My Favourite Reusable Grocery Bag Solution

Hi friends! This is a super-quick post I’ve been meaning to share since the spring.

I just wanted to tell you about a cool product I’ve been loving. No one asked me to write it or gave me anything for it. I just bought something I loved and wanted to tell you about it.

In my quest to live simpler and produce less waste, I’ve switched to reusable products as much as possible. One of the first and easiest transitions I made was to get reusable grocery bags instead of using single-use plastic bags.

Reusable grocery bags and tote bags have become very popular, at least where I’m from. Most stores sell them for a dollar or two, and some even give them away for free occasionally. Everyone has a stack of these totes by now. I collected a good stash a couple of years ago. It takes a bit of effort to remember to take them into the store with you every time you shop, but after a few months I was pretty good at remembering.

But the problem with these cheap totes is that they are extremely bulky. (And ugly.) They take up a bunch of space in your trunk or your mudroom or wherever you keep them. And you have to keep them handy so you can easily grab them before you walk into a store. So they’re always laying all over the place. They’re usually a bunch of different sizes and styles so they’re hard to consolidate into a tidy stack. Am I right? Do you struggle with this, too?

My stash looked like the pile on the left:

grocery bags, before and after(OK, you can already guess from the photos where this is going.)

That big ugly pile had to be moved from the trunk of the van to the kitchen to the front room, and back to van. It was always in transition. Always in the way.

I kinda hated it.

But I owned one really cool little bag. I’d received it as a Christmas gift a few years back. It was attractively designed, durable, and best of all, it folded neatly into a cute little package that fit in my purse. I always had it with me, because after I emptied it I could just fold it up and tuck it back into my purse.

All of a sudden it hit me that I could replace all my mismatched tote bags with a small collection of these little foldable bags.

They’re quite a bit more expensive, of course. I bought mine at a local gift shop for $7 each. But they’ve been so worth the investment.

Look at the difference:

grocery bags, old vs newWould you rather have that pile of assorted tote bags scattered all over the trunk of your car, or that little handful of cute bags in your purse? The latter makes my minimalist heart happy.

You only need a few because they hold so much. They’re so strong and roomy. I can fit my entire week’s grocery haul in four bags. See?


As soon as I’ve emptied the bags and put away my groceries at home, I take a minute to fold them all back up and stick them in my purse. It literally takes about 60 seconds and they’re ready to go, no matter how spontaneous the shopping trip. I almost never get plastic grocery bags anymore.

The bags I have are made by Envirosax. You can get a set of 5 from Amazon for about $30-35. Take a gander at all the adorable patterns you can get. Sweet, right? I especially love this set. I’ve had my first bag for at least five years and it gets used at least once a week — usually stuffed with heavy groceries — and it’s still in perfect condition.

I highly recommend them!

(PS: The links are affiliate links, so if you click through and make a purchase I get a small commission. Thanks for your support!)





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  1. Super cute bags! Thanks for the tip.
    I have a bunch of reusable bags I made from t-shirts but they’re always in transition and never in my car when I need them.

  2. I love envirosax! I’ve also gotten some on Groupon for a discount. I think $20 for the set of 5? Not sure how Groupon handles Canadian shipping, but something to look for if you want more!

  3. Hey Buddy,

    Nice post!

    I like the content of your post. In addition to this, the collection of bags you have provided is nice and I personally like it a lot. I too have lots of reusable bags at my place. I make use of them while shopping grocery for home or while I’m out to buy vegetables.
    Reusable bags serves us a lot of benefits and purposes. I want to appreciate you for choosing such a topic for the blog.

    Keep Posting!
    Thank You! :)

  4. You own a freaking van (so much for minimalism) and you complained about a flat pile of bags taking up room? First world white privilege problems. That’s just embarrassing. You spent more money buying more shit for no reason. Again, so much for the minimalism.

    • My family owns one vehicle together, a Dodge Caravan we bought used for under $6000. My husband is a carpenter and uses the van for picking up materials and installing his kitchen cabinets. It serves as both his work vehicle AND our family vehicle. So yes, I’d call that minimalistic.

  5. love this type of reusable bag. They’re durable, easy to clean, and way brandable. I would love to see more than just grocery stores using bags like this. Clothing stores, convenience stores, toy stores…

  6. Wonderful idea for grocery bag solution. Creative mind. Thanks a lot.

  7. Excellent designs, looking cute..yeah re-usable bags are preferable over plastic bags.

  8. Thanks for letting us know about these reusable bags and I really don’t use plastic bags at all, I also try to find such bags to use to get grocery and other things too.

  9. I loved to read this article! Reusable bags are easy to carry and it is a one-time investment. I think $7 for one bag is expensive because I bought 5 bags each $4 but your bags are looking really attractive. Keep posting!

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