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Welcome! If you’re new to Becoming Peculiar, here are a couple of posts to get you started. They’ll help you get a feel for the things we talk about around here.

(Note: While this blog started out as a lifestyle blog containing mostly essays and ideas for peculiar living, it got kind of hijacked in December 2014 after our son’s diagnosis with a life-threatening disease. If you’re here to learn more about Felix, head here. If not, carry on!)

What Does Jesus Have to Do With the Environment?

An exploration of the importance of Creation Care. I offer three reasons why I believe protecting the planet is vital to a Christ-centered life.

What Does it Mean to be Committed to Radical Non-Violence?

When I talk about a commitment to radical non-violence, I’m talking about a deep conviction that violence never solves problems. It only breeds more violence. There is no such thing as good or redemptive violence. And violence refers to intentionally inflicting pain on another person, for any reason, and includes anything from murder to name-calling.”

Why I Choose to Spend More Money on Groceries

“For me, the way I spend money is an expression of my theology. It’s one of the ways I ‘do ministry.’

“The way I choose to buy my groceries is my attempt to help feed and clothe the poor, as Jesus commands, in a way that may be as effective as – possibly even more effective than – donating money in the traditional sense. I am choosing to spend a portion of my earnings on bettering the lives of other humans and non-human animals.”

Why Own Fewer Possessions? Jesus and the Minimalist Lifestyle

As I learned about the minimalist philosophy and way of life, I couldn’t help thinking: Why aren’t Christians at the forefront of this movement? Isn’t this exactly in line with what Jesus teaches?”

Mennonites and Me: An Introduction

This is the first of a four-part series exploring my Mennonite heritage, beginning with the Reformation and ending with the Old Colony Mennonites re-settling in Canada. I also explore a few different Mennonite groups.

And here are a couple of my more popular posts . . .

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A Note to Expectant Mothers and a Minimalist List of Newborn Essentials

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