Slowing Down for Summer

StratfordSuperfluous picture of me and Ben in Stratford (Ontario)

It happens every summer.

Around June, a restlessness starts to shake my bones.

I need to get out and engage the world — the real, solid, material world.

After months of snow and darkness and cold, the sun is finally in the sky from early morning until night, beckoning me to come out and play.

I need to dig. I need to plant and tend. I need to swim. Walk. Smell. Cook. Preserve. Eat.

The garden needs constant attention. The food coming out of it needs to be preserved. The sun rays need to be caught before they slip away (because they always do way too soon.)

In summer, I have very little interest in sitting in front of a computer.

Even when I’m inside, I’m itching to get to projects — crafts and sewing and painting and creating. There’s finally enough light in the day to see a project through from beginning to end in a single day!

Reflecting and reading and writing in front of a screen can wait until winter.

So while I was already somewhat quiet around here during the spring due to morning sickness, I suspect I’ll continue to be quiet during the summer. Due to it being summer.

We have vacations planned with the extended family; and I have GOT to get me in a pool before summer disappears. And then there’s August, where the tomatoes come flooding in and I can’t spend enough time dicing, pureeing, and canning all the lovely red abundance.

But I’m sure you’ve got stuff going on too, so you won’t miss me too much. I’ll still be here once a week or so, anyway.

Hope you’re all well; and let me know what’s keep you busy these days!

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  1. Good! For! You! Seriously, the summer you’re creating for yourself and your family sounds blissful! XO
    Rebecca recently posted..Quick thoughts on makeupMy Profile

  2. > After months of snow and darkness and cold, the sun is finally in the sky

    It is such a Siberian feeling. I share it. It’s interesting to read about a kindred spirit on the other side of the globe.
    Victor Sudakov recently posted..ПоучатьMy Profile

  3. Hope you have a very restful summer! God bless.
    Tacy recently posted..Ethel Says: The Putrid Smells of SummerMy Profile

  4. Awww! What a cute bump! I’m excited to follow you this pregnancy. :)
    Michele recently posted..S’s Race with the Midwife (His Birth Story)My Profile

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