What I’m Into: March 2015


We’ve been in the hospital four months now. In some ways it feels like a lifetime, in others it feels like a flash. I will never measure time in the same way again.

As you know, some parts were so awful I wanted to die; others were okay and a few were quite pleasant. Like the day we took a nature walk with Lydia and the sun was shining and she learned about cattails and thistles.

And here are a few things I’ve enjoyed.


Veronica Mars and Anne of Green Gables

Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. This second novel sequel to the TV show and movie was another fun read. A real treat for any VMars fan. I didn’t like quite it as much as the first one (which was perfect), but it was still a good time. The dialogue is its greatest strength — Mac, Wallace, Keith, and Cliff are as clever and lovable as ever.

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. In a complete change of pace, genre-wise, I finally got around to reading this delightful classic. Please forgive me, but thanks to the TV series from the 90’s I always kind of assumed it would be boring. I was surprised how lively and charming it was. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I want more Gilbert Blythe.


We re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD which I still adore. (Hilarious! Exciting! Quirky!)

And we also re-watched Ever After on Netflix since everyone else is Instagramming pictures of themselves going to see Cinderella with their little girls and it was making me crave something romantic. Such a great movie.

We also saw The Birder’s Guide to Everything, which is funny, sweet, winsome, and sad. I recommend.

We finally saw Mockingjay: Part 1.  An utterly fabulous half-a-movie. Dark, haunting, and sublimely acted. The only thing I didn’t like was that they chopped off the second half, only to sell it next November for the cost of another whole admission. Jerks.

Then there was Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist on Netflix. A waste of time. I was expecting something charming and funny. Instead, Michael Cera said about seven adorable things and the rest was totally dumb. When the climax (NO PUN INTENDED) of a movie  involves a teenage girl reaching orgasm with a guy she’s only known a few hours . . . I give it a big fat no thanks.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix — it took a bit of coaxing to get through the first few episodes, which were only so-so; but eventually Ben and I fell in love with this very funny TV show (starring Andy Samberg). Once you get to know the characters they’re all hilarious in their own way. Jake in particular is a hoot to watch. I’m also intrigued by the way the show subverts stereotypes about gay men with the stoic Captain Holt. Can’t wait for Season 2!

Flight of the Conchords Season 2We also finished up Flight of the Conchords (Season 2) on DVD. I could sing Murray’s praises all day. His Friendship Graph is one of the funniest TV moments of my life.


And once again, this has been  taking up the majority of my down-time:

crocheted baby blanket

crocheted baby blanket 2

crocheted baby blanket 3

crocheted baby blanket

This super-simple colour block baby blanket was a great opportunity to master the single crochet stitch. I just chained 100 and single-crocheted into every stitch with an H hook. I went back and forth until I used up the whole ball of yarn and then switched to the next colour. It couldn’t get any simpler. But if I were to do it again, I might use a bigger hook or a bigger stitch — it’s a little stiffer than I would prefer.

I used Mary Maxim Starlette worsted weight acrylic yarn, simply because there’s a Mary Maxim store five minutes away from the hospital and I wanted to start with something inexpensive for learning. (The colours are turquoise, soft aqua, burnt orange, light grey, and medium grey). The colour scheme was inspired by this one by Rescued Paw. But it ended up being a little shorter than I’d hoped, so I added the fifth colour.

It ended up being approx two feet by three feet — a decent size for a baby or lap blanket.

Speaking of babies . . .

Felix 4 months

This little dude is four months old. He’s been doing great! He’s started to drink from the bottle again, he loves tummy time, and he only smiles for his favourite nurses. (Being five feet tall or less seems to be a prerequisite.) He sleeps through the night like a total WEIRDO (seriously: what four-month-old does that?!) and he screams like he’s being murdered when we bathe him. We love him to death!

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  1. Yayyy for Anne of Green Gables!!! In my opinion, she is one of the BEST literary heroines there are for young women! (ESPECIALLY nowadays, when so many of the new literary “heroines” are definitely not ones I would want any young future girls of mine looking up to!) And you can’t go wrong with Gilbert Blythe! *Swoon!!!*

  2. Oh my! I love Anne of Green Gables! I love all the books and have seen the made for TV movies so many times! Although, Anne, the continuing store is not at all accurate : ). I love your crocheted items. So beautiful! Great color combos!

    I’m reading a bit backwards (since I hopped over from Leigh Kramer’s link up) and will be thinking of you all and sweet Felix! Thanks for sharing your story!
    Meredith Bazzoli recently posted..What I’m Into: March 2015My Profile

  3. Found you through Leigh Kramer! You’ve inspired me now to go back and re-read Anne of Green Gables and I’m totally with you on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My husband loved it, but I watched the first two episodes and decided to pass until he sucked me into it again recently. Glad I gave it another shot! Your little man is adorable! We had those balls for our son and he loved them so much that he pulled them apart and broke the elastic….just a heads up. :)

  4. Oh just WAIT til you get to Emily. And L. M.’s short stories. I wish you all the joys of discovering this amazing author!! :)

  5. Trudy Leslie says:

    I love your blanket, what a great job! And Felix is beautiful, he looks so much like Lydia! AND I’m so happy you’re reading Anne of Green Gables, when my friends and I were at uni we used to have movie nights to watch the Anne movies. I have been reading and re-reading these books since I was 10 years old and I think all the books in the series are great so keep reading :)

  6. I’m still waiting to read the second Veronica Mars book – loved the first one. And LOVE Anne of Green Gables – glad you finally checked it out. I waited years to read it also and wish I’d read them when I was younger now.
    Jen E @ critic and fangirl recently posted..What I’m Into Lately: March 2015My Profile

  7. Ever After definitely beats this new Cinderella. It’s so good, Drew Barrymore’s accent notwithstanding.
    Christina recently posted..What I’m Into March 2015My Profile

  8. Your blankets are impressive!

    I read AoGG as a kid and liked it, but do not share everyone else’s obsession. Maybe I should give it another chance as an adult? Or maybe I should just focus on all the books I haven’t read yet. Decisions.

    Brooklyn Nine Nine–yes. I picked up in the middle of it after I heard and interview with Terry Crews (Sgt. Jeffords and also, of course, The Old Spice Man) on NPR, so I don’t know what the early episodes are like, but we find very few sitcoms/comedy tv shows that we enjoy, and we love this one.

    Jamie sleeps through the night, too, and has ever since the beginning. What sort of crazy babies are these?? Glad Felix is doing so well!

  9. That blanket looks Ah-mazing!
    Hannah Corson recently posted..Hold Your Breath and Be StillMy Profile

  10. You are a crocheting queen! Can’t believe you mastered it so quickly. I’m inspired to try again but sitting still activities don’t get much look in these days… ;)
    And talking of Cinderella movies, have you ever seen The Slipper and the Rose? It’s a random old one that no one I’ve met has ever heard of but my sister and I LOVED it as children. It’s a musical version complete with bizarre dancing, period costume and fancy castles. What’s not to love?! (although it might be one of those movies I only love now because I loved it as a child…!)
    Fiona Lynne recently posted..right now. march 2015.My Profile

  11. I need them to keep writing Veronica Mars books, especially if they’re not going to give us another movie. So glad you enjoyed Anne of Green Gables! Also, Felix is such a cutie. Glad he’s doing well!
    Leigh Kramer recently posted..Favorite Food MemoirsMy Profile

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