn’t use beeswax, instead I used candelilla wax which is a vegan alternative to beeswax. Very pleased with this addition to my healthcare arsenal.

  38. I had been using Tom’s of Maine deodorant — I would stink halfway through the day and have to wash an re-apply. I tried out this recipe a few days ago (I used lavender only and orange essential oil, as I didn’t have tea tree on hand), and it works GREAT! There hasn’t been ANY stinkiness, even the next morning after 24 hours since my last shower. I’m amazed, and it’s wonderfully easy and cheap to make. (FYI — I used beeswax pastilles from Mountain Rose Herbs, which worked great.)

  39. Wendy Hoff says

    I have been making the deodorant without the beeswax and my only complaint is the graininess from the baking soda. Does the beeswax help this?

  40. First of all, thank you for sharing your recipe as well as all of your knowledge! The website WellnessMama has a similar recipe that has shea butter with the ingredients that you list. I haven’t tried making my own deodorant yet but am preparing to do so now. I see comments from other guys about the issue of not gliding well on hair…. do you think that the shea butter will help with this or do you have any other thoughts about using shea butter? Thanks again!

  41. I finally added shea butter to mine as it would puddle in summer and FREEZE in our cold, old house in winter. Hadn’t thought about beeswax. I need to mix up more though and I have 5 kilos of beeswax sitting on my counter…Will have to try this.
    kimberly recently posted..rainbowMy Profile

  42. Hi Kathleen,
    First of all, let me give you a million thanks for the post, — beeswax is truly a lifesaver!
    I was wondering if the same should apply for the shea butter body lotions? I’m considering switching to either kokum or shea butter from my usual coconut oil based bodycare, but I’m not quite whether or not they’re affected by summer temperatures, and if they are — what the amounts of beeswax I should add to them are.

    • Hi Kate! In my experience, shea butter is not really affected by summer temperatures. It might get a little softer, but not liquid like coconut oil. I would go ahead and try it without any beeswax; and if you find you want it a little firmer, try adding only a very small amount of beeswax (like half a tsp) to the mix the next time.

  43. I first found your site when looking for a dry shampoo recipe and I have fallen in love! I adore your blog and can not wait to try this recipe for homemade deodorant. Thanks so much for sharing!

  44. I made the deodorant using organic almond oil instead of coconut oil with excellent results! I also added tea rose itr (natural alcohol free perfume). My wife and daughters love it.

  45. Kampeerbus says

    With commercial (aluminum) based deodorant, I used to have transpiration issues. Also my skin was leathery from the deodorant.
    I switched to alun for some time; this helped a little for my skin but not for transpiration. Also, alun is still an aluminum salt and for some reason, I do not trust aluminum…
    Ever since I started making (and using) coconut oil based deodorant, my transpiration issues went away and my skin is soft and healthy.

    My recipe:
    50gr unrefined coconut oil (smells great and slightly antibacterial; just enough for me)
    30gr corn starch
    20gr baking soda
    I mix these ingredients cold, resulting in a slightly fluffy substance that can be applied like a cream. Mixing it takes some effort though (especially in the winter).

    In the summer my deodorant becomes liquid; very impractical. So thank you for your recipe! I have found beeswax (hard to come by here) and I will try swapping some coconut oil for beeswax (no cold mixing this time). I will also try adding some teatrea oil.

  46. I was right with you until you mentioned tea tree oil. I’m allergic to tea tree oil, so I’m going to try this with lavender oil instead. I cannot apply anything containing tea tee oil to my skin without risking a horrendous allergic reaction. I hope the lavender does the trick.

  47. Hello, I would like to know for how long can I keep this stored, in case I make a lot of them at once. Thanks

  48. First of all, thank you for this great recipe. I have been using it for 2 1/2 months now with great success- even in Atlanta’s muggy summer. It absolutely works, but I had a couple of notes I wanted to share with folks who are considering trying this out:

    1) It can be a little irritating to my skin, but I’ve found ways around it. The deoderant has a very light grit to it, and I find that to get an even application, I need to rub it on with my fingers- taking extra care not to rub too hard or it can be like sandpaper. It also stings like mad when applied just after shaving my armpits, which I now only do at strategic times when I won’t have to put this on until the next day. These were both easy things to resolve.

    2) Even the non-melting recipe melts on your skin in high heat. When I workout it feels like an oil-slick coming down from my armpits. But I have noticed no stains on my clothes, and absolutlely no odor- it totally works, but the feeling took some getting used to.

    3) I had a bit leftover when making the recipe, and I put it into an empty chapstick container. I carry it around in my purse just in case I might need a quick re-apply, or for travel.

    Again, my thanks, I will be using this forever.

  49. Hi! I just wanted to drop by and let you know I tried your natural deodorant (minus the beeswax, which will be a new additive) and it works FABULOUSLY! I too had the one week transition period, but after the ‘pits’ got cleared out from the gunky, pore clogging, aluminum filled deodorant/antiperspirant I was using, I was hooked on this recipe! It’s cost efficient, smells ok (I got some sandalwood to add in this new batch with the tea tree), and I HIGHLY recommend it to my friends and family! Thanks for this post! :)

  50. Anyone else experiencing redness and itchiness? The baking soda is irritating my skin, sadly, I really want this natural deodorant to work. I found on another website to first apply an apple cider vinegar solution to your armpits and let dry be applying the deodorant. It works ok sometimes. It is supposed to re balance your PH.

    • It is somewhat irritating to me too, but I wash it off before I go to bed and slather on some coconut oil. Seems to heal any irritation there and I don’t get irritated the next day. I only have problems if I leave it on 24/7. Taking a break from it at night is all I have needed. Hope this helps you!

  51. Hey! After looking for natural homemade deodorant solutions, this was the one that finally worked. I love the smell of the coconut, honey (gotta love the local beeswax), and the herbaceous tea tree and lavender. It smells really fresh and kind of masculine, like my dad’s Irish Spring deodorant… but I still like it. It doesn’t keep me dry, but it’s not at all oily when I sweat. After it’s put on, I don’t smell any of the essential oils or anything (which is half the reason I put them there, oh well.) and at the end of the day it leaves a faint coconut scent in the sweat stain on my shirt. I like it. Thanks for the recipe and take care :-)

  52. Hi! Love these homemade deodorant recipes. I have been using one with beeswax for some time- great in the winter but in the Deep South in summer it still melts! Ugh. I am in South Carolina. So last go round I subbed in candelilla wax 2:1 to beeswax. Then I added a few drops of castor oil for slip. It has turned out well. Much harder; however it still goes a little soft when I am applying and takes much too long to dry in the humidity. Yes I have air conditioning. I’ve had requests often to make it hard enough to be able to carry in a gym bag etc. I believe I will have to drop the beeswax entirely for all candelilla!

  53. I have broken out in a rash from this recipe….what could be causing it? I don’t want to stop using it….I love it….just wondering what it could be and if I can substitute something? Thanks!

    • I’ve been using this recipe for about 4 months now and I have found that occasionally, I also have a rash after applying. I think that my skin is rather sensitive, so I will use less tea tree oil in my next batch as I think that is the cause. It’s a fabulous oil with many uses but there is commonly a reaction to it.

    • I noticed too I think the coconut oil is clogging the sweat glands.

    • kanle485 says

      You should try using less baking soda. I figured it causes irritation on skin

  54. I just made my first batch. Used lavender and tea tree. Feels nice going on, let’s see if I can join the “it’s amazing” club lol! I am another who tried the crystals (epic fail, I’m glad I wasn’t booted from the plane). Tom’s and other “Heath food store” brands didn’t do it. Adidas (coty) had one with cotton – no aluminum – that kicked my stinky pits. It’s discontinued and I’m down to my last half stick. Fingers crossed!

  55. I love love love this homemade deodorant. Seems to work pretty well but I do have the problem of it feeling a bit gritty going on and clumping under my arms. Small price to pay though. So after making my first batch I adjusted the recipe by adding about a tbsp of Shea butter and a few more bits of wax (oh I’m using candelilla wax) thinking it would help it to go on smoother. It does go on a bit smoother but could still use some work.

    Thanks again. Can’t wait to keep experimenting!

  56. Oh! I also added Lemongrass EO. Makes a great combination with the tea tree and lavender EOs and makes it a bit more neutral and useful for both men and woman.

  57. This is darn good stuff. I’m a guy (specifically a physically active software developer addicted to great coffee) so I get a good stink going by the end of many days. In fact with natural deodorants I’ve tried in the past I get so bad that I have a hard time scrubbing off the stink often times. I think my trouble is highly related to diet (too much coffee not enough water and too much gluten/carbs/sugars).

    I was hopeful about this and just a couple weeks ago finally took the plunge and made a single batch. I’ve made it to the end of the day at the office where I work and also through hot, humid Ohio summer days for 8-9 hours working in the back yard. This deodorant surpasses off-the-shelf natural deodorants I have tried by orders of magnitude. Even after the 8-9 hour days outside in the humid heat I’m just on the bad side of neutral as far as pit stink.

    I really feel like I found information here worth an incredible value. I was really losing hope after trying two natural deodorants that I thought would work. In the end neither did. So far this recipe has made the cut by far.

  58. Dangit, I had more to say (contribute back).

    I did use 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil. So maybe a little heavier than the recipe called for.

    I also felt like it was crazy difficult to separate the cooled beeswax concoction from the cookware that I used. I plan on setting aside equipment just for this task so I can worry less about getting all the residue off.

  59. I have read that cleavers (sticky weed) works well as a deodorant….but this liquid only lasts for a week.
    Has anyone here ever tried making a solid deodorant like the one you describe above using cleavers extract/juice in the mix?

  60. I love the all natural deodorant recipe. I would like to warn those of you that also use this deodorant. I woke up late one day and had to rush off to work without my normal daily hygiene ritual. Needless to say, to rush things a little more I grabbed my old spray deodorant. This was a VERY bad move. There was a chemical reaction and I got chemical burns out of my quick/bad decision. So anyone that uses this wonderful deodorant recipe, please throw away your old deodorant so this does not happen to you. It was very painful and the symptoms lasted a few weeks.

  61. I’m looking at these recipes and I guess I’m not your target audience. I have $3.00 on my PayPal card after buying bus tickets to get to work. Two of those dollars are going to be spent on milk, which has to last until the 9th of December (it’s currently the 24th of November). If I could afford virgin cold-pressed coconut oil I would not need to make my own deodorant; I could buy the natural stuff.

    Looks like only middle class and rich people get to avoid spreading toxins on their skin; the rest of us peasants can just die of cancer for all anyone cares about making DIY recipes we can afford to do.

    • Sounds like you are in a hard place Melanie. I most likely live in a different part of the world than you, but I am, by no means, wealthy, in any sense of the word. I have found that by purchasing natural ingredients, my cost of living is much cheaper than buying store bought foods and products. Obviously, I have no idea how much coconut oil costs where you are, but here, a litre jar of coconut oil can be bought for $14 AUD, if you know where to look. Rather than looking for ‘organic’ which seems to add an extra price tag, I do research on companies so that I can make an informed decision about what I’m buying. I hope that thing’s start to look up for you soon!

    • Elizabeth Sofia says

      @Melanie The Dollar Store, if there is one near you has grown into a go-to Hotspot for those of us on a tight budget. They now carry a good selection of ingredients at really reasonable prices to make your own natural home and skin care products. An idea for some of us who cannot purchase all the supplies on our own is to have a paty to make such items and everyone invited chips in for the supplies and there is no huge investment on any ones part and you walk away with something homemade, good for you and the environment and quality time with friends and maybe some new omes. Something to think about.
      God bless and don’t give up .

  62. Love the deodorant, only problem, I am getting stains in my shirt under the arms and down a few inches on the shirt from the arms. What is the deal? I followed the recipe to the T. Not very happy about this :/

  63. I’ve tried it,or rather AM trying it. First 10 days were fine, but then… uuuh! I reak! Seriously! I had to throw away two t-shirts.
    I only used coconut oil, baking soda and potato flour with a few drops of vanilla in it.
    I’m gonna try with tea tree instead, thank you for the tip!

  64. Has anybody tried cheese wax instead of beeswax? Is cheese wax food grade beeswax? I still have never-ending piece i made last year i made with beeswax. One day i was eating smoked cheese and saved the wax. I think food grade wax is good and is free with the cheese.

  65. This recipe worked wonders. I live in the tropics and it didn’t melt and it works. As someone plagued with trying to find a deodorant that actually works, this has given me full day coverage. God bless you. Thanks again.

  66. I am trying this with mango butter and a little coconut oil.

    And recommendations?

  67. hi, can the use premium white beeswax to make the deo?

  68. Hi I’m sorry if you have already answered this question. Can you tell me what the shelf life is please? Many thanks Sallyann :)

  69. I just made your recipe with a few minor tweaks because I bought Shea butter and felt I should use it along with arrowroot. I also used star anise which I assume is an acquired taste but I fell in love with a licorice deodorant which is hard to come by here. Hope it works out. I’m excited to give it a try. Thanks for the recipe!

  70. Did anyone have any issues with underarm discoloration or burning sensation? I just want to know before I make it. I have looked all over for a good recipe and this one seems to be the best by far. Thanks.

    • Carla Baker says

      I made a deodorant and I like it I’ve been using it about two months I can’t leave it out it melts and also my pits are darker I don’t like that just wondering if I try this recipe would it clear it up can someone give me a idea on how to get rid of these dark pits

  71. Okay so I was wondering if you use 100% tea tree oil and do you just use arm & hammer baking soda for this. Also I am going to get the ingredients soon to try it because I sweat a lot so really hope this works cause it can be pretty embarrassing

  72. Hi! I’m a black women that have tried everything to try to control the musk smell. Does this work on black women? I have most of the ingredients already! So if anyone’s know if this works with African American women please let me know. Thank you!!! ☺️

  73. Is there any way to make this smell masculine?

    • Absolutely! For the record, though, my husband uses the exact same deodorant I do and he likes it just fine. But there are other essential oils you can use — pine and bergamot have a more masculine smell. (You still want to include the tea tree oil as well, to fight odour.) Patchouli and cedarwood are two other great unisex scents.

      • Hi ! Im about to try this. But i dont have any beeswax, tea tree oil and an essential oil! how does it come if i follow up all your construction except for the beeswax, tea tree oil, and essential oil? does it still can be a deodorant ? Thank you so much! hope you reply this

        • Yes, it can still work. But (a) it will get very soft and gooey at warm temperatures, and (b) without the tea tree oil, it may be less effective. I find that the tea tree oil dramatically reduces body odour. But many people make it with just the ingredients you have. If you live in a warm climate, you might just want to put it in a different container (like a jar) and apply it with your fingers. Good luck!

  74. Hi, my name is Lais, I’m from Brazil and the weather down here is very hot. I’ve been having trouble with deodorants and bad odor since I was a teenager. This natural deodorant was the only thing that worked for me and I really loved your recipe because my deodorant is melting and I’m afaid it turns into a mess in the summer. I’ll definitely try the beeswax! Thank you so much!

  75. If only I found this sooner… But I’m still happy I ran into this amazing homemade deodorant, works really well. :) We started to use it regularly.

  76. So I made this this past weekend (August 7th 2015) and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a tweak. I find that the deodorant turned out to be a little gritty and kind of sticky. It doesn’t really glide across my skin very well and I cant really rub it in as it clumps up. Too many dry ingredients and not enough oil? Too much beeswax? I’d like to remelt it to rectify the situation! Thanks for any and all feedback :)

  77. Hi Kathleen,

    New follower here!! I just came across your blog and I’m glad I did. I am currently budgeting my life. lol Not paying for things I can make , grow and/or do myself. . This is right up my alley. All the other recipes are to soupy. I haven;t bought soap in months. I hope deodorant is next on the list. Thanks and I’ll be sure to give an update.

  78. Hello, I´ve been using this version for the past 2 weeks and today I noticed the skin on my armpits getting darker! anyone having this issue?
    Not sure what to do, since I am now a convert to natural deodorant.


    • I made a similar recipe (very close) withing 4 days my left underarm had some sores that were oozing clear. By the next day I had red pimples, rash and some welts. Right armpit not nearly as bad. I loved this deodorant as I hardly sweated and NO odor. After researching found it was the baking soda as it should not stay on the skin for hours and hours. Baking soda although “natural” is caustic and abrasive. This is day 4 and getting SOME better. I have not used since the rash started. Trying to heal. On benadryl as it is quite itchy. Doing aloe vera from the plant and tea tree. Hopefully gets better soon. The ratio for the baking soda was WAY too much from what I have researched, so be careful. I plan on making more but without the baking soda after my armpits heal. Hopefully that will be soon! Good luck.

      • Becky, I have the same problem with baking soda. I found a deodorant that adds aloe vera oil, arrowroot, shea butter,coconut oil, baking soda, and has grapefruit seed extract for anti bacterial issues. (look that up, it get’s good reviews) If I use it every day for months, I still have the same problem with the baking soda. I thought the aloe vera and shea butter would help, but not so much. The problem is otherwise it works amazing!! The only thing that helps with the rash is to switch back to Tom’s or something else with OUT baking soda for a while. As others have mentioned, Tom’s doesn’t really work that great. The baking soda is really what absorbs the odor. Also never use on newly waxed or shaved skin. That’s a killer!! I am going to try Kathleen’s recipe and reduce the amount of baking soda and see if that helps. Good Luck to all!

  79. How many ounces of deodorant does this recipe make? Also, how would you go about making this Vanilla scented or unscented. I’m not too big on scented body products as they might clash with my perfume (which is a vanilla-y scent anyway). I use Lavanila right now and love it, but at $14 a stick, it’s a bit expensive and I like Lush’s Aromatico but hate the patcholi smell. Its far too masculine for me.


  80. My deodorant container is not sealed/water tight on the bottom (it’s mennen speed stick brand). Will deodorant leak out the bottom when I fill it?

  81. First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this recipe! I have been battling excessive sweating and bad odor since around 6th grade and I’m now 46. I have tried every deodorant possible and have drawers full of them. Lately I have been buying two of the same shirts so that I can change shirts during my lunch hour and so that my coworkers won’t notice. I am absolutely embarrassed because of my smell. I came very close to having the procedure done that burns off your sweat glands. Which is very expensive and very dangerous– but I was at my wits end. I don’t know what lead me to try natural homemade deodorant or what lead me to your site , but I am extremely thankful! I’ve been using it for about a week and I absolutely love it—-NO BO AT ALL AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!!’ I would carry my store-bought deodorant in my purse –just in case–for the first few days and now I don’t ! I’ll be throwing them all away.

  82. The hazard here is that the heat of the plastic dispenser is rising in temperature as you pour the heated deodorant into it. All plastic has been found to leach Bisphenol A anyway, while at room temp, but when heated, the leaching of plastic into the product is exponentially increased, and can disrupt endocrine function. To resolve this problem, you might first try placing a piece of tin foil into the dispenser to form it into the shape of the dispenser, then remove the foil cast from the dispenser and pour the hot deodorant mix directly into the foil cast FIRST, letting it cool down and take shape. Then, pull the cooled deodorant stick out of the foil and place it into the plastic dispenser, ready to safely use.

  83. I can’t wait to try this! One concern though… Does the coconut oil stain clothing the way olive oil does?

  84. I love the effectiveness of this deodorant!! My only problem has been the consistency. Straight out of the fridge it is too hard and doesn’t apply well. At room temperature I’ve found it to be very sticky/messy usually resulting in a lot of clumps. If I massage it in, it kinda drips down my arm when I sweat. Anyone have any suggestions?

  85. Any tips to get this to flow easier into the bottom-fill deodorant containers? It was so thick, I had to keep tamping the container down to get the liquid in and it was very messy! Thanks!

  86. LOVE THIS! I love making homemade deodorants and makeup! Keep up the great work! http://www.amysheree.com💗
    Amy Sheree recently posted..Ginger Pear ChampagneMy Profile

  87. I tried this twice in a row. It is not hardening up? What am I doing wrong? I followed the recipe exactly and double checked amounts. Now I have two containers of mushy goo. 😩

  88. Has anyone found a “fix” for the white powdery marks that this deodorant causes on dark clothing? Is it maybe a ratio thing? Or is that something that just is the way it is?
    I use arrow powder, baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils.

  89. chris k whitaker says

    I have been using this recipe now for a little over a month and just recently started breaking out from it. Why do you think that would be all of a sudden? I used tea tree oil and lavender Kashmir. I have been using this recipe now for a little over a month and just recently started breaking out from it. Why do you think that would be all of a sudden? I used to treat oil and lavender cashmere. Do you think I’m alert

  90. Hi there thanks for this recipe! I just received my beeswax and will try this. I started making my own deo few months back with just coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch and lavender oil. Smells good! Next batch will add some beeswax in the mix hoping it will not melt in high temps.

  91. Is the beeswax next necessary, because I have all the ingredients except the beeswax?

  92. I’ve heard some people have a reaction with baking soda…have you had any issues with using it? I also have sensitive skin. Also, do the citrus and tea tree scents smell good together?

  93. My pits are super sensitive to baking soda, so I substituted diatomaceous earth in the recipe I’ve been using for over a year (3 parts cornstarch, 1 part DE, 1.5 parts coconut oil). Love it but hate the melting. I’ll add beeswax in my next batch and hope for the best.

  94. Lina Nayar says

    I live in Malaysia and this is the acid test for this deodorant and I’m happy to report that it holds extremely well! Even in this hot and humid country I don’t reek when I use this deo. I used to use the conventional sprays etc but felt disturbed with the chemicals they contain. Well, I’m glad I found this and will keep using this as long as I can do it!

  95. Hello! thank you for the recipe. Doesn’t the olive oil leave stains on clothes?

  96. Hi

    Any tips on how to make it more smooth. Mine is quite powdery and scratchy when i apply and esp when it dries. The oil soaks in and the rest just crumbless off. Did i miss something?

  97. I came across your recipe after just making mine and discovering it is very loose now in July and more like a spreadable cream than a stick. I’ll have to add in more beeswax. I agree with the tea tree oil because a previous version just didn’t work for me not using tea tree oil. I think coconut oil is the another key along with rosemary essential oil which is also antimicrobial and antiseptic like tea tree. I don’t use that much baking soda because I just can’t as it raises pH levels too high and causes a rash. One quarter cup is almost half the recipe and kudos to you if your skin can tolerate it. I use far less, add diatomaceous earth and kaolin clay and don’t experience bumps anymore. This actually works better than my commercial antiperspirant because that didn’t control odor or something because even at the end of the day, I had stinky armpits. Now I can reapply the next morning and smell fine even on day two.

  98. why can’t I find a “print” button to print all of this?
    thank you

  99. Made it for the first time while on vacation in Maine where I do a lot of hiking. The only difference was that I cut back on the amount of baking soda by 1/2 and added in that amount of more arrowroot. Let me tell you, the first day I used it, I had no odor, not even the next morning after sleeping in a very humid redone basement. I just applied a very small amount the next morning and went hiking up a mountain in 85 degree weather with 90% humidity. I had zero odor when I got back. I’ve been using it since (almost 1 1/2 months now) and I have no odor at all. I had been using Uncle Tom’s all natural deodorant prior to that so I think that’s why there was such a quick adjustment for me. I’m on my second batch and absolutely love it. I live in Southern New England where the summers are very humid and no matter how much I sweat, I don’t stink! This is definitely worth a try!!!

  100. My goodness you people must live in a cool climate! I live in the deep South of the US.
    BEESWAX-are you kidding? Even in an air conditioned house, the deodorant stick with beeswax is too soft. Candelilla wax? Nope. It takes Carnauba wax and a fair amount of it to get a solid stick. It works great here in upstate SC. A few drops od CASTOR oil is great for glide. I mix it into my coconut oil.

  101. I have a fab recipe for an ‘armpit detox’ that I used to quicken my transition period:
    Use equal parts apple cider vinegar and benonite clay and slather it on your pits three times a day.
    If you have pit hair, rest a warm flannel on your pit before you wash it (trust me, there are few things more painful than ripping out a clump of pit hairs)

  102. My husband is sensitive to baking soda and the original recipe was a bit dry and gritty for him. So when I made this recipe I increased the coconut oil to 1/2 cup and omitted the essential oils. I also added 1 tbsp of Redmond clay the second time I made it.

    The deo turned out very smooth and 100% effective all day, even working outside during a Texas humid summer day! Plus it does not stain clothing which is a huge plus. And the arrowroot keeps us pretty dry. I am amazed how well this works, and my sensitive skin husband has no issues using it. No baking soda burns.

    Thank you for sharing! I hadn’t found my perfect deo until I used your recipe with a few modifications. It is the best deo I have ever made, and I have been making my own for years now.

  103. Sandra campbell says

    I love making my own d3oderant but sometimes it stains clothing. At the moment I am combining shea butter, cococnut oil, bees wax, baking soda and cornstarch plus lemon and lavender oil. I am wondering if I eliminate the butter if the staining will be problem solved. Any thoughts?

  104. I have always preferred the gel type deodorants, so the melting factor wouldn’t bother me unless it separates and is rendered ineffective. Arm and Hammer used to make a gel, and you could pop the diffuser off the top to get the last little bit, but I haven’t seen one of those in a while. Anyway, when the diy deodorant becomes soft, does it separate or is it just creamy?

  105. This is my favorite deodorant ever! Works better than anything I’ve ever used. I don’t add extra oils for scent so it smells like nothing and I love it. I did find that I was having a bad reaction to tea tree oil and am happy to report that lemon oil is a perfect substitute! It is just as effective! Thank you for changing my life with this recipe!

  106. Cheryl L. M. says

    I just finished making this and with 1/2 cup dry ingredients its so thick. It’s impossible to pour and no way could it be as thin as the photos. Maybe it’s supposed to say 1/4 teaspoon instead of cup.

  107. Hi there,

    I really like your recipe. Can I substitute potato starch do you think? I have issues with corn.


  108. how long does this last? i’ve read that cornstarch can go bad when it gets wet. does it apply to mixing it with carrier oil?

  109. I tried just Lavender Oil, since I didn’t have Tea Tree oil, the result was meh. I don’t smell as bad as without any deodorant, but didn’t kill the smell completely. I’m going to try again with the Tea Tree oil when it comes in.

  110. This turned out too thick. Is it 1/4 cup each of the baking soda and corn starch? I had to addd coconut oil and that too resulted in a too thick mixture which I could not pour out. It was more like a thick dough.

  111. Coconut oil also comes in a more melt resistance form called 92 degree coconut oil. It’s melt point is ,92 degrees instead of 72-76. If using the higher melt point coconut oil there is no need for beeswax. Unless of course you want to an even higher melt point for hotter climates.

  112. Great recipe!
    I replaced the cornstarch with the same amount of arowroot powder and added some cherry oil for the nice smell. I tried other recipes before but each one worked for my bf but. made me smell weird. Luckily, this recipe works great for bot of us! :-)

  113. Been using this recipe for more than a year now . Its great exept for the fact that it gets grainy and falls off after applying. Causing deodorant grains too be a over the floor! Wonder what to do about it.

  114. Tara Malhotra says

    hi i tried this recipe and been using it for about 2 weeks now. but just wanted to point out that lately i have noticed quite a bit of discoloration on my skin in my underarms, and my skin feels different. i read up about it and realised that my skin has reacted to baking soda. now i have made homemade deodorants earlier which included baking soda as well, but this never happened. i feel it is because of the high amount of baking soda in this recipe. i dont know what to do and have discontinued it. has this happened to you ever?

    • several people in the comments have mentioned alternatives, i am going to try them. first by reducing the baking soda and then maybe by substituting.

  115. Amanda scott says

    Does anyone else have a problem with this staining their shirts? I find I am staining the armpits of my shirts because it is a bit oily and I can’t get the stain out

    • nickythegoat says

      I was having this problem and then switched to white, instead of yellow, beeswax. Also, I started rinsing my shirt pits with hot water or just washing on warm, which helps to clean them better. I think the beeswax solidifies at low wash temps and doesn’t rinse out. hope that helps.

  116. Christina Garner says

    Mine is crumbly,….I added cornstarch,..you think its too much and thats why ?

  117. Angi Kempken says

    When pouring my mixture, my concern is the amount that falls just under the push up thingy inside the container. How do you not waste the portion that falls to the bottom of the deodorant container?

  118. What can I use instead of an empty deodorant container? I live in a tropical country so we have warm climate all year round.

  119. Thanks for the post!!

    So, I’ve tried going the natural deodorant life, and the adjustment period is KILLING ME. I’ve had serveral “important” meetings this past week, and I have gone in terrified I was going to stink. Any thoughts on speeding up the adjustment time or ways to mask my stink? I had to go back to “real” deodorant because I was so self conscious. Please and thank you for any help!

  120. Please don’t recommend Amazon as a source for beeswax. It’s crap. It is made in China and smells like paraffin, not beeswax. It is not authentic. Icky.

  121. Crisha Thebeau says

    Made this a few days ago and so far, I love it! No problems with transitioning to it and no odor! It’s only spring in Florida and it is already soft. It’s currently 77 degrees in the house. I wonder if I can use more beeswax next time. The fridge is my next option but that does not seem like it will be very convenient. Thanks for the recipe!

  122. Marcus Taylor says

    Thank you so much!! I absolutely love this recipe! I use arrowroot instead of cornstarch and I add about ten more drops of essential oil. My personal preference is 5 drops each of Tea Tree oil, Lavender Oil, Lemongrass oil, and Cedar oil. As a note, this recipe only makes one stick.
    Thanks again!!

  123. Hi! Great article, thanks so much! This may be an odd comment, but I’ve had my DIY deodorant container (and an empty Old Spice one of my huband’s), ready to put deodorant in for a long time. But the bases of the containers are an open slatted situation. Are you all’s containers like that? How in the world do you pour deodorant into them without it all just spilling out the other end??

    • Hi, Zen! Yes, I’ve come across containers like that, and it’s a bummer. But not all are like that. I wish I had something more helpful to tell you. It might be possible to cram a small amount of almost-hardened deodorant in the bottom and let it completely harden in the fridge, to fill up the gaps. Then you might be able to pour the rest in later without it leaking through.

  124. Abby Smith says

    Hi. I made some. Poured it in the first container then was about to pour into second container and realized a lot of sludge on bottom of bowl. That means the first container didn’t get enough of the other ingredients! If I were to melt them both in the microwave and mix again would that ruin the ingredients??

  125. Heather Paris says

    Thank you for this great recipe! I tried another one that had too many ingredients, and on top of that, I used too much tea tree oil, plus some other oils. It was way too stinky! Yours is simple and very effective!
    You mention using beeswax to make lotion, my question is, do you have a specific lotion recipe? I tried looking for one on your website, but couldn’t find one. I’m trying to find something to replace my lifelong reliance on Jergens lotion. I have made body butter, which I love,, but it’s a bit greasy. I’d like something less intense for everyday use. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather! I appreciate the simplicity of this recipe, too! And the reason I don’t have a lotion recipe is because I don’t use any! I use plain shea butter on any really tough, dry places on my body; plain coconut oil on my arms and legs if I need it (rarely); and plain argan oil on my face (daily).

  126. Tennille says

    Hi Kathleen

    Just wondering how long this mixture lasts for before it starts to ‘go off’? And also wanted to know how long this quantity should last for – about a month?

    Hope that makes sense.


    • Hi Tennille. There’s no reason this recipe should “go off” in less than a year . . . there’s no water in it, so bacteria shouldn’t be able to grow in it. I make a batch about once every three months. Hope that helps!

  127. Hello! Do you know if you could use bentonite clay to thicken the mixture further? Would that help?? Thanks!


    • I’ve heard of people substituting some of the baking soda with bentonite clay, which sounds like a very good idea if you find the current formula too harsh; but I don’t know about adding it to the amount of baking soda and cornstarch already in the recipe. So far, I find beeswax to be the best ingredient to thicken it!

  128. I was looking around to try out a different recipe and everywhere I go the comments and articles always touch on putting the deodorant into a “stick” of one kind or another. Seriously, why? I put the bulk of mine in small mason jars (that I can reach the bottom with a finger or at least a short spatula type device (anything to scrape a bit out) and put smaller amounts into 1 oz round tins. Works great and if it melts it doesn’t leak out or get applied too heavy.

  129. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog?
    My website is in the very same niche as yours and my users would really benefit
    from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you.
    Thanks a lot!
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  130. Sarah Harries says

    Hi there, massive thankyou for this recipe. I’ve been using it now for over a month and absolutely love it. Zero odour, zero deoderant transfer onto clothes and I’ve discovered its also a brilliant foot deodorant.

    One question tho, I too have noticed it being a little gritty. I’m not bothered personally but I’m planning on making a batch to give out to my friends to try and get them inspired to make it for themselves. I don’t want anyone to be put off by it being a little gritty, is there any advice as to how to make it grit free? (i’m guessing the grit is the baking soda?)

  131. Hello there, I am very curious about this recipe as my apartment gets very warm and coconut oil does not remain solid on the shelf, so I imagine it would be the same with a deodorant. Question though, does the beeswax stain clothing? Does it work like it would a deodorant without the beeswax added (does efficacy change)?

    Thank you
    I really want to try a homemade natural deodorant and this seems like good option for my extremely warm apartment.

  132. Hello. Made exactly according to your recipe. Worked well but wondering if I want to put in glass jar and apply by finger what would I do to tweek recipe if it isn’t absorbing as well as I like, is leaving a dry white residue? Increase coconut oil?

  133. Tea tree oil isn’t essential. The bi card is the active ingredient. Bi carb soda all alone rubbed under the arms works.

  134. This is the only natural deodorant that has ever worked for me! Thank you so so much for sharing!

  135. Hi Kathleen,
    I’ve been making a coconut oil deodorant for years now and love it but only recently I eventually found out about beeswax. Without it coconut simply swims in the summer. My only worry is that beeswax will stain my clothes. I made a new deodorant a couple of weeks ago adding beeswax and I keep getting stains on some clothes. Any thoughts?

  136. natural deo maker says

    I just wanted to comment because after reading your article it seems you are burdened with ” messy ” deodorant and just in case you haven’t thought about it im pretty sure its your coconut oil that’s making things messy or “oily/greasy” coconut oil has a relatively low melting temperature compared to other solid oils meaning it will melt at a really low temp. if you get an oil with a higher melting temp that will make things less messy . just a thought . especially if you choose a dry carrier oil over a known thin greasy oil.

  137. This was a very inspirational post! I also share your optimism and as our scriptures have mentioned, we must have faith and believe that we will see our loved ones in the next life and that includes our pets.

  138. Thank you for the receipt. The baking soda has created a powdery texture, will it dissolve better if stirring it in the bath for longer?

  139. This was SO delicious!! I followed your exact recipe and I don’t think it was too thick at all. It was nice and creamy and the flavors were great! My husband ate two bowlfuls and wanted more. We had plenty for leftovers. Thanks–this is a keeper!

  140. I love your blog. I’ve been using this deodorant for six years, it’s amazing! But I live in Brazil and don’t know where to find arrowrot, so I use tapioca starch (polvilho doce) instead. It works perfectly. I used cornstarch in the past, but it gave me a terrible rash.
    Katelyn @ Uvraylights recently posted..How to Keep Your Customers Protected from COVID-19?My Profile

  141. I highly recommend this recipe. If you are traveling with this deodorant in your luggage, I suggest putting it in something that will seal tightly. Summer car temps get really hot and it WILL melt all over your travel bag. A 4oz jelly jar or plastic container with a snap on lid works great. I use a small wooden spatula (think sample ice cream spoon size) to scrape just enough out and apply with my fingers.

  142. I tried this and it worked. The mix didn’t melt considering I live in Singapore. While I swipe it, I am not sure if the blend is being applied to my skin but I am just going to try it and see how it goes. Thank you very much for the instructions. It really helped.


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