What I’m Into: October 2014

October leaves

playing in leaves

October garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t even begin to talk about October without first making this important PSA: if you are experiencing any kind of back trouble, whether related to pregnancy or anything else, consider chiropractic care. Even if you don’t have insurance and will have to pay for it out of pocket. Even if you’re broke.

I mentioned last month that I was suffering from debilitating back pain related to my pregnancy. Seriously, you guys: I could hardly move. Getting out of bed and climbing down the stairs in the morning pretty much wiped me out for the day. I couldn’t get groceries, couldn’t cook . . . couldn’t do any of the daily household tasks that needed to be done. I was miserable and helpless so the whole family was miserable and hopeless. And we were ordering in dinner every night, which we totally can’t afford. I was panicking, because I didn’t know how I could possibly deliver a baby in a few months when already in this much pain.

So we decided it could hardly cost us more to go see a chiropractor. We sucked it up and I used my piddly savings from my blog’s ad revenue to see if my sister’s chiropractor could help me.

The first couple of weeks didn’t seem to help much, though my chiropractor seemed able to pinpoint exactly which vertebrae and joints were giving me trouble. I was feeling discouraged. Three $30 appointments a week were draining the bank account pretty fast. I stuck to it, though, and soon I started to feel better.

And now, four weeks later, I’m as good as new! I literally feel no more pain whatsoever. I can walk with my daughter to the park, climb stairs without thinking about it, and I’m on my feet most of the day again without trouble. The only reason I remember I’m carrying 30-odd extra pounds is because I get out of breath if I move too quickly.

So all that is to say: I’m so glad we went ahead and saw a chiropractor! Totally worth it. I am a firm believer now. My quality of life is improved a hundredfold, and we don’t have to order in crappy food every night.

Okay, moving on!


During my last pregnancy, I probably read at least two books a month on pregnancy, birth, or infant care for the duration of my pregnancy. So that was, like, eighteen books. Plus a ton of internet reading. This time around, aside from some refreshers on pregnancy nutrition, I hadn’t read a thing.

I’m due next month (late November), so I thought I’d re-read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Ina May Gaskin) — the book that sealed the deal on home birth for me last time. (Oh yeah, if you didn’t already know — I’m planning on another midwife-attended home birth this time around. I sometimes forget that people give birth anywhere else. Hoping for a water birth!) It’s just so comforting and inspiring. My anxiety about this birth has decreased since re-reading it. I believe my body can do it. I was made for this. Thanks, Ina May!

I also decided to try out The Nesting Place (Myquillyn Smith), just because everyone on the internet is going crazy over it. I had to wait months to get it from the library, it’s in such high demand. Turns out the timing is just wrong for me right now. With a new baby coming, interior design just isn’t on the forefront of my mind. And I felt like the opening chapters were just . . . stating really obvious things? But the latter chapters are more interesting, and the photos inspiring . . . I’m suddenly inspired to make some textured wreaths and sunburst mirrors for our house. In between gathering birth supplies and attending midwife appointments and freezing meals, of course.

Children’s Books

flora and the flamingo

We happened upon Flora and the Flamingo (Molly Idle, 2013) at the library recently. What a stunning find! It’s another gorgeously-illustrated wordless book with a unique twist — it has interactive flaps to help tell the story about a little girl learning to dance with a graceful flamingo. The artist is a former DreamWorks animator and you can totally tell.

It is, however, a very delicate book, what with all the white space and manipulable flaps; at three, Lydia is a little young to be trusted with it completely unsupervised. I’ve kept it on a high shelf and only allowed her to look at it when she asks. I would recommend it for slightly older children — maybe four or five. Little girls (especially aspiring ballerinas) will love this beautiful, charming book.

Little Oink

Back in March, I shared our love for the books Little Pea and Little Hoot. I remembered that there was a third one in the series out there somewhere, and I requested it through inter-library loan.

Little Oink (Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace) is just as funny and cute as the first two. This time, it’s about a neat little pig who likes to keep his room tidy, but his parents tell him he has to mess it up before he can go play. The illustrations are lovely and just as chuckle-inducing as the text. Ben and I enjoy this book as much as Lydia does.


We started watching Veronica Mars (from 2004) on Netflix last month and weren’t crazy-impressed. It seemed a little cheesy and relied too heavily on narration in those first few episodes. But Leigh Kramer insisted we keep going, so we watched a few more episodes.

I’m so glad we did! We LOVE this show! We watched an episode almost every night until we finished season one. Spectacular! A very intriguing plot and wonderfully complex and interesting characters. There’s scandal and murder and intrigue but it’s not dark and gory like many shows these days. There’s witty banter and familial love and high school drama in there, too. Thanks for the push, Leigh!


We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Netflix this month. Overall, we really enjoyed it. It’s funny and weird and has a happy ending. You get to see beautiful landscapes and it will make you want to travel the world and go on adventures.

With the Munchkin

One of the most fun things we did this month was just walk around the neighbourhood collecting leaves for crafts. Okay, so I was more into it than she was; but she ended up liking holding the basket. And it was good to get out of the house.

Beach sand play dough

I made this sand play dough for her, which she loves. I just had coarse commercial sand on hand — not beautiful, fine, Florida beach sand like in the original tutorial — but it still gives it a really neat texture and weight, and is fun with sea shells.sharpies on foil

Another fun and easy fall-back activity that Lydia loves is coloured Sharpies on aluminum foil. The foil makes the colours glow, and just offers a slightly different experience.

marker holder made with plaster of paris. Keep markers off the floor and capped!

And lastly, I made her this plaster marker holder, with instructions from The Artful Parent (Jean Van’t Hul). Like most kids, Lydia loves colouring with markers, but she always left the markers and caps scattered all over the floor. This was both irritating and it quickly ruined the markers. With this pretty new holder, she is much more likely to put her markers back where they belong. No mess, no drying out. WIN.

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  1. Love that Sharpies on foil idea!

  2. LOVE the ina may book. I reread it for my second pregnancy, too, and it helped me gear up and get excited for the birth. You’re so far along! Many prayers and good wishes and blessings on a healthy happy birth and new baby!!
    Karen recently posted..Organic Baby Butt Balm, 2 oz With Essential Oils by SunnysideSkincareMy Profile

  3. Question about your chiropractor experience… I’ve had people tell me that they love the benefits, but that once they start going, they have to keep going… Have you found this to be the case or no? Thanks! :)
    Hannah Corson recently posted..The Realities of Living in an Unfinished Tiny HouseMy Profile

    • Hi Hannah! It’s kind of true. The chiropractor (at least mine) works with the assumption that you will be continuing indefinitely. You’d go much less often after you feel better — like maybe only every other month — but still indefinitely. Chiropractic care is supposed to work primarily as a preventative measure rather than a curative. But who’s got money to spend on chiropractic BEFORE they hurt, IN CASE they hurt? Not me!

      I have decided to stick with it until I have my baby (I’m going every other week now), and then quit after that (unless I find myself in pain again), just because I can’t afford to go forever. If I wasn’t pregnant and needing chiropractic for other reasons, I would go until I was pain-free for a month or so and then try going without.

  4. You look great, Kathleen!

  5. So exciting, getting so close to baby!! I also love that Ina May book…even though it didn’t make my last birth turn out as I intended!
    The marker holder is a great idea, I’m still the mean mom who won’t let my kids use markers but this could help me change my mind
    Marissa@BecomingKindred recently posted..Watching the WavesMy Profile

  6. You look fantastic and that is wonderful news about your back. Best wishes for a peaceful, beautiful home birth. I think it is the ideal but unfortunately some of us have medical problems precluding such a thing. :(

  7. I totally agree on the chiropractic! I did it throughout my second pregnancy and I think it made such a huge difference for me! Also, Little Oink is a favorite in our house, too. :) (found you through “What I’m Into”)
    reb recently posted..System Status: October 2014My Profile

  8. I’m here for the link up!

    That marker holder is a really cute craft!

    Everyone is talking about Walter Mitty! It’s on our list.

    That “Little Oink” book sounds really cute! I’ve never heard of that series, so I’m going to have to look into them!

    Chiropractic care really does make a difference! I’m glad that it has helped you. :)
    Victoria recently posted..What I’m Into: October 2014My Profile

  9. I think “Walter Mitty” looks interesting but haven’t seen it yet and it doesn’t appear on Netflix streaming for me. Did you get it via the DVD-by-mail option?
    Abby recently posted..What I’m Into: October 2014My Profile

  10. You look fantastic, Kathleen! Glad to hear your back is no longer bothering you. I had never heard of Ina May until a couple of years ago when The Tennessean did a profile on her, as well as her husband and the commune. Such interesting people. I am thrilled you persevered with Veronica Mars! Hope you like the other 2 seasons just as much. And then there’s the movie to look forward to and if you’re getting really crazy, you can read the novel that came out this past summer. I love the Veronica Mars world.
    Leigh Kramer recently posted..What I’m Into (October 2014 Edition)My Profile

  11. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I had to go to a chiropractor last year (which was still $20 a session with insurance…way better than the $160 I was quoted in California!!) after I couldn’t walk after…ahem, exercising barefoot :) I won’t say where I got that idea from…but it turns out it was a horrible idea for me! Maybe just walking would have been a different story (which I do around our house and in our yard), but exercising royally screwed up by back for most of the year. However, I found a recommended chiropractor and she helped put me back together with compresses and crazy bear hugging and what not. A year later with new foot inserts I haven’t had troubles in a few months. I hope it lasts!

    Also, that marker holder is genius. If only I were brave enough to own markers for my kiddo!
    alison recently posted..A fall garden attempt and a year!My Profile

  12. Sending best wishes for a safe home birth. I hoped for one with my first but it didn’t work out. Second one did and it was lovely. A long time ago though!

  13. A solution to the marker/cap conundrum! YESSS!

    So glad your back is feeling better. I had the same poverty issue with going to the chiropractor, but it really does help.

    Praying you get your water birth!
    Laura recently posted..The ache: a litany of gratefulness.My Profile

  14. I went to see a DO (osteopath, all of the learning of an MD with extra training in diagnostics, muscular skeletal as well as other specialties) regularly during my recent pregnancy, she helped me a lot. Chiropractic came out of osteopathy. It only cost me a co-pay a visit. Helped with sacro-illiac and sciatic pain.

  15. Very cute kid and you look great for someone who is on her 36th week of pregnancy. I always tell my patients that back pain does not go away immediately after just one treatment and you have to stick with the program. I always assure them that will feel definitely feel better. Glad you stick to the treatment.

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