What I’m Into: August 2015

Felix 9 mosFelix, 9 months

Lydia strawberryLydia dressed “as a strawberry”

For those who have been following our story, August was split into two distinct parts. The first half of August we continued to spend in the hospital, as follow-up for Felix’s gene therapy in July. But halfway through the month he was discharged and we got to come home!

Life at home has been absolutely wonderful. Felix is still in isolation (and will remain that way for at least the next four to six months), but it feels delightfully normal after all that time in the hospital. He’s doing great — he’s really getting the hang of solids (and he loves them!), and he’s still just such a chill baby. He wakes up once at night (usually), which is amazing. We’ve been spending plenty of time with Lydia, who has already had a few sleepovers.


And I have to mention this amazing package I received from Molly (of Molly Makes Do). It made my week. I can’t decide whether I’m in more awe of her talent or her generosity. Looks at those gorgeous yarns, those hand-knit doll clothes, that lovely fabric!! (The doll was already ours, I was just so excited to see the sweater on her.) And on top of that, she made this:

cross stitchCan you even believe it? I am so framing it and putting it on our gallery wall.

Life is good, you guys. So good.

Here’s what I’ve been into.


Before I get to books, I want to say that I didn’t get a lot of reading done this month because I was too busy knitting.  I learned how to knit last month, and I spent this month (obsessively) learning how to do slightly more advanced knitting.

I learned how to make grandmother’s favourite dishcloth which was very satisfying.


I also completed this baby sweater for Felix which was an absolute thrill. (I did this while still in the hospital. Unfortunately, it ended up being too small, so will have to go to another baby.)


sweater felix

The details of this sweater are on Ravelry (which makes me a real knitter, I think). I want to highlight that this pattern uses extra-bulky yarn, which is awesome for a beginner because it knits up so quickly! I did it in like three days! I highly recommend it.


Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown — I definitely agree with and appreciate the general philosophy of Essentialism — that there’s value in doing less, but doing it better and with more focus. It’s basically minimalist living for your brain/time/energy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a whole lot of practical advice in this book until I got to the end — I was just like, “Yes! I agree with all this! I want this for my life!” And even more unfortunately, my library loan time ran out just when it was getting interesting. I’ll have to wait until it’s my turn again before I can finish it (and I definitely want to!).

Kids’ Books

Little You by Richard Van Camp — The amazing woman who runs the Family Resource Center at the London Hospital gave us this little board book as a gift. I can’t get through the dang thing without crying. The poetic text is spare but deeply moving. The illustrations of the little hipster family are gorgeous. Even Felix (at nine months) seems drawn to it.

Little You

“Feel our love as we hold you tight.” I CANNOT EVEN.


Hector and the Search for Happiness (Netflix) – a little predictable and trite, but Simon Pegg is so utterly charming and delightful to watch I could forgive all.

In a World (Netflix) — Bizarre and hilarious. Lake Bell is spectacular, and Demetri Martin is surprisingly believable and adorable. A smart and delightful exploration of female identity in a chauvinistic world, fidelity and sisterhood. The dialogue is brilliant and I loved it.

The Giant Mechanical Man (Netflix) — I thought it would be weird to see Pam Beesley and Danny Castellano fall in love and it was. This movie had SO much potential to charm. But the dialogue was flat and unconvincing, and unfortunately Jenna Fischer totally drops the ball. (I’m talking Kristen Stewart-level acting. I KNOW.) She’s amazing as Pam, but this character was kind of a bummer.

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation — We saw this when we went out for out tenth anniversary. LOVED IT!! The opening scene is magnetizing and the fun never stops. The action is thrilling and the characters are lovable. And I actually really liked the female character, which is so rare in an action film. She’s awe-inspiring without being a machine with boobs (a la Trinity from The Matrix). Come to think of it, there’s like no focus on her boobs. Unprecedented!


Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix Original Series) — We’re still not sure how we feel about this one. (We’re about 6 episodes in). It’s OVER-THE-TOP ridiculous. Everything is a joke. If you’ve seen a comedy in the last year, the actors are probably in this show. Everybody is in this show. There’s more crude language than we would like, but also a lot of laughs. Hmm.

Last Week Tonight — I am recently obsessed with this show. I was vaguely aware of John Oliver before, but our doctor recommended we watch the episode on Food Waste and we’ve been hooked ever since. He’s brilliant, hysterically funny, and often convicting. I want to watch everything he’s ever produced. They’re all fantastic, but I particularly enjoyed the one on Fashion. (Language warning.)

That’s what I’ve been into!

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  1. PepperReed says:

    So glad you are settling in to a happy homelife. <3 John Oliver! So So great and cuts you to the quick on relevant issues, with a rapier wit! Have fun knitting… it'll be even more fun as you head into winter knowing heads are toasty because of your new-found skill. Many prayers for Felix's continued health and that your family continues to thrive.

  2. What an adorable sweater! I have a 7-month-old and I wish I had the talent/patience to make him something like that. Essentialism sound great, I’m adding that one to my to-be-read list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. John Oliver is brilliant! Definitely worth catching up on back episodes of LWT.
    Christina recently posted..What I’m Into August 2015My Profile

  4. Thank you for your book reviews: now that I think of it, I’ve found quite a few books that I really love from your “What I’m Into” Page. And by the way, I’ve been thinking of you, and if you would like some royal baby alpaca yarn that has just been sitting in my garage languishing for years (I um, have dropped my knitting time from several hours a day to almost nil since having kiddos), I would be so pleased to send it off to you. Just message me. Thanks for keeping us updated, and so happy your month went well!

  5. Loving those dishcloths! I’m going to make some of that pattern for sure! My neighbor and I cannot.stop.making them.

  6. We adore Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as well. He is SO funny and spot-on about so many topics. I actually prefer him to Jon Stewart/The Daily Show (my husband disagrees, but likes John Oliver as well).

  7. I’m so glad Felix is doing well! I am so impressed with your knitting. Super impressed! I watched the first few episodes of Wet Hot American Summer and laughed a bunch but wasn’t compelled to keep watching, for the reasons you mentioned. But friends the other night told me to persevere so we’ll see.
    Leigh Kramer recently posted..The Perusables v. 1My Profile

  8. I’ve been meaning to ask you – Is there any nudity or, uh, humping in Wet Hot American Summer? Eric and I are looking for a new show to dive into, but we stay away from humping shows.

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