What I’m Into: May 2015

Holy smokes, May’s already over? Felix has been home for over a month already! Goodness, time flies when you’re sanitizing the contents of an entire room every day.

We’re just beginning to enter my favourite season of the year! (But only by a smidge…)

The seasons, according to my preference

It’s been a good month, though. An uneventful month. Which is exactly the kind of month you want when you’ve got a child with a life-threatening disease.

Other people have summer bucket lists for the year: camping, swimming, biking, museum visits, etc. We have one on ours: Keep Felix Alive. And we’re totally nailing it! I’d even say he’s thriving! One month down, three more to go. Hopefully next year we can start thinking about beaches and parks and pool parties.

central line dressing change(Oh, just doing a central line dressing change. As one does.)

I turned thirty this month. We celebrated the beginning of a new decade by picking up a grocery store cheesecake and quickly shoving it in our faces at our messy kitchen table so my mom could bring Lydia back home before her bedtime. It was kind of a bummer of a day, honestly. I usually have to plan my own birthday parties (they’re just not Ben’s thing) and I didn’t get a chance this year with adjusting to home life. Everyone else was busy taking care of my other kid. Oh well. We’ll go all out for  thirty-one?

I also didn’t watch a single movie or read a single book this month. I know, right?

So there’s not much left to discuss in terms of What I’ve Been Into. Except the following:


Netflix added season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to the rotation, so we’ve been enjoying that. Oh my gosh, that show is so funny. I love everybody, but especially Jake, Charles, and Gina.


After spending five months in a stark hospital room, I’m anxious to bring a little beauty into Felix’s life. And since he can’t experience nature firsthand, I’m also trying to bring some of that in, too. So I made him this butterfly mobile. It doesn’t look like much from our perspective:

butterfly mobile -- Montessori-inspired DIYBut here it is from his perspective:

Montessori-inspired DIY butterfly mobileThe butterflies are just cut  from card stock and hung with thread from an embroidery hoop, so they flutter and float a little like the real thing. (It’s a Montessori thing — the philosophy encourages mobiles which represent things from the real world that actually float/fly/swim in a similar fashion. Like whales, fish, etc.) I got the vintage butterflies here. (It’s a free printable; I just printed it out on card stock and cut them out). It’s a little tricky to get them to balance properly from the thread, but easier if you fold the wings downward a bit.

And I haven’t had much time for crocheting, but I took a couple of hours to learn how to make puffy hearts. I love the way they look felted:

felted crocheted hearts

I used this pattern, though I altered it a little to give the hearts a bit more of a “voluptuous” shape. I used 100% wool and felted by hand. (Like how I did with these bowls.)

so far they don’t serve any purpose; they just delight me.

And that’s it for May! What have you been into?

As always, linking up with the lovely Leigh Kramer.

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  1. That’s the prettiest baby mobile I’ve ever seen. I want to make one!

  2. Happy Birthday Kathleen! Happy for you that you’re home and things are going well.

  3. Sounds to me like you’re rocking it! I stumbled onto your website a few weeks ago while surfing content on minimalism. (Sometimes it’s easier to read about it, than do it!) Your stories about Felix and Lydia keep me coming back. When I read about the drastic turn your life had taken, I kept wondering how a person with your values could handle what was being asked of you. Turns out love is the strongest value of all. Your words are powerful and inspiring.

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