What I’ve Been Up To (Instead of Blogging)

Man! It has been so busy around here! I thought I’d share a few pictures in lieu of a real blog post. So that you can see I’m not just being lazy.

Harvest from the garden . . .

onions1Onions curing in the sun!

squashLast year was lousy for squash, but we got a good haul this year!

pumpkinsAnd look at all these PUMPKINS! (And some spaghetti squash). These excite me to no end because we grew them from seeds I saved from a couple of heirloom pumpkins (red Cinderella and and gray Jarrahdale) I bought last year. I’d never saved seeds before. There’s something thrilling about watching two pumpkins turn into twenty. And look how gorgeous they are! They have thick, delicious flesh, too, which will be turned into pies and muffins throughout the winter.

Please note: I think some people are under the impression that I am doing this stuff all by myself. FAR FROM TRUE. I garden with my mom at her house. She’s been gardening for decades and has lots of excellent land to do it on. During spring and early summer, I go over there once a week to help plant, sow, weed, hoe, and pick a few things to take home. During the late summer and fall, I go over there two or three times a week to help harvest and preserve. It’s usually when we butcher, too. Last year we did hogs, because that’s what my parents raised; this year they raised meat chickens. I have to go back next week to do the last ten with my mom.

At our own home, we raise four hens for eggs and an herb garden. That’s it.

Anyway, we did all this canning this week:

tomatoesDiced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and salsa. My mom’s been doing additional canning like a madwomen in the evenings when my sister and I are not there. She’s insane, and also awesome. We still want to put in another day or two.

Anyway, all this work is made a bit more taxing due to all this extra weight I’m carrying:

28 weeks

Yeepers! I still have three months to go! How huge am I going to get?! I’ve been huffing and puffing for weeks already, and my hips are starting to get achy. I was about this size at nine months when I gave birth to Lydia, so . . . this is uncharted territory for me. (Ben conveniently cropped out my badonkadonk, so you can’t see how much weight I have gained in the lower region of my body.)

And for fun, on the weekend the three of us went to see WALK OFF THE EARTH in concert!! (I went a little crazy talking about the band here.) They were playing at a venue less than an hour away, and we’re all huge fans, including Lydia. She knows all the members’ names and likes to imitate Sarah in Material Girl and drum on the hood of the van like the guys in Gang of Rhythm.

Walk Off the Earth concert

It was an outdoor concert, and we had a hard time finding a babysitter, and we really though Lydia would enjoy it. So we took a risk in taking her. It went great! She was a little overwhelmed by the volume and lights. This is how her face looked throughout most of it:

watchingAnd when they sent huge balloons out into the crowd, she cried because she couldn’t have one. Until someone handed her one! Then she was thrilled. It made her night.


familySo things have been busy, but good. So, so good. I’m overwhelmed with the blessings in my life right now. I hope you are doing well, too!

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  1. Ready for it. . . ? CUTEST PREGNANT WOMAN EVER! *hugs* XO
    Rebecca recently posted..Victoria Beckham: NYFW SS 15My Profile

  2. You look awesome! That is such a perfect bump. I hope you do a post about butchering the chickens. I’d love to hear about that.

    • Thanks, Grace! I thought about it, but I wasn’t sure if people would find the images too graphic or upsetting. I’ll consider it . . . we have a bit more to do!

      • I’ll chime in on that one; if it is something you would want to do/share on your blog, you absolutely should! (And, I assume, many of your readers would appreciate such a post and find it useful/beneficial.) I would request/recommend (for my own ethical vegan self, as well as your own concerns about potential responses some might have to it), that you maybe set that lone post up (if it is possible to do so) to be one of those where, on home page, you only see the first paragragh and then have to click through to read the rest of it. That way you can let your readers know what’s specifically in the post, and they can each choose whether or not to click through. But, again, I don’t even know if you can do that on a post-by-post basis. In which case, could you make it password-protected, and then somehow give out the password to whoever would want access to it? Or. . . on a final note, is that all too much of a bother, LOL? ;)
        Rebecca recently posted..Victoria Beckham: NYFW SS 15My Profile

  3. So jealous of all of those lovely onions!!!! And the squash!! YUM!

    Also, your bump is so cute! Mine’s just starting to show, but I’m carrying super low, so it definitely doesn’t look like the traditional bump. I’m like, “Move up, baby!!”

  4. I seriously love that wheelbarrow full of squash! Will they keep long? We only got three this year, but i wonder if we could eat all those before they go bad. I imagine they keep though?
    alison recently posted..Thankful – 6/11/2014My Profile

    • As long as they don’t have any soft spots, they should last several months! Especially if you let them sit in the sun (preferably in a dry spot) to cure for a couple of weeks. Then just keep them on a shelf or whatever. They should be good at least until December, if not longer.

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