Posts I’d love to write if only I had the chance to sleep at night

snails on a boat(A gratuitous picture of snails on a toy boat. You’re welcome.)

This is a list of titles of blog posts I’ve been wanting to explore, but currently do not have the mental capacity or time to actually write. For some of them, I’ve gotten as far as sketching out a rough draft. That’s about it.

Blame the a three-year-old who has got his nights and days mixed up again.

If one of these titles REALLLLLLY stands out to a number of readers, I might make it a priority if we ever get back to a normal sleep schedule.

: : :

Why We Homeschool

When Virtues Turn Out to Be Privileges (e.g. things like spontaneity; having a sophisticated palate; being able to live zero-waste; etc)

Why We Stopped Going to Church (And Don’t Miss It or Feel Guilty About It, Not Even a Tiny Bit)

How Having a Disabled Child Has Brought Me Closer to Jesus

How I’m Getting Schooled by Twitter / Twitter is Making Me a Better Person

Let’s Talk About Ableism and Capitalism

In Defense of Picky Eaters

Why Are We Drawn to Alternative Healing Practices? + My Journey To and Away From the Crunchy Community

Our Favourite Read-Alouds for 4-6-Year-Olds

: : :

Hope you’re having a restful, low-pain summer!

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  1. Twitter is Making Me a Better Person!

    And Capitalism and Ableism.

    And……all of them :D

  2. I would love to hear more about “Why We Stopped Going to Church (And Don’t Miss It or Feel Guilty About It, Not Even a Tiny Bit)” as I’m currently struggling with whether it’s worth it for find a new church home or find something else to do with the time.

    • PepperReed says

      Same-sies! I’m still very much a Quaker, but Meeting? Meh… I absolutely love the people, the messages, and so much more. But being inside a rather sterile building, an underculture that isn’t very Jesus friendly, and missing MUSIC in all that Silence, is really not giving me the Christ connection I need.

      So we stay home, and make pancakes and listen to Olde Skool Gospel and go outside and listen to the birds sing as well… and feel a bit guilty at not finding Meeting valuable enough to continue to show up.

      • Oh my God, PepperReed, are you me? This is exactly how I feel about Quakerism right now. I miss meeting, but also . . . Not. And I miss music . . . but mainstream churches these days have, by and large, crap music.

        And Kathleen, I’m especially interested in Church, Disabled/Jesus, Twitter, Capitalism/Ableism, and Alternative/Crunchy. Also: I hope you’re able to get some sleep! That’s rough.

  3. PepperReed says

    Hearing how your journey having your son brings you closer to Jesus, is very interesting perspective to share! I hope you get some rest and someday follow up on writing and sharing.

  4. I’m most interested in why you stopped going to church, how you have gotten closer to Jesus, and your journey to and away from the crunchy community.

  5. I am totally interested in the church post and the move away from holistic living post. Honestly, you are like all the information I ever wanted.

  6. Gahhh. All of them. Is that too many to name?
    Why you homeschool, virtues/privileges, why you stopped going to church (I’m very interested in people who are religious but don’t go to church. I grew up in a strict enough church that even though it’s obviously possible, my brain still thinks “Be a believer and not go to church? Can you even DO that?”), ableism+capitalism, and read-alouds.

    So sorry you’re not sleeping. We’re not either, lately, if it helps at all. I told someone that my youngest turned three the other day and she was like, “so you’re finally getting to the stage where you sleep?” And I was like hahahahahahaha no. Go tell my six year old that.

    Hope day and night get back in the proper places for you and Felix soon!💕

  7. Virtues/privileges post please!

  8. I vote for in defense of picky eaters!

    Also, very interested to hear about your journey to and from a crunchy community.

    But who am I kidding. I would read all of them.

    Thinking sleep thoughts for you and your family. Lack of sleep is so, so hard.

  9. Angela Nunn says

    All of them, but mainly: Why we stopped going to church (I have stopped too and now go to Quaker meetings) and Journey to and away from the crunchy community – again because it mirrors my own experiences and I’m curious.
    Knowing how sleep-deprived you are and how full life is; another option is to flesh out your rough drafts and publish anyway, without honing/refining – I’m sure lots of folk would just love to hear your ideas/thoughts, even if they weren’t ‘polished’. Plus, I believe ideas have their time and it would be a shame to miss out on these things.
    Take care

    • Thanks for your kind support, Angela! I guess I worry that if I’m too hasty in writing about some of these sensitive subjects, I might say something hurtful. I did already write a draft about why we stopped going to church, and as soon as my husband read it, he said, “You can’t publish that.” And I knew he was right. Hopefully a more sensitive version is on its way yet.

  10. Count me in the group who would love to read all of them! But, if I had to rank them, I’d especially be interested in:

    – not going to church anymore
    – your journey to and away from the crunch community (I’ve made changes here myself)
    – virtues/privileges
    – the homeschooling decision (this one seems obvious but I’d love to read what I know would be your thoughtful words about it, especially since I had at one time thought I would have homeschooled if I had kids, but I have different thoughts on it now)

  11. Literally all of those. But probably especially the one about church. I don’t even know if I have a faith anymore. Which is ironic because I have a masters of divinity.

    Also the one about alternative healing. I’d love to hear what if any alternative health care you’re using these days.

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to chime in! I’d love to hear your thoughts on virtuous, ecological ways of life and privileges. It drives me mad how people can be oblivious to the connection.
    Church-going or not, while interesting, is a topic discussed everywhere, probably because so many people in the course of their lives stop going to their churches for one reason or another. Maybe you could write two posts for the price of one: the paralell experiences of disconnecting/distancing yourself from the crunchy and from the religious community you previously identified with.

  13. I want to know more about moving away from both church and alternative healing!

  14. Yes, I too would love to hear about the church subject as I too have made changes to that. And about homeschooling!! Actually I’d love to hear about all of it!!!!

  15. Homeschooling, moving away from being crunchy & Twitter, please!!

  16. PS I would like to know more about the snails on the boat too, please :-)

    • Haha! We just have a lot of snails in our back yard, and my daughter likes to gather them up sometimes . . . we just put them all on the toy boat one time and I thought it was cute so I took a photo. :)

  17. Top choice: **When Virtues Turn Out to Be Privileges. ***
    Next: Journey To and Away From the Crunchy Community

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before as I’m such an introvert, but came out of a very conservative Mennonite church with my parents when I was a child. If you are in Manitoba then you are almost certainly aware of this one. Many things in your writing resonated so I subscribed. :)

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