Sick Kid and Canning Break

Hi, friends! Just a quick note to say that I’ll be continuing my “Raising a Low-Media Toddler” series later this week. I’m just a little behind with my blogging due to a feverish baby last week (no worries — she’s totally over it now; but I did have to spend a couple of days just holding and comforting her), and also some canning.

Last week I finally canned tomato sauce and pasta sauce with my mom:

pasta sauce simmering

filling jars


…And now my pantry is marvelously stocked with tomato products for the winter.

Tomorrow I’m planning to help my mom in the garden with the fall crop. But I’ll talk to you again soon! Until then, hope you’re enjoying your September!

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  1. I have my own mini harvest of tomatoes this week from the balcony, and am planning to make roast tomato sauce with them later. Mine is a mix of random old jars of different shapes and sizes and this is the first time I’m attempting it, but I’m excited! Even with only a balcony, it’s so fun to be just a teeny tiny bit self-sufficient :)
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