Why I Quit DoTerra (And What I’m Doing Instead)

Why I quit doterraFirst off, I just want to be clear that I am not profiting in any way by writing this. No one is paying me or giving me any free stuff or even asked me nicely to say anything about their products. These are just some of my thoughts from my own personal experiences.

And I have absolutely nothing against doTerra. From everything I gather, it’s a perfectly lovely organization selling wonderful products. This is just an explanation of why doTerra ended up not being a great fit for me.

I started buying doTerra products about six months ago. I don’t have any complaints about the products, but I think I’m done with the company.

If you didn’t already know, doTerra is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company  — you know, like Avon or Tupperware, or more recently Plexus or Scentsy . . . one of those companies that often puts you in the awkward position of having your loved ones invite you over to try to sell you stuff, and then trying to get you to sell stuff to your friends. They sell essential oils and other related products.

MLM companies work by recruiting people to become their distributors/salespeople, usually with the promise of discounts on their products plus the opportunity to earn commission. Distributors sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. They then in turn try to turn their friends into distributors, because this means even more discounts, free products, and/or more commission, plus other possible perks (think trips to Hawaii).

Overall, I don’t think there’s anything terribly wrong with MLM. DoTerra in particular seems to have a good heart, provides opportunities for stay-at-home moms to earn an income, and I know they do charity work, too. There are a couple of aspects, though, that just weren’t a good fit for me, especially when it came to doTerra, and I’ll be focusing on these.

Way Too Friggin’ Complicated

My story with doTerra starts simply enough, as it does for most people: I wanted to buy some doTerra essential oils. To be clear, I never had any interest in selling them or making a profit. That just wasn’t in my agenda.

doterra diffuser

I had heard good things about their products, and was drawn to some of their “proprietary blends.” I wanted to give them a try. But in order to get them for a halfway affordable price (a.k.a. “wholesale prices”), you have to sign up to be a distributor. And that comes with a membership fee.

So I signed up. Buying a membership makes you a “wellness advocate” (which I found a hilarious title from the start) and you get a whole packet of information explaining all the various programs you can sign up for to get further deals.

All of discount programs, I soon learned, involve first buying more products, selling to others, or recruiting other distributors. You are generally rewarded with discounts on additional purchases or free products.

For example, there’s a “product of the month” loyalty program where you have to sign up for monthly purchases, meet a minimum purchase requirement, and have them shipped before a certain date of the month. Only then do you qualify for a free monthly product of their choosing, which you may or may not even want.

Other loyalty programs also allow you get a certain amount of “points” back which you can use towards future purchases. But again, you first have to commit to buying or selling a certain amount of product every month to qualify. There are so many stipulations and minimum purchase requirements, and then many of the products I wanted (like the diffusers) didn’t quality for the discounts.

I quickly found these requirements far too constraining, and even found myself buying things I didn’t necessarily want just so I could earn points to make the whole program worthwhile. But without signing up for any of these programs, the products remained unaffordable.

Now I’m just a simple Mennonite girl with a degree in literature. I felt like I needed a business degree just to make sense of all the offers and programs to get a decent price on the products. I knew I was spending more than I wanted. For what?

Finally, I decided enough was enough.

All I wanted were some oils in the most economical way. Was that too much to ask?

Too Much Fanfare

I think my eyebrows first started to rise when I saw a photo on Instagram from DoTerra of their conference.

“Over 10,000 flowers are being arranged for centerpieces on 540 tables for the Gala tomorrow night. #doterraalive,” the caption read.

Maybe I’m miserly, but that struck me as an excessive amount of flowers. We’re not celebrating the commencement of world peace here. This is a corporation that has developed some new products to sell, and are preparing to unveil them to their sales team. 10,000 flowers? 540 centerpieces? Is Jesus going to be there??

Again, I come from a Mennonite background, where we celebrate huge life events by adding jam to a feast of bread and butter in the unadorned church basement. At my wedding there were exactly six flowers — in my bouquet, which we picked up for $2.99 from the grocery store on the way to the church. So maybe I’m not the best judge of opulence.

I will fully agree that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lavish conventions and parties. I just don’t necessarily feel like paying a premium for a product so that the company can fund such events. I’d personally rather go with a more modest company who just wants to sell their product in an economical (but still honest) fashion.

I’m not interested in the fanfare.

Too Expensive

Why I Quit Doterra

Look, I don’t mind paying for quality. I’ll gladly reach deeper into my pockets for products that support my values (fair wages for workers, earth-friendly practices, etc). I’ve written before about how I’m willing to pay a premium for organic, local foods, for example. And doTerra does sell really excellent products, I won’t deny that.

However, I just felt like doTerra seemed to be spending too much on marketing. Too much was spent on rewarding top sellers, on fancy galas and conventions, on luring in new distributors, etc.

Moreover, I’m Canadian. When I signed up with the Canadian branch of DoTerra, I was under the impression that the prices on the site were in Canadian dollars. Because I’m not too bright, it took several very large purchases before I realized they were actually in US dollars. With the plummeting Canadian dollar, this makes doTerra oils (which are expensive for Americans) obscenely expensive for Canadian buyers.

A 15ml bottle of frankincense, for example, which is $73.94 USD (wholesale), is $97 CAD. Holy crap! That’s a week’s worth of groceries for me!

I know that doTerra advocates will tell you that only doTerra products are “certified pure therapeutic grade” (which they are, since they’re the ones who made up that term), and that they’re the only ones you can trust to be totally safe. (Young Living distributors will say the same about their products). But I did some digging around, and found another company that seems to be their equals in quality, but for a much smaller price tag.

I’m not convinced that doTerra (or Young Living, for that matter) have cornered the market on high-quality essential oils. But they are by far the most expensive. I suspect it’s mostly for the reasons I’ve discussed above — tons of money poured into marketing and fanfare.

Another Source?

Edens Gardens Essential OIls

When I complained on Instagram about the prices of doTerra products, a friend recommended Edens Gardens. I finally decided to check them out.

The price difference was astonishing. I’m talking between 40-60% off on most products. So I decided to get serious. I did some research and I made some purchases.

Here are some features of Eden’s Garden that won me over.

  • Excellent quality. From what I can tell, the quality of oils offered by Edens Gardens is every bit as high as doTerra’s. (Read their information on quality here.)
  • Stupid simple: you see which oils you want on their website, you buy them. No commitments, no membership fees, no complicated rewards programs, no grandiose titles. No nonsense.
  • Lower prices: like I said above: for most of the oils I wanted, I could get them for about 40-60% what I’d pay at doTerra. The website explains that they’re able to sell them for such discounted prices precisely because they don’t have all the fanfare associated with MLM.  They sell directly to the consumer — no middlemen. No fancy office buildings, no special prizes for top sellers, etc. (Read more here.)
  • Different size options: Eden’s Garden oils can be purchased in four different sizes, including a 5ml option. This is perfect if you just want to try out a certain oil without making a huge commitment — I bought a bunch of 5ml bottles for that reason. Many (most?) of them are under $6. (DoTerra, by contrast, only has one size option, which is typically 15ml, so you better hope you like it! Especially if you’re buying an $80 bottle!)
  • Much greater selection: doTerra offers around 45 different single essential oils and 20 blends. Edens Garden, on the other hand, sells about 131 single oils and 39 blends. You’re sure to find what you want! (Sure, doTerra sells all kind of other products like lotions, cleaners, supplements, etc, but I wasn’t interested in those).

One warning about Edens Gardens for Canadians:

The one downside to Edens Gardens is this: shipping to Canada is insane. (In the US it’s fine — free for purchases over $50). It’s one of those bizarre situations where the more you spend, the more you have to pay for shipping. It doesn’t really motivate you to buy more!

Fortunately I live close enough to the US border that I can have it shipped (free) to a mailbox in Detroit, and then hop over and pick up my package when it’s ready. But for other Canadians . . . you might not be so lucky.

So there are just a few of my thoughts on a few different essential oil companies! I thought it would be nice to offer an honest, unbiased opinion where I can’t possibly profit.

Again, a reminder: Edens Gardens has no idea I’m writing this. Just wanted to spread the word! If you’ve been looking into essential oils, here’s an option you might want to consider!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I had the same experience with Young Living. I wanted to try some of their products after reading this post on Dig This Chick: http://www.digthischick.net/2015/02/essentially-on-our-sweet-smelling-medicine-cabinet.html#sthash.8FlFLOlP.dpbs and I have been enjoying the oils I purchased (after becoming a Distributor) but I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing. I recently bought oils from Native American Nutritionals, and am really liking them. I’ll check out Edens Garden next time. Thanks!

    • Linda Gutierrez says

      I use Edens Garden products and love them. Excellent prices and FREE shipping.
      Edens Garden is the best for me

      • Linda Koenig says

        How do you know if Edens Garden is top quality like doterra?

        • How do you know doterra is top quality? Have you run an independent analysis?

          • Is Eden Garden graded as Therapeutic oils? Are you able to consume some of these oils internally like doterra, or they just for topical and diffuser use? Just curious?

          • Terry Hamilton says

            doTERRA has trademarked the term Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (“CPTG”), and just by looking at the term, you would have thought that doTERRA’s products are of a higher grade, right? Many would also think that the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved the CPTG.

            Do not be fooled, the CPTG term is just a marketing tool for doTERRA, and the FDA certainly did not approve such certification.

          • If you click on an oil you can click on the Reports link and it will actually have a copy of GC/MS report. They are third party tested among the testers is Dr. Robert Pappas. You can google him.

          • dōTERRA do not do their own testing! It’s done by third party independent laboratories. Every bottle has a batch number which can be entered into sourcetoyou.com where a certificate of purity & validation is issued, showing the result of every test carried out on that batch. 100% pure, unlike 97% of the Essential Oil Suppliers in the market place who adulterate & dilute their oils for profit. It’s criminal that you can’t believe what’s on the label is in the bottle. It’s an unregulated industry. Legally, an oil only needs to contain 8% oil to be labelled as pure – SHOCKING!

          • Hi! I wholeheartedly agree with your post. My friend is into doterra, so I tried it to be supportive. But the cost is exorbitant. I don’t mind paying extra for something that brings me value, but I can’t justify the cost of doterra. I also live in Canada and I see better offers in the US. Even still, it doesn’t seem to be worth the money. I also am very concerned about clean products. I use clean makeup, shampoo, cleaning products, and eat organic and grass fed/ grass finished foods. I don’t believe that doTerra is the only company that makes high purity oils, however. I think a lot of people are drinking the KoolAid…

          • Stacey Morris says

            Garden of Eden can NOT be consumed. I actually wrote to Garden of Eden about this very thing because I loved their oils. I use oils on my animals including cats. There is a blanket statement out there that oils are not safe for cats, because that’s what we do now to save people and pets from themselves. We make blanket proclamations like all are equal. Well, I work with one vet that uses Doterra oils in her practice and have the books of several others. Most Doterra are safe for cats even using daily, Garden of Eden… I wouldn’t even try. I feel like Young Living is also safe but am not sure but Doterra is where I draw the line.

        • That does not answer the question about the purity of Edens Garden oils. Also, the FDA receives the majority of its funding from from pharmaceutical companies, so they have no interest in fairly regulating essential oils.
          This may be true or not, but DoTerra has cited that their oils are tested by a third party lab.

          • You can download the 3rd party testing reports from Eden’s Garden. I cant find them on DoTerra website. Many of EG oils if not most are tested by the same person that tests oils for DoTerra. So I would believe them to be of equal quality.

          • The third party testing for doTERRA can be found on http://www.sourcetoyou.com Every bottle of oil has a code on the bottom that you can enter into the site and pull up the tests to see the bottle. However, at the convention we had a one of the third party testers come and explain that while you might be able to fool a gas chromatograph test (or the chemistry test), you can not fool bio chemistry (or how the oils act on live cells). And apparently, when they did a comparison (consider, that doTERRA is not paying them to say this, nor are they funded by doTERRA), the result was, that all oils they tested looked the same on gas chromatograph test, but only doTERRA cells increased communication in actual human cells, while other oils decreased and even made it worse. They were able to deduce that the other oils the tested had artfully added fillers in.

          • To those going to the site referenced by Vanessa (https://www.sourcetoyou.com) – just noting this is actually a doTERRA site, despite the url implying it’s not. To me, this is pretty deceptive marketing when you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to even see it’s owned by doTERRA. As a result, it’s great that you can pull up a report on the batch of oils, but there’s nothing proving the “bio chemistry” is superior to any other oil company that can provide a GC/MS test, which just from a common sense standpoint doesn’t seem to hold water – if two oils are chemically nearly identical, how would they have a vastly different effect? If you have documented proof of the info you got at the convention, it’d be great to see, but so far it just seems like more marketing, just like their “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” term.

          • Doterra can be ingested and used with cats fragile livers, Mountain Rose and Garden of Eden CAN NOT. You get what you pay for.

    • You don’t have all your facts correct. You never have to enroll as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. You can enroll to just buy your own wholesale products. I quit reading because there was a lot of topics you are not totally correct on. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. Maybe you should talk to the person that enrolled you.

      • I agree with you, Kim. Not all the facts are right here, and just basing an opinion of the entire company off of how many flowers were at a very large deal for them is very tasteless. Nowhere is the mention of the way doTERRA gives back to the communities in the countries they extract their oils from, either. If the author’s wellness advocate had done their job then she would know about all that, plus the reason doTERRA is considered a higher grade oil.

        • I completely agree, and Frankincense does not work out to be $97 Canadian.

          • You’re right, Jenna. The exchange rate for the price of Frankincense from USD to CAD is about CAD $92 for the wholesale price and about CAD $123 for the retail price (on 18 July 18).

          • I think you are missing the point of the aithor’s post. MLM business models are complicated for most people who just want to purchase a product. Plus, there is a long history of MLMs being scams (NOT saying doTerra is a scam) and that makes people nervous. Honestly, I love EOs. I would love to be able to purchase them all the time, but doTerra is incredibly expensive. The author was simply explaining her experience of the company and what she found was better for her.
            Also, her CAD to US dollars was converted in 2015, so the price may have changed…but $92 or $97 CAD for 15ml of oil is crazy.

          • The Frankincense has a shelf life of 1-2 years warning bells! Pure oils should never go off. Frankincense found in the Egyptian tombs were still as pure as the day they were buried. So you are comparing apples with organges and this company doesn’t even compare. I don’t know much about doTerra but Young Living control the whole process from seed to seal and what you get is 100% pure oil.

          • Jan correct if the oil is kept properly. In the USA all items must have a shelf life. Due to the fact not everyone keeps their oil properly. Buried in a tomb would for sure meet the cool dark requirements. Yes Young living controls the process but grows everything in the US. Not all things grow the same in different locations. Changing the compounds as plants adapt to new environments. Soils are different. I believe Young Living also just lost their Certified Organic due to their growing practices. Companies that source from outside the USA can not have an organic certification. This is why doTerra crated their standard of Certified Therapeutic Grade and has a third party lab test their products. To provide the best product possible.

          • Seriously Girls, You can talk about exchange rates – who cares.
            As at Nov 2018 – Frankincense from DoTerra is hugely overpriced! 15mls retail in AUD – $119.97 or you can get it “Wholesale” AUD – $90.00. Say no more!!

        • Doterra is a company with integrity . I know it’s pure , I know there are many gifted and extremely educated dr.’s and scientists at Doterra. I’ve had the privilege to meet many including the CEO’s and tour the facilities. Doterra is not just about money , they are about helping the farmers , cutting out the middle man and helping build schools and hospitals and water wells in these poor countries that produce the oils. But I think that the consumer is the one who should make their own choice as to which brand they will choose. I think it is sad that this particular company has to be so manipulative in order to try and sell theirs. Thanks but I’ll stick with tried and true.

      • Good points, Kim. I pay $25 per year to have the wholesale pricing. Pays for itself quickly. I buy very few oils, but the ones I buy are a good value. One or two drops in a glass of water for internal, and creating my own ‘touch’ rollers.

        When the Bergamot (which I use to have Earl Grey tea the way it USED to be … slight citrus) bottle lasts for a year, that’s a good value.

        I’ve never been pressured to sell. I just buy for our family.
        Kathie York recently posted..[QW20] “It’s not marketing. It’s being helpful.”My Profile

    • Hi Guys, do check out https://essentials.banyantree.com/collections/essential-oils, all our oils are 100% pure, GC/MS tested, organic, unsprayed, wildcrafted & preservative -free. No MLM, just great reward system. Also expedited free shipping worldwide above 80 USD. Thanks

    • I have tried many oils from many companies, YL, doTerra, Edens Garden, etc, and habe come to find the quality of E.G. oils to be superb. Another company I frequently buy from and have grown to adore is Plant Therapy. They have very high quality oils, affordable prices, a wide selection, size options and literally the best customer service team I’ve dealt with to date. PT and EG are my two personal “go tos” for all my oily needs.

      • Doris E Wheat says

        I agree completely with you Stephanie. I’ve been using the Plant Therapy line of oils and I’m in love with them! They are super fast in shipping (and reasonable to) plus they are of amazing quality. I have a few DoTerra oils and they are wonderful but the prices are seriously outrageous for the amount that you’re getting. I tried selling them, but to be honest no one could afford them so I had very few repeat customers. If DoTerra is great for some, more power to them…but not everyone is independently wealthy enough to afford them!

    • I live in Canada and still order from France cheap high quality organic essential oils on Aroma-zone.com they deliver for free so that’ s still my best option for now…

      • Hello Vanessa,
        I live in France, and Aroma-Zone has very very low prices, and very bad quality… I bought once, but will not do it again. It is question of quality. Even for food, I would’nt buy the cheapest discounted price products… There are many very good other little companies in France that are better, and cheaper than DoTerra.

    • Thank you so much for writing this

  2. You put into words my on going struggle with YL. Love their oils, not a huge fan of the company, but I’ve been admittedly brainwashed into thinking they’re the only ones selling quality. I’ve heard really good things about Heritage oils as well and have been debating about switching to them or maybe I’ll look into EG.

    My hangup has been diffusers. My YL diffuser has been great. No issues after a few years of hard use. All the reviews on cheaper diffusers from non-MLM companies don’t seem to be as good. I’d be interested if you have an affordable diffuser that has worked well for you.

  3. Kristin Kozar says

    I use Edens Gardens and love them. I’m not willing to pay the ridiculous prices of Young Living or doTerra.

  4. Thanks for writing. I’ve been doing Doterra for awhile (my friend sells it.) I became “suspicious” of it after a blogger I’ve been following for a long time started selling it and then she got super into it and Doterra started sending her on trips all over the place. Then that’s all she ever talked about. It got annoying and sort of seemed a little cult like. I use Frankincense on my daughter who has epilepsy so I need good quality. I’ve tried Mountain Rose herbs and Native American oils and neither had good enough quality to help with seizures. I’m hoping to find an alternative. I’ll check out Edens.
    Lindsay Sledge recently posted..FallMy Profile

    • Just thought you wold like to know. Check out the following link about Frankincense. It has been researched at the Baylor Cancer Research and the type of Frankincense that doTERRA carries is the same. I know you want to to use the best out there for your beloved daughter so wanted to share this knowledge with you. I have been using doTERRA products for almost 3 years now and have seen amazing results with myself as well as my friends and family. I don’t know if you are familiar with Dr. Axe, but he is amazing and is often on the Dr. Oz show and he also works with professional athletes. Check out his website at http://www.draxe.com I think you will be impressed. And, just as an aside, he used to have his own line of essential oils. However, after visiting doTERRA’s facilities and some of their growers, he discontinued his own line of essential oils and no uses doTERRA and only recommends doTERRA. Here is the Baylor Research website on Boswelliian Frankincense, which is the kind doTERRA has. If you do your research you will find that some of the cheaper brands will have harmful and dangerous ingredients in them, including carcinogens that are cancer causing ingredients. You need to be sure to use the purest essential oils you can find because they are very concentrated. doTERRA has the research behind their products. I am very particular what I put into my body. Only purchase organic, gluten free and Non-GMO food products. Therefore, before using any essential oils I did many months of research. I love doTERRA. There products have magical results and I would never ingest any other brand of essential oils. But, to each his own. Everyone needs to do what’s best for them. But, when I saw your little girl has epilepsy and that you were using doTERRA’s Frankincense I felt inclined to share the following information with you. http://media.baylorhealth.com/ You might also want to check to see what Dr. Axe has to say about epilepsy and what kind of diet you may want to put your daughter on. See following link.
      http://draxe.com/ketogenic-diet/ Hope this helps. God Bless you and your daughter.

      • Hello Linda. I loved what you shared here. I’ve been using doTERRA essential oils and supplements for 2 years now without the intention of selling or recruiting. I just truly love the products. I saw so many changes happen in my health and my family’s health. I’ll be honest, I was really skeptical at first because of the pricing and have thought of jumping off and looking deeper into Mt. Rose and Eden’s Garden and such, however the changes in my family and myself was so amazing that I just told myself, “If it works, be grateful and know I’m paying for the quality”. For TWO years (22 months to be exact) I haven’t caught a cold when I usually have 2 big ones every year, I never reach for Motrin anymore for cramp pains because I use clary sage and I had it REALLY bad, my husband’s blood pressure dropped from a high level even though we eat whole foods with lots of veggies, my lower back chronic pain has gone from a constant 8 to a 1-3 depending on my activity (10 being most painful), my daughter being 13 has caught ONE cold in the 22 months, and she will come to me asking me what oil will help with whatever is bothering her because she plays sports and she knows it always eases her discomforts, I can go on and on! So after this time of using my oils, friends, family and acquaintances started calling me up asking me for oils and I’d freely give them oils because like I said, I had no intention of selling or they would call asking which oils they should use for whatever was ailing them. I gave away so much oil and was giving out much of my own opinions so often that I decided to turn it into a business. I just launched my oil business this month and had my first essential oil class. I was a bit disheartened to find this article but SO GLAD to have read your response. I LOVE Dr. Axe! I know he uses and often talks about essential oils and the great benefits it brings to your health, however I did not know he uses doTERRA now. How enlightening!!

        • What do you use for your husbands blood pressure?
          This is great info, thank you.

          • Amy does he have high or low blood pressure? Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk. I have been helping a few others with this topic.

        • Jennifer Maine says

          Can you tell me which oils you use for cold and flu season.

        • Hi Linda what oils did your hubby use for his high blood pressure. I do use doTerra but not managed to get the blood pressure down, thanks Diane

          • People are seriously brainwashed about the “power” of essential oils. You are using essential oils to get your husband’s blood pressure down?! I am not at all surprised it isn’t working. Please take him to a medical professional who can prescribe him something that is actually proven to work in lowering BP. Your husband is going to end up having a medical emergency while you are over here playing around with oils.

          • I feel compelled to weigh in on this as until recently I had zero prior knowledge (or interest tbh) in any EO companies, brands, uses beyond smelling good etc…That changed a couple months ago when the instructor of an online Reiki class I took during quarantine mentioned she uses EO while doing energy healing & recommended dōTerra. Since I liked her classes so much I signed up as a “Wellness Advocate” for FREE & bought their “Family Kit” for $160 (USD) which includes a nice diffuser + 12 (5ml size) oils. She also has a whole course on EO she offered for free so been doing that too & already had 2 palmers warts Ive had for yrs on 1 hand dissapear from using their Frankincense for 1 week! Im ALL about proof & that def did it for me! And just placed my 2nd order of which ½ the oils I wanted were FREE using points I’d earned from 1st order which was great! Also want to mention I LOVE their Deep Blue blend I call “magic oil” since it literally erases w/in 10min back & feet pain I suffer from being a Hairstylist 22yrs now, & DigestZen is amazing for upset stomach, cramps & that “super full” feeling. I agree they’re more expensive than others but when it comes to MY body + health I only want the very best that actually works/does what it claims so think this is 1 of those instances where you “get what you pay for”…And also agree that the # of flowers a comp. uses at an event should never be used as a determining factor for anything lol! ~Namaste

        • Jennifer.I just came across this article as I am.trying to decide whether or not to sell doterta .I have used the clary calm as well for several months and have seen huge improvements in my mood..I’m going through the beginning of my change at 49. It has also almost totally taken away my monthly headaches , heavy clots , and cysts. I also have some autoimmune condition that had not been diagnosed. One symptom of my autoimmune condition seems to be inflammation and I have osteoarthritis in my lower spine. How did you use oils to improve your back symptoms ? Also. my teens suffer from terribly heavy and painful periods..would clary calm be appropriate for them..or do you think they are too young at 13 and 16. Thanks for your advice ! :-)

          • I know that my 15 year old has taken Vitex as have I on occasion for heavy periods. It has done wonders for us in regulating out cycles. It is an herb in encapsulated form. It is at least something for you to look into if you desire.

          • Essential oils, regardless of who is selling them, DO help many medical issues! The thing to look for is Organic. If you decide to settle, then you may use Therapeutic grade. Many companies offer both, do extreme testing and are transparent. Mountain Rose Herbs is a straight sale company (not an MLM as in Young Living or DoTerra which charge more for you to sell it). I have heard great things about Eden also.

            I use them for pain, for skin issues, for tumor shrinkage, for mood help, etc. <3

          • The Clary Calm has Vitex in it and is fine for women of all ages.

          • Clarissa, ClaryCalm is especially great for those young ladies just starting out that new pre-teen age in life! Their hormones are going crazy at that point. The hormonal support that Clarycalm gives is unbelievable! email me if you have any other questions! angela.bell@nashvillesd.com

          • I’ve been using DoTerra products for 3 yrs and was just introduced to the Woman Health vitamins that include 1 Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex (60 caps) • 1 Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex (120 caps) • 10 ml Clary Calm Essential Oil and it’s quite amazing. I’m 42 and just starting to have the issues, but was told it would help my “personal summers” and has it ever; no more night sweats…crossing my fingers!

          • Joyce Winand says

            Hello. I saw your article about osteoarthritis. Please be aware anything used for this. Meaning, this is also called Pagets disease and spasms are a symptom of arthritis. Anything used for spasms will calm the central nervous system. Look into it. Thank you for your post.

          • Neither Mountain Rose or Garden of Eden recommends taking their oils INTERNALLY. That tells you the quality is not the level of Doterra or Young Living. Yes they cost more but as they say, you get what you pay for.

        • I have been using Doterra solely for almost 9 months: my benefits have been quite good. First, let me say, I haven’t found any pushy, high pressure to do anything. I asked to become more involved because I wanted to fill my retirement hours with the talking, researching and human contact after a quite traumatic year. I have completely stopped taking OTC analgesics and prescription Aleve and muscle relaxers. Combined with yoga, restorative yoga and reiki study I can say I have found that the oils relax me, help clear the baggage and relax me enough to release pain. I was in the hospital a year ago with pancreatitis and in August with pneumonia. Breathe, On Guard, Deep Blue and many others have helped in many ways. I also love the other products such as body wash and shampoo/conditioner. Doterra’s quality is tops guys and I have purchased and studied a lot. Read the bottles, check the sourcing and do beware of China. Thank you.

          • Thank you! I totally agree they are the best, I wouldn’t trust any other company!! Never any pressure 6+ years, and going strong💚!

        • Hi there,
          What do you use for the back pain? My husband suffers from very bad back pain…would like to know if maybe I can get something to help him.
          Thank you!

          • Back pain? My husband and I have found doTERRA’s DEEP BLUE to be our “Go To” product. My husband was so surprised how quickly it took away his severe knee pain. Then I tried it being very skeptical and yes… it did work. I use it for back pain and hip pain. Especially at night, when I can’t go to sleep, I rub on the Deep Blue and ahhhh,,, I can go to sleep. It isn’t cheap, but it works. I’m willing to pay for products that do work. Honestly, I think Deep Blue is one of doTERRA’s best products.

            The one great thing about Deep Blue people might know about is the fact the essential oils actually help with inflammation which will help not only with pain symptoms, but with healing time. That is something we both noticed with the Deep Blue unlike over the counter muscle rub creams. FYI: my hubby and I are in our 50’s, and do struggle with the costs of doTERRA, but we use many other brands in our natural approach to well-being.

            Allison Reece
            You can find me on Facebook: Living a Natural Health Lifestyle.

        • I’m not sure if I will get a response because this reply is so old but, would you mind sharing where I can find what oils to use for ailments? I am seriously considering joining Doterra but I am also hesitant because of the price. I literally have items in my cart right now and am debating on whether or not I should subscribe. I would be one of those that purchase for self use and not sell though, I only buy oils maybe two to three times a year. This is why I am thinking joining isn’t really for me.

          • Hey!

            I’m actually teaching an online essential oils class this week if you’d like to jump in that? It’s free and if you live in Australia I am also sending out a sample pack to those doing the online class.

            Carla Fahey (FB: High-Vibe, Low-Tox Living with Carla Fahey)

          • Chelsea says

            Hey Lisa,
            I can assist you if you have any more questions. I am currently with doTerra also. It is really worth it especially if you have ailments. I use deep blue for stiffness and joint pain in my ankles and one of my wrist.

          • Rosemary Koch says

            I have been using doTERRA for over 3 years and I have nothing but good things to say about the company. You don’t have to sell anything to anyone. If you want wholesale pricing, just purchase a membership of $35.00 for the first year and everything you buy is at the wholesale price. At the anniversary of your membership, if you decide to renew your membership, it’s only $25.00 and they send you a 15ml bottle of peppermint, a $21.00 value as a thank you gift. You don’t have to join the reward program, which is pretty awesome, but not necessary. You can join later if you choose, or if you sign up for it, you can withdraw from the rewards program. doTERRA is really a wonderful company and they have a program called Healing Hands. They build schools, roads, wells, and help the farmers build their business.

        • No response? Suspicious

      • I wonder why Dr. axe sells Numa oils on his website then? Looks like they are the only ones he sells…

      • Thanks for the great information! Where did you find that Dr. Axe uses doTERRA? I don’t see that anywhere. I do know that he sells his own oils though.

        • Lidia Gonzalez says

          Matthew, Linda Beatty(?) from a March post said he would sell DoTerra. On a side note. My cousin is a Rep and sells DoTerra, And, she new Dr Axe. He was a Diamond for DoTerra. He left and started his own line because of the FDA getting on DoTerra and Young Living for “How to use verbiage”. What to and not to say. He did not like the fact that he was Not allowed to say “it can heal”, etc. Oils are great! But, with all the research I’ve done, I stick to the companies like DoTerra and Young Living who have the research backing. Or, the Chemical testing. Yes, I have tried other brands. None have compared to these two. Well, except for Dr Axe. He does follow the guidelines for resourcing the oils same as DoTerra and Young Living. And, Yes, I am aware that DoTerra came from Young Living…etc.

      • Frankincense oil contains no boswellic acids, which is what kills cancer cells. Anyone claiming the oil kills cancer is dishonest or ignorant.

        • Isabelle Champeroux says

          Where can we find boswellic acids please?

        • Debra Danielson says

          That is true, you need Frankincense extract, but it is interesting how my doTerra upline has told me that she ingests one drop per day of the Frankincense oil for the reason of killing cancer cells so that is why I did research. There is more research out there about the bad effects of ingesting oils daily and I started having thought issues after putting grapefruit in my water bottle and drinking while I was at yoga. I agree the doTerra oils are over priced and I have been an Wellness Advocate since July and haven’t signed up anyone yet. Only got a few neighbors to purchase some after offering them at wholesale prices. At this point I am ready to jump ship.

      • Camille McNeill says
    • CIm so sorry about your daughter. doTERRA is not a cult, I can assure you. I have been using their oils for about 3 years now and my family has not been to a dr. For anything but a wellness visit. Their Frankincense is superior, they source their oils from the regions of the world where the concentration of qualities are at their highest. There is a reason that Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa Fl uses it and peppermint in the children’s hospital. It works. Some may feel the prices are too high, but I have the utmost confidence in the company due to their integrity, sourcing and how they give back to the communities they source from. Plus, the bottles last a long time….if they dont, you are using too much.

      • Love doTERRA oils, and agree that the Frankincense is the highest quality I have seen. I always get mine free in December when the company gives away a bottle with a 200 point order. I agree with Karen that the oils last a long time, and have a long shelf life as well!

      • I. Don’t. Get. It.
        I have been using Doterra oils for over a year now and have seen NONE of the supposed benefits. I have tried multiple different blends on my children to try and calm them or help us sleep – nothing. I have tried the cold and flu blends – nothing. What am I doing wrong? I am about to call it quits because I have dumped so much money into this and have had no results. I end up just putting them into the diffuser because I like some of the smells. I too am getting fed up with the pressure to BUY BUY BUY every month even when I don’t need anything. I think I am going to try some of these other companies…

        • Nicole Kezama says

          Hey Amanda. I am sorry that you haven’t had any benefits from using the oils. I have been using doTERRA for 3 years now and they work for us every time. I don’t know who you are or where you are from but I would like to help you use your oils properly. If you are interested email me and we can set up a time to chat. This is not a sales call (you are already using the oils) I just want to help and that is what I do

          • THANK YOU!!! That is my biggest issue too!! Many WA’s are taken in by the money but have no idea how potent oils are. There are MANY oils that should NOT be used if you have epilepsy. There are oils not suitable for children. But they don:’t know that! I am certified in aromatherapy and have been using doTERRA for 9 years. My oldest is 8 years old and my youngest is 3. They have never been on antibiotics. Make sure the WA you are dealing with understands and knows oils.

          • Can you help me with my oils as well. I have quit a few. I initially bought the physicians kit. Later i bought some oils to help my son who has kidney disease. I need help in knowing how to use them. I too have epilepsy. How can i use them for myself as well as for mood. What other oils would help and how.

          • I too h ave had no positive results from my doterra oils and my upline hasn’t come up with any solutions yet

          • Hi Nicole, i am in the same boat as Amanda. I am a doTerra “member” NOT a “WA”…i have purchased quite a few eo’s and blends but have not seen any results (except for grapefruit oil that took a blemish away immediately) so i JUST diffuse. Is it pissible that some people have an immunity to eo’s?

          • Stan Johnson says

            I agree with some folks that mlm companies are just into the marketing and sales. Personally I feel the mlm days of earning excessive amounts of income are hopefully DWILLING. People need jobs period and ALL mlm’s should be put into a store and hire people to educate the American public in that manner. Seems like ALL mlm’s only care about is pushing sales and marketing. Look what happened to VEMMA in August 2015 the FTC shut those creepy people down and they had complaints in 6 states. Just dumped YoungLiving because the employee who took my order was incompetent and shipped my one bottle of oil to wrong address. And the excessive pricing. Terrible. Perhaps some finally legislator will intoduce a bill to end ALL mlm companies forever. Way too many people getting lied too and decieved. And the scum pwners get filthy rich off the backs of broke poor people or complete idiots who have no education

        • Your comment piqued my curiosity. I assume there are particular issues you are trying to remedy.

          One of the issues that I have with the MLM essential oil company I am with is that every distributor seems to think they are an expert and yet, most of them have never really studies oils or aromatherapy. MNost of the time they’re suggesting the oils that someone else suggested to them.

          Here’s the thing: a particular oil may be best for 80% of the people for an issue, but for 15% of the people a different oil works best on them. And, the remaining folks get success with other oils.

          Hope I’m making sense. And, I hope you’ve seen some progress remedying whatever issues you were hoping to address!

        • Hi Amanda
          I have found that the straight up oils are better than the blends. For example I tried usin breathe (called easy air in canada) and didn’t get nearly the results as I did by just putting a couple drops of eucalyptus oil under my sons feet. He hasn’t had antibiotics for colds in a long time, he fights of colds on his own when prior to the oils he would get a chest infection now at the first sign of a cold I put the eucalyptus on his feet a few times a day with so socks and the results have been amazing. Even my husband asks immediately for the eucalyptus when he first starts feelig a cold coming on. Also simply lavender works great for relaxing for sleep. I much prefer 1 oil to te blends maybe this would help your family as well?
          Amy recently posted..Guacamole|Nothing But Fresh IngredientsMy Profile

        • Shiana McDonald says

          Try spikenard for sleeping

        • Why do people feel pressure to buy – Are you not your own maker?
          No one can make you buy anything, even if it is a quality doterra product. No one MAKES you buy via the rewards programme or keep up the point value to receive the free product.
          If you don’t need an oil, then don’t buy it.
          I studied many many brands of essential oils before I found doterra and actually could not find a more ethical company and more pure oil.
          After researching comments and studies by Dr Pappas – Essential Oil University – the guru and the amazing things doterra does for so many poor countries it was a no brainer for me.
          I just don’t get why anyone would feel pressure to buy something?
          If you love it, then buy and replace it. If you don’t, no one is twisting your arm lol.
          doTERRA oils are pretty amazing and what works for one person may not work for another, it’s trial and error. And instead of buying every oil, ask for a few samples to try first before you buy the 15ml bottles. You get what you pay for that’s for sure. They don’t have fields of lemons and limes and lavender, they actually travel to the land of origin to source the herb/plant/fruit etc so the soil is as mother nature intended and so on.
          and No I do not on sell doterra and you do not have to onsell to get all the bonuses and points – so part of this original blog was a lot of BS

          • Dōterra is nice product! One thing that upsets me is that you have to order every month! I just do not understand. I should not have to buy every month, but with getting product wholesale cost, and not retail cost. I don’t sell to others to make profit. One job is enough!

          • Diane not sure who got you started with doTERRA but you do NOT have to order every month. Their monthly loyalty rewards program is optional and you can cancel free of charge any time.

          • Sarah–but if you want to actually make money with Doterra, you have to place a 100 PV order every month. Which can equate to $125-150. Who has that kind of money to burn monthly, in the off chance that someone will buy from you or join your team? I’ve been a member for about a year and have spent LOTS of money on oils and haven’t seen any profit. That said, I do like the oils but often wonder if the “Certified Therapeutic Grade” label is BS. Even the wholesale prices are expensive! If I was a consumer I wouldn’t want to pay retail…

          • Correct, you do not have to sell to get the wholesale price! I do not sell, I buy for myself and family with the wholesale price. It’s not complicated :)

          • Sarah – the Certified Pure Theraputic Grade is anything except BS. I spent YEARS trying brand after brand of EOs unsatisfied ~ until dōTERRA. Let me explain. I owned a full service spa, complete with an oxygen bar, which infuses water with essential oils to produce the oxygen that the customer enjoys. What I found was the oil would separate from the fillers in the so-called ‘pure’ EO, mucking up the water quickly. So I’d buy ‘better’ oils at the highest quality specialty health stores, just to have the same results. This went on until I exhausted multiple brands. Then I discovered doTERRA. The water remained crystal clear throughout the day and between water changes. It was evident to my staff and customers that dōTERRA oils were the first and ONLY oils we had tried that were truly pure and free of fillers. The real kicker ~ I spent LESS on the dōTERRA oils than what I spent on each of the previous waves of substandard oils that were advertised as pure, but we’re actually diluting the oil with fillers. Those fillers can lead to allergic reactions. So someone thinks they’re allergic to an oil, only to find out, once they are introduced to dōTERRA, that they were allergic to the fillers! AND finally… dōTERRA is Food Grade, I would never ingest an EO if it was not. Through the course of business ownership, I had no interest in building an oil business as well, and I never ever felt pressure to sell. I’ve just been one happy dōTERRA oil user, with happy clients (Melaleuca in facials too) and happy family members (lemon, peppermint & lavender to soothe seasonal discomforts.)

          • Oh I beg to differ with your comment my upline has bullied me so much I’m thinking of trying Eden’s garden as well. She even said to me, if you don’t buy a certain amount I won’t get my power of three. More and more I see that it is all about selling and not sharing and helping people, which is what im all about. All anyone talks about if you go to a meeting is tank advancement. If the buying stops happening, which it will in an MLM, they come up.with a new strategy. First it was all about making and sharing rollers, then it was about sharing the diffuser. Now they are offering classes on selling.
            Essential oils have been used in Europe for generations. The difference is that they “use” the essential.oils, we in America, “sell” them. The whole mlm process has left a really bad taste in my mouth.

        • There truly is a huge difference in the oils for sale to the public. It takes some digging and research to discover. As an R.N. I was not willing to use anything other than the highest of quality on my family. No one introduced me to oils. I became curious on my own and did not know any company and did my own extensive research. My convincing discovery is there truly is only 1 company who has done the research, has the relationships with the pioneers in the research of oils, did not begin for profit and still does not exist for profit. They understand that only the plants and trees drown outside the environ of toxins and chemicals, harvested at the right moment, distilled at just the right temp and for the right length of time will have therapeutic compounds for producing health and balance in the body. Most people do not understand that there are multiple lavenders, cloves, peppermint and on and on but they do not all have the same therapeutic value and companies use less than quality plants to produce their oils. They use 3rd party labs, distilleries and buyers. they do not own their fields and they add dilutions to the oils to make them more affordable but less effective. I only use Young Living and it involved lifestyle change and which reduced need to purchase over the counters items which we do not need because our experiencing good health

          • I also only use Young Living essential oils and have seen dramatic health benefits. I will admit at first I was very skeptical but after research I have found YL’s approach is to use the highest quality and purity standards available and will never compromise. YL has been around for many many years and has done extensive research over the years to produce products including essential oils that are pure and unadulterated and are free from any harmful chemicals.

          • Yes, but if you read the court documents on the YL and doTERRA, or do any internet search on YL independent party testing, you will see that they are adulterated, and that YL claims of producing everything themselves simply, does not match up to the amount of fields they have. You can calculate the yield, and the truth is simply that they only produce about 1% of their oils. This is not some cult hype. This is just fact and can be read in the court transcripts. Plus growing lavender in UT is not the ideal climate for lavender, and the product is nothing like lavender grown in France or Bulgaria. But anyway, what I do agree with in the comments, what people have said is that YL is very excellent at convincing its users they are the one true oil.

        • My suggestion would be to start with the Doterra vitamins and put the oils aside for awhile; sometimes the health issues are so innumerable, you just need need to get the body back to ground zero before the oils will have great effect.

      • It’s a cult and by buying their products you are supporting this cult.

        Snake oil

    • If you are still looking for a great frankincense ~ this company is in Colorado & has awesome oils.
      No MLM & way way less expensive than do-Terra & Young Living.
      Free shipping in USA but not Australia which is where I am from.
      However the oils ARE STILL CHEAPER shipped to OZ & better quality in my humble experience of using Aromatherapy oils for over 2 decades. (& that includes Be Young Oils, (brother of Young Living) Young Living, Brain Garden, Forever Green & do-Terra.
      I too use to love do Terra Oils & still do but they have become ridiculously expensive in Australia & the top people here are doing some very unethical things like stealing down lines & placing your people under themselves etc.
      I even know of one woman who had a car crash & had head injuries & has been sick for 2 years & they took her downline & her $2000 worth of free product she was owed at the time of her accident.
      So I am done with them!
      These oils from ANANDA are top quality & you have a number of choices ~ like organic etc.

      Here is the link for the Frankincense search.

      enJOY ~ Peace & blessings el Ma Ra

      • I love DoTerra, but I believe that is because I have an AWESOME upline that is super helpful and always willing to give of herself no matter what time of the day or night. I have heard of some awful experiences with uplines and am thankful my team is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    • I have read all the comments written in this blog and it’s great seeing people wanting to use things that are better for their bodies. I think we all on this blog want what’s best for our families and without side affects that modern medicine offers.

      I have been using doTERRA for 3.5 years and I just wanted to say that they are an amazing company and one that puts purity and people first. The purity of their oils are top-notch and reward their suppliers with an income so that they can provide for their families that in many cases wouldn’t have an income. doTERRA also is concerned that people using the oils are using them properly (less more often is better than more less often when you have a pure oil) and so it is each Wellness Advocates responsibility that is sharing with others to learn from the experts in the field of essential oil and share this information with those they share their oils with. doTERRA could spend their marketing money on conventional modes of advertising but instead they chose to reward those that take the time to educate others on the use of the oils as well as educate them on their website. I am thankful for this since I would never have bought an essential oil if it wasn’t for my friend sharing with me after I asked her a question about an oil she was putting in her water.

      As some may imply, doTERRA does NOT require minimal orders and in order to keep your membership with them, they only require you order ONE OIL per year. However, for those of us that use our oils and need to replace them, there are perks to ordering just one item a month (with all shipping reimbursed that can be used towards FREE product orders) as well as perks for ordering more than one item a month. I have personally enrolled 65-90 people in the past 3.5 years and though I tell them what perks are available, I have NEVER called anyone asking them to place an order or pressure them in any way. I also teach others to treat others the same way. Building friendships and being a support system for one another is much more important than a “sale” of oils. There are bad people in every industry but all the folks I have met in doTERRA have helped other teams where they had no financial benefits to gain which is not usually the “norm” in other businesses that have a network marketing strategy.

      One more thing I would like to share just as a testimony is related to my Dad whose brain is broken. He was in diapers for 3 months when I started him on doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack and in ONE AND A HALF DAYS DOSAGE, his brain started telling him he had to go to the bathroom and he has not needed a diaper since. He is 89 years old and though the disease he has is still progressing in many other ways, after 3.5 years he is still on these supplements and DIAPER FREE!!! What other company’s supplements will do this? I’ve never heard of anything like this and I am thankful that we have had this result with a strategically, scientifically measured amounts of minerals, vitamins and essential oils.

      I wish all of you much success in whatever products you chose to use. Thank you!

      • Amy Saunders says

        Hi Diane – I am just wondering if the lifelong vitality pack would help with my dad’s Alzheimer’s disease?! He has been progressively getting worse and he’s having difficulty walking when the doctors say there is nothing wrong with his legs.

        Thank you in advance!

        • Hi Amt the LLV would be a great start, because nutritious is the foundation of health. However, using rosemary and lemon could be very supportive oils as well<3 feel free to reach out with other questions. I have been using doterra for 1 year, but have researched essential oils for over 10. They are hands down the best quality and company I have found.

    • I wanted to share this presentation by Dr. Pappas with you. I did not understand the difference in testing until I saw this presentation in person at doTERRA convention. I too, was using other brands until learning there needed to be even deeper testing of the oils , because the four natural ingredients that are being added to oils that are being sold as pure, cannot be detected with normal testing. I invite you to go to Dr. Papps’s website and fb page to learn more. It is really up to us to do our research, and one of the most important aspect of the oils is to be a medical grade to be assured of consistent results, which especially is important with serious conditions like seizures. I personally have written Dr. Pappas and ask about the pureness of the off brand I was using. He will answer your questions
      . https://www.youtube.com/embed/eb1fia7kBaA
      Thank you

      • Dr. Pappas 10 year contract has just recently ended with doTERRA. He has his own Facebook page and one for his company ‘Essential oil university.’ In one of his posts regarding Nature’s Truth Frankincense fraud on April 17, 2017 he wrote ‘And no I no longer do analysis for that mlm, they do it all in house now.’

        • That is true because he now researches all companies and he still includes doTERRA in tests. He still speaks highly of doTERRA and brings out the issues other companies have with their oils. He is after exposing oils that aren’t pure.
          Feel freelike my daughter’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/roseyhealtheo me if you want more info in do TERRA I have been using oils all my life and only recently realised that some are impure. What convinced me was taking my mum with me who hated oils and fragrances because they affect her so bad but after an entire evening of smelling these she wasn’t affected at all. Highly recommend them. And…. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL THIS IS A MYTH

          • No one is saying you are LITERALLY forced to sell (as if by gunpoint) The reason so many people are using the figure of speech “I felt forced to sell doTerra” is that, in order to afford the cost of the oils, offered in just one large size, many people feel pressured into maintaining a monthly sales amount in order to afford the lower, wholesale price which is only offered under this circumstance.

    • Holly Charlton says

      Did EG help with your daughters seizures? My daughter is epileptic and has sleeping issues would love some insight on what is good to buy!

      • Try Acupuncture, essential oils have a place, but its not deep acting treatment, you can get herbal medicine and dry needling which may be more efffective. Its a tricky condition, and the longer its gone on, the longer it can take to treat. The treatment would help but may not cure. Just know that before hand, and investigate yourself.
        I am on here as I am an Aromatherapist, and I love doTERRA products, I have lots of them, but after 4 months going over to Essential Therapeutics (Aussie company) as a Health Practitioner I will get the finacial benefits for myself AND can sell them at an affordable price as this says with out fanfare.

        • I’m an acupuncturist and just getting into doterra, I am extremely aware of the lack of medical training with distributing! I am looking for classes on the chinese herbal use of oils. Love it though.

      • Cbd oil for seizures

      • My son has epilepsy and looking into Doterra, however finding a rep has proved difficult.If there is anyone active please email me. I even emailed the company and got no response. I just want some basic info on how they work, what works best for different ailments,etc.

        • Hi Ashley, I hope someone has either reached out to you or you have found someone to consult with regarding this question. If there is no one yet to assist you, I am from the Philippines but I ma willing to talk to you about doTERRA.

    • Sorry you are having a bad experience. Doterras Frankincense is the best….I have had others tell me they use for particular problems…but didn’t get as good as results when it wasn’t Doterras. Yes I am a Doterra user and I am doing the business because of all my successes using. But you can have a wholesale account with them without having to sell, or worry about any of the other multilevel perks. Less than 10% of Doterra wholesale account people decide to do the business. And no one should be pushing you to do anything. If you have that…it’s wrong. My friend and I will hold classes for anyone who wants to simply learn more about how to use their oils. Other people chose to have classes in their homes just so they can let their friends and family learn about the oils….but no one should be pushing you to do it…..it is something that you ask for not anyone pushing you. I would say to find a better rep for yourself that will help you rather than push you….if they won’t stop after you say something. Really sorry and angry to hear of this method of pushiness you are experiencing. Doterra is a good company they didn’t make the Forbes List for nothing.

    • Wow that’s amazing I LOVE Doterra!

    • Candice Lewis says

      Hi, I use the Frank by DoTerra and love it, but I have heard great things about a French company called Florihana. Yes, the price of shipping is horrible (I live in New Zealand) but when I can afford to buy some of their oils (recovering from my last DoTerra purchase) I will do so as the prices are so much better and the quality looks amazing. I love DoTerra oils but the cost of them (even as an account holder) is pretty high!

    • Another former rep recommended Rocky Mountain Oils and said the quality may have actually been even higher because the sources are traceable and tested, not just “guaranteed”. It sounded like the owner really knew what he was talking about!

    • I also love Mountain Rose Herbs! I am a wellness advocate for doterra and STILL can’t afford some of the oils. So, I use Rose Mountain Herbs. They are also “100% pure, certified organic, and high-quality essential oils from farm to bottle.” So I buy the expensive oils from them and it works out great. I don’t get any perks except the lower price as a wellness advocate from doterra so I don’t owe them anything and buy what I can afford.

  5. Here here! MLM companies always give me the willies. I recently got some oils from Plant Therapy and like them. They sound similar to how you describe Edens Gardens.

    • Edens Garden & Plant Therapy are both great products and they DO pass quality tests. There is a group on Facebook that tests oils from different companies and EG & PT have all passed the same tests done on DoTerra & Young Living. their quality is just as good as the MLM companies. I have oils from DT, EG, and PT and have had no problems with any of them. THere really aren’t any other brands I would buy because unfortunately as EOs have become so popular, there are a lot of people putting them out now and too many brands to choose from making claims on quality. Frankly, I don’t agree with the MLM companies pushing ingestion of oils, which is unsafe and should not be done without advice from a certified aromatherapist or medical personnel (and I’m not going to debate that with people. If you choose to ingest, that’s up to you. I choose not to and have no interest in arguing about it because a company told you it was fine and can’t hurt you because it’s all natural. Poison ivy is also all natural but I don’t knowingly touch it.)

      • What is the Facebook group?! I’m interested in seeing their comparisons!

      • This… is not true at all. I used to get Eden’s Garden oils for the reasons that the author of this blog listed above, until I joined the same facebook group that you (Mm) just mentioned and they posted the results from a Cypriol test and found that it was adulterated. Furthermore, this was announced on the page: “The general consensus is to stay away. Among the thing already mentioned, they have poor customer service, the owner was unaware of the issues at hand and when brought to her attention was a bit indifferent, just to name a couple of other reasons.” Unfortunately, Eden’s Garden is not holding themselves up to the standards that Kathleen is quoting from straight off of their website. I decided to stop buying from them.

      • Ingesting DoTerra oils is completely safe since they have taken the time to get the nutrition information printed on their bottles. They had to jump though a lot of hoops and red tape to be able to get this.

        • Be careful. SOME doTerra oils are considered safe to ingest, and some are definitely NOT. My rep showed us how to look at the label to determine if it was considered safe for ingestion. But they are very potent and great care should be used to consider the benefits above the risks, should you turn out to be the rare person who has a bad reaction to ingestion of a particular EO.

  6. Hailey Carpenter says

    I use & love Mountain Roses Herbs. They sell oils, herbs, spices, teas, and a bunch of other things at reasonable prices that are high quality and mostly certified organic.

  7. I’m so glad you posted this! My family sells with doterra and I was signed up for awhile but it was all so confusing that I quit. I am glad to have another option.
    Kelly recently posted..Cora turns tenMy Profile

    • I’m using doTerra too but the prices, oh my – insane! I looked here and couldn’t believe the price difference. Plus doTerra’s web site is so confusing and if you forget to take something off monthly renewal they send it and bill it. Just let me buy when I want/need it.

      I’m so glad I came across this!

      • As most of us know essential oils are not all equal. The difference between the purity of the more expensive oils and the cheaper ones is the purity. As an example of pure Sandalwood essential oil – It takes 40-80 years before roots are ready to be harvested from a Sandalwood tree. That is why pure Sandalwood essential oil is so costly. And the same goes for many other essential oils. As another example Would you believe that it takes just shy of a metric ton (2,000 lbs) of jasmine petals to produce a single pound of jasmine absolute? That is the weight of a typical car! Oh and also, the flowers must be picked at the exact right time of the season, early in the morning when their fragrance is the strongest. Why would anyone pay this much for jasmine absolute. Simple-because it smells amazing and has amazing properties. It has been used in perfumes for centuries and even worn by famous figures such as Louis XVI and Cleopatra. It take many lbs of petals to get a small amount of pure oil. And, of course, they are more expensive. Many companies label their products as pure therapeutic and they are not. The may contain synthetic ingredients and have no therapeutic value at all. I saw a video with Dr. Pappas who is world renoun for his expertise in essential oils. He is the found of the Essential Oil University where they test essential oils from all over the world. He knows where the best growers are. He was hired by doTERRA as a third party to periodically test their oils. Dr. Pappas speaks highly of doTERRA and has been a mentor for doTERRA. doTERRA gives Dr. Pappas credit for doTERRA being the great company it is today. They said they would not be the company they are without the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Pappas. On the video I saw with Dr. Pappas, he said you can be sure you are getting an adulterated essential oil if it is cheap. Adulterated means it is diluted with who knows what and is not a pure essential oil and some have been found to even have carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients) in them. . Therefore, I implore you to please do your research and be sure that you are using only pure oils. Otherwise, they can be dangerous.

      • Well, everyone has already voiced most of my thoughts: 1) doTERRA is an amazing company, MLM or not, they are not $$ focused, but “quality” and “helping people” focused, 2) You do NOT have to do a monthly order (which make it better than 99% of all other MLM’s), 3) (for Leanne) when you cancel your LRP, they do not continue charging you. If you got charged for an order you didn’t receive, (because it was cancelled after it was sent), they will refund as long as you send the order back. They will always refund, sometimes for things you did recieve, and sometimes they let you keep it, 4) I have been a professional in the preventive health field for over 35 years, and QUALITY essential oils have always been in the same price range that doTERRA oils are priced – and I actually believe their oils are very reasonable considering they have to pay a 3rd party lab to test every batch, 5) When you order eo brands that are not tested by a 3rd party lab, you do not know what you are getting. They can say all they want, and you can say all you want, but if they are not tested, there is no way of knowing (which is why I discontinued using ANY essential oils – for me and for my clients – about 15 years ago, and started using doTERRA about 6 years ago after I learned that Dr. Pappas’ lab was testing the oils), 6) I have had AMAZING success with doTERRA oils, and so have millions of others, which is why doTERRA became the #1 essential oil company in the world in less than 5 years of being in existence

      • Doterra isn’t really that pricey. Normally costing as low as 8 cents per drop. And for the pure oils that they are 1-2drops are all that is needed. Other oils are cheaper…but many are cut with other things to make it affordable and you won’t receive the same results. You do not have to be on a LRP(auto shipments)….ask the live chat people to take you off….you can just go on and order when you want. To keep a wholesale account you only need to place one order of a single oil per year…to keep the wholesale pricing of 25% off retail.

  8. PepperReed says

    “Is Jesus going to be there?” <<< Soon to be my newest catch phrase and a good reminder that Less is More. The idea that you need to buy more to receive a discount is ludicrous. Buy LESS is the best discount out there, in more ways than money. :)

    • In ANY industry — buying in quantity always lends the greater discount. That’s why it’s called LOYALTY REWARDS….i.e. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty to the company/product/service. doTERRA’s LRP is optional for those customers who know they will be purchasing oils more frequently and would like a steeper discount/more perks than the wholesale prices they already receive. The quality of doTERRA is bar-none.

  9. I totally switched from YL to Edens Garden, and I am loving them. You can also purchase them on Amazon, so maybe that would be better for shipping, especially if you have Prime.

    • I didn’t realize that, thanks!

      • I would be careful when buying off of amazing. You can also buy doterra off of amazon but it’s actually dangerous to do so. Because it is very easy to buy a new cap that is sealed & place it on top. Your oils could be tampered with or watered down. As said by a few people above. Make sure to do your full research before buying products!

        • Anyone else you would buy from could do the same thing! You have know way of knowing unless you know the person well. And that goes for anything else you buy anywhere. What a dumb argument.

          • Lisa, actually, no matter who you buy doTERRA oil from… it is shipped directly from the company’s warehouse directly to the customer. Whether we’re choosing to talk about cosmetics, shampoo, tanning lotion or EOs, it is absolutely imperative that you know the specific online seller’s integrity (regardless of if it’s on Amazon or eBay). Countless product manufacturers have purchased product (advertised as their own product by an online seller), sent it to a lab to be evaluated against the proprietary ingredients, just to confirm that the contents were not authentic. If it’s too cheap to be true; that’s because its faux.

  10. What a gentle article you’ve written.
    I really, really like the juxtaposition you’ve shown between you having 6 flowers at your WEDDING, the event signifying you and your husband making loving live-long vows to one another, to the 10,000+ flower event at which people attempt to sell more stuff to people to make more money. I say folks can spend their own money on what they will, but they risk looking and even being ridiculous for it.
    Haahaa, “Is Jesus going to be there?!”
    Thanks for the information on Eden Gardens. I prefer paying money to the folks doing the thinking-up and producing of a product rather than the many in-betweens selling the product, when possible.
    I agree with you on princesses, I’ll have to check out the two non-awful ones you mentioned in case it comes up with our little girl.
    I will thank God for the help and comfort you have been given, and that He will keep helping you all as He will. Felix is getting so big! I’m glad that chiropractor was able to be easily reassuring about his development.

  11. Another bonus, Eden’s Garden gives away 10% of their proceeds to faith based organizations (http://www.edensgarden.com/pages/giving-back) #soawesome
    Hannah Corson recently posted..Life on the HomesteadMy Profile

    • That makes me want to not buy from them. I don’t like the idea of “faith based” organizations. I’d rather them donate back to the communities they get the product from.

      • May I share my observations with you? I’m a middle-of-the road kinda gal. My political view runs right down the middle, but I am passionate about issues on both sides of the aisle.

        When it comes to spirituality and religion, I’ve studied them all, gone through times when I did meditation exercises, drum circles, Sufi breathing… the whole nine yards.

        I have friends into everything. When it comes to giving back to the community; local, national, and global, this is what I have observed. Those in the atheist/Buddhist/Enlightenment camp do a great job of talking about all of the changes that need to be made and organization groups who protest and petition other people to make the changes they desire to see.

        The Christians that I know? They are making the changes. They are delivering meals, sitting with the dying, providing free daycare, building homes for the poor, providing shelter for the homeless…. I even know a woman, one woman, who saw kids running through the streets of Jamaica when she was on her honeymoon. When she came home she learned how bad the situation is there. She decided to build an orphanage. She doesn’t have money laying around for that. She decided to start a business and the earnings go to creating that orphanage. She’s already jumped through all of the legal hoops and has bought the land.

        I see all of the things my Christian friends are DOING and I wish I was a Christian! I don’t feel the draw and I don’t share the belief. I have enough integrity not to claim to be something I am not, but I wish I were a part of that group and I let them inspire me to do more. I certainly would not condemn a single one of them for donating to faith-based organizations. They are the ones feeding the world.

        The World Health Organization says we are winning the global war on poverty and it’s the faith based organizations (Catholics) who are making it happen.

        Maybe ask them exactly who they give their donations to. They may be giving the money precisely to the groups you want to receive help.

      • This was one of the things that drew me to Edens Garden in the first place. I have had great success using their oils. I am also signed up as a YL distributor but don’t feel a need to buy everything from them. EG has given me great quality and affordable prices.

        I’m always intrigued by all the statements about the better quality and purity of the DT or YL oils when all we have to go on is what we read in their info and see in their videos. But that’s exactly the same as what we have to go on with EG or any other company. Just because one says they are more pure or “therapeutic grade” (a made up term) doesn’t somehow make them better than a less expensive company especially when that less expensive company is professing the same quality and processing methods.

        I’m not questioning the quality or purity of DT or YL oils at all. Only the assumption by most everyone in those businesses that they are purer or higher quality simply because that’s what the leaders of those companies have told them. This is true for just about every product out there. Many will buy only “name brand” when generic is just as good, and often manufactured in the same plants.

    • Thanks fir the information. I’m not a Christian, and just removed Edens Garden from my list of places I’ll buy from.

    • This is really great! Moves them to the top of my list! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Wow! I new they were a not for profit company but I like them even more now.

      Anytime I see “MLM” I run. I will admit Young Living and Doterra oils are quality but I do just fine with Edens Garden. Our world has become so money hungry, I couldn’t possibly afford You g Living or Doterra prices. And even if I could I would still choose Edens Garden. May Edens Garden never get greedy.

      Thanks for the article.

      And thank you for the information about where their proceeds go.

  12. Would you consider doing a post on how you use essential oils? I know nothing and am very curious!

  13. Does Amazon ship affordably to Canada? I always purchase my Edens Garden oils on Amazon. . .

  14. Thank you so much for this post. I’m going broke. Love oils but want good quaility at a much lower price.

  15. Someone mentioned this already, but I’d also love to hear how you use them!

  16. Adrienne Harper says

    I stopped using doTerra mainly for the cost & that they push using their oils “neat” and internally. I was simply not at all comfortable with these protocols. I am about to start an Aromatherapy course thru West Coast Aromatherapy Institute. Here is their resource page of suppliers who they have dealt with..theyhttp://www.westcoastaromatherapy.com/resources/ I personally use

    Great article!

  17. I use Eden’s Garden too, though partly because they are a Christian company that is all into wellness and without the weird New Age spiritual part of it, but instead seeing God’s goodness in his creation. I don’t buy DoTerra either and am also a Mennonite woman and was asked to sell the products by a family friend. I really love the smells of Eden’s Garden and love how affordable it is too! I use them for all my cleaning products that I create myself as well as for other uses medically instead of actual medicines (it has prevented illness though I don’t use it as a medicine. . .you know? My children haven’t been sick in a very long time and such). Anyway this was a great article!
    Victoria / Justice Pirate recently posted..Why We Don’t Celebrate HalloweenMy Profile

  18. I’m so glad you wrote this post. I’ve always had this strong internal resistance to DoTerra and you articulated it pretty perfectly.

    Mountain Rose Herbs also sells EOs. I don’t know specifically about their oils, but it’s a highly reputable company.
    Rebecca recently posted..Red Carpet: All Time FavoritesMy Profile

  19. Rebecca van Velzen says

    I have similar issues with DoTerra and Young Living, and, as another commenter mentioned, I also don’t feel comfortable with all their unsafe usage guidelines. I’m currently doing a course to become a Certified Aromatherapist, too! I’ve heard great things about Edens Garden; in fact, they’re a company I’d be quite comfortable buying from myself. Unfortunately, their shipping costs to Europe are a bit much for me. I currently love buying from Plant Therapy. I think they’re of a comparable quality with Edens Garden (from what I’ve heard), I’m very comfortable supporting the company, and they have more affordable shipping to Europe!

  20. Hi Kathleen!

    I have read your blog for years now and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts tremendously! :) They always keep me informed and entertained! Being an English Lit. major myself, I find that I seem to relate to you on a wide range of subjects. But perhaps that isn’t because we are both literature majors, but more so because I relate to you on your natural approach to living. Your writing style is very amusing though, so thank you. :)

    Anyway! I am actually from Utah (where both of these essential oil companies are based out of) and I totally agree with this post! I have used doTERRA oils myself ( those are the oils that my doula used during my labor) and I must agree that they are fantastic, but I could never bring myself to purchase any of the doTERRA products, due to the prices and the MLM nature of the company. I am always skeptical of the whole MLM company structure (and as a side note, my doula took the opportunity to try and recruit me to the whole scheme only a few hours after my son was born…I mean, come on!) I have only been given a few sample oils from friends (and my doula), but that is it. I never got to become a “wellness advocate. ” :) My husband and I actually prefer to purchase our essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. Most of their oils are certified organic. (they also have some other great organic bulk products too if you are interested in checking their website out!) Their prices are very reasonable. They are based out of Eugene, Oregon and I’m not sure whether or not their pricing is comparable with Eden’s Gardens products and shipping to Canada though? I just thought that I would pass the information along if you if you decide that you want to investigate another option. It might be worth a look. Thanks again for another wonderful and entertaining post!

    • Thanks so much for all your thoughts and kind words! I have only heard wonderful things about Mountain Rose, and I NEED to check them out. I’m always so pessimistic about the shipping to Canada that I end up not looking into many companies on that basis alone. I WILL take a look!

  21. I think you’ve put into words, gently and clearly, what many of us have been feeling about this company and their business model… certainly if the response you’ve gotten here is anything to go by!
    I would also like to recommend (among the many other great suggestions) that you might want to check out saje.ca They’re Canadian and free ship over $75. I’ve been very happy with their oils.

  22. Thanks for the post. I started using Eden Gardens because the other oils were so overpriced. It is nice to know they are faith based.Another great faith based company is Garlands of Grace..just mentioning that. I have purchased from them. They sell head bands..all handmade and very pretty. Back to oils.. I don’t want to buy from MLM companies either. I use to follow a few blogs but then they got into doterra and that is all they blog about and push them so hard and want followers to join up. I unsubscribed. Thanks again for voicing your opinion. I enjoy your blog very much. Prayers and best wishes on your road to health with Felix.

  23. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’ve been thinking along the same lines and am glad to know I’m not alone. What I’ve used with Eden’s Garden I’ve been really happy with the results. From the research I’ve done, I have no reason to doubt their oils and I know there are a number of good companies out there too. I’m also in Canada, so miss the free shipping deal, but I still think they are worth it! First time to visit here and I hope to check out your blog again!

  24. Thank you for such a gentle article. It’s nice to hear from a fellow doterra Canadian. I’m usually attacked when I say, thank you, but I can afford 50+ for oils, nor can I relate to that cost. I have found other sources in Canada that have the same type of passion/compassion for oils and their health properties and I’m also learning how to make my own blends. There is life after doTerra. ;-) Blessings……

  25. I needed to comment because I feel the same way about Norwex. I sell Norwex, but to buy for myself and a few close friends who are interested in buying some Norwex. I provide a means to the product without having to host a party and all that. When I initially signed up about 8 years ago now (wow, how did that happen?) to be a “consultant”, aka. Sales person, the organization’s structure was very friendly for personal use purchases. Unfortunately, this has changed and they are making it increasingly difficult to stay this way and that really annoys me. A good friend of mine sells Tupperware and if you have friends who already want to buy Tupperware, they seem to have the best model for personal use purchases & selling to friends. At the end of the day, only a few will make money off MLM based products (I know 3 people who are doing well and it’s about 10% timing & 90% luck IMO) so I wish more companies would be more catered to the person-use sellers. We are their best marketers after all. Thanks for the validation & outlet for me to put in my 2 cents

  26. Dayna Mullen says

    Have you ever used saje essential oils.? It’s Canadian from what I read. Here is the link http://saje.ca/essentials.html I’m wondering if it is comparable to doterra.

    • I have and do use Saje oils. I love them and get good results. I also use Eden’s gardens. I find Saje oils a bit stronger smelling.

    • Last week I heard of a Saje store manager in Ontario who became a doTERRA customer and tells his store customers, “If you just want a nice smell, use Saje. If you want to address a health concern, use doTERRA.” As a Nutritional Therapist, I prefer the safety, consistency, and sourcing of doTERRA.

      And I think doTERRA smells better than YL, EG, or Saje. Several of my non-doTERRA oils smell great in the bottle, but smell bad in a diffuser. Waste of money, just sitting on my shelf.

      I live in Canada too – at least we seem to have better quality oils overall up here. It’s like the Wild West in the US, never know what’s in the bottle you get on Amazon, or Drugstore.com, or in stores. I had some very bad experiences with them. I started following Dr. Pappas and learned so much.

  27. I have been in Doterra for a while, mainly because my wife was interested in the products and I have been doing MLM for the last 20 years I could see nothing in the company that gave me any red light.

    Once I had been through the information I decided to join Doterra and become a Doterra Distributor.

    At the moment I can only give Doterra 5 stars for there products and business plan.

    • Yep, same here. Love them and been using them over a year. I “sell” oils only casually as I meet people. Then it spreads at my workplace like wildfire, and everyone wants to know about them. :)

      • Agreed, while I am technically a “wellness advocate”, I have never sold one oil to anyone or recruited anyone. When people see me using them (in my home, for instance), I tell them the answers to anything they ask. With my discount, plus my current discount level (I think I am at the max which is 30% back on everything I buy), and ordering on a certain time frame, it is as affordable or more than the prices I have seen on the sites suggested here.

        That all said, I am open to other oil companies as well and will be taking a look!

  28. Just found your blog looking for info on leaving doTERRA, and I’m so glad I found you! Bless you and your followers…I think you all have helped me reconcile with my inclination to quit. I truly love their oils, think that they are great, and as MLM’s go, decent, but yes, the oils are expensive.
    Been doing some “soul-searching” to determine if I wanted to stay or go, as I can’t sustain the expense without enrolling new people, I started using their oils almost a year ago…signed up and after a couple of months had 3 “friends” sign up under me. I didn’t have the time to “market” and enroll new people, and I’m now I’m caught in between “friends” who are trying to build their businesses, and now they are sending me the “coded” message that I am in the way. What kind of friend does that? And who stays where they feel they are not welcome?
    Thank you ALL for your feedback and recommendations on other good product lines.

    • Hi Che! I’m with you . . . I’m getting so tired of “friends” pressuring me to buy things. I don’t want to participate in that. I want my friends to feel confident that I’m keeping in touch with them because they’re my FRIENDS, not because they’re potential sources of income. Hope you find a path you’re comfortable with!

    • I’m toying with the idea of “doing” doTerra. Canyou tell me what you mean by “caught in between “friends” who are trying to build their businesses, and now they are sending me the “coded” message that I am in the way. ” Trying to figure out how you could be “in the way” of someone else building there business.

      Hope to hear from you!


      • Hi Susan,

        It means that because she is not continuing to build her organisation it is affecting the growth of her team. It doesn’t mean that her team can’t be successful but it may slow down growth and they may not be getting the support and training they need. If you need anymore help feel free to email me – catherine_vau@hotmail.com.

  29. Interesting take on oils. I believe the flowers etc that were purchased are for the convention and gala that their wellness advocates pay for. They pay $125 a person to go to a 4 day convention and $75 a person to go to the gala dinner with all the centerpieces. No Jesus definitely isn’t going to be there but I’m sure the people who paid $75 a person for a fancy black tie dinner and award ceremony don’t want to sit at a blank table without any decor. They a are able to throw the gala because of the purchase of attendee tickets. Just saying… And as for the oil purchasing, the wholesale account does get you 25%off and if you get a kit to start it waives the membership fee. You also don’t have to spend anything every month. You can get oils as needed. Now if you opt into doing the options of free product of the month or point systems, that is up to you but is never required to keep your wholesale account or discount. Lots of wellness advocates sign a couple people up a month and that covers what they pay in oils so it doesn’t cost them anything to get oils. It’s all in your perception of things. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with them. Being a pt and mt, I have been able to see thee oils work wonders for people with certain ailments. Not knocking any Other brand but override a few and I’m sticking with what has worked for my family and clientele.

  30. I have been using essential oils for years on myself and my clients. I use both doTerra and Young Living, and I would not use anything else. Be very careful looking for “cheaper” here. Know what you are buying. I, too, bought from the health food store and the grocery store on occasion, and it just isn’t going to work the way therapeutic grade does. So, think about that waste of money. Plus, it can actually not be good for you. Essential Oils have so many beneficial uses when you are informed and educated about them and about using them. We have been using plant-based medicine much longer than traditional medicine. Too many cheap imitations out there. Be careful.

    P.S. I don’t run either of these as a business. I have my own business.

  31. Hello,

    While I can agree with you on a few points, I have found that doTERRA’s oils are much higher quality. The proof is in the pudding….customers who have no results with cheap-o ones, and then great results with doTERRA’s. I joined them because I tried a few oils and they worked wonders. I wanted to get oils every month, so I joined the rewards program. I’ve gotten over $1,000 in free product over the past year from this program. I now get 30% back from every purchase I make. I also get the full $9 back from shipping. No one else does that… pretty sweet. Since I’m a rep, and am required to purchase at least $100 to make a paycheck, I get all of my supplements. Rather than buy my supplements from some store, that I don’t trust, and not get anything in return…I can buy from my own store, and get rewards…AND a paycheck. It works out well for me.

    I don’t find it confusing at all. It just takes some looking around the website, and some good instruction from the WA you enrolled under – and it’s a piece of cake.

    Also, I trust Dr. Pappas, a third party tester for many oil companies, and he raves about only a handful of companies’ oils…and doTERRA’s is one of them. He’s not in their pocket, so he can say whatever he wants about the products. He posts his testing too on his FB page “Essential Oils University.”

    While so many people here are saying how expensive they are, and that they are just as pure as the cheap ones, I don’t believe that for a minute. Dr. Pappas does a lot of testing, and he posts his actual testing results (photos of them), and has shown so many of the cheaper brands actually have contaminants, are adulterated or use fillers. He’s a brilliant guy, and doesn’t hold back or sugar coat! He’s hilarious actually – I highly recommend liking his FB page to get great essential oil info for all consumers. You’ll get a lot of great info there on what oils NOT to buy. And what companies he likes. Although, he doesn’t always use names (usually when it’s a comparison between doTERRA and Young Living). Then he says “company d” and “company y,” but we all know who he is referring to! ;)

  32. Ashley Pitcher says

    The proof IS in the pudding. I bought a bottle of frankincense from Eden’s gardens after seeing this post to give it a try. I diffused it instead of my doterra frank. that I typically do each night. When my husband walked into the room, he nearly had an asthma attack. He said “my throat closed.” My goodness there is a reason Eden Garden is so cheap!

  33. I understand your frustration with high prices and the rest but I was wondering if you would elaborate on what you would do if you were actually interested in making a living by sharing essential oils. That’s the dilemma I find myself in. There are a few companies out there that may be equal in quality but the only money making opportunity would be to get a degree and open a practice, right? With dōTERRA I would still want to eventually get a degree but meanwhile I can earn something for sharing with people who are already educated and want to purchase.

  34. Jenna Kirkum says

    I’m sad that you didn’t see the quality and the difference in dōTERRA’s oils and you also have tons of misinformation in your post. You simply pay a fee to get wholesale prices. Nothing more or less. Other promotions are simply that just like the grocery store or Speedway rewards. I would never use other oils for my me or my family. Please do the research on the oils you do choose. 💜

    • Yes, SO MUCH misinformation. It’s a shame, too. And sad something so simple was made confusing. Get a membership, get wholesale prices on what you want when you want it. Doesn’t have to be any more complicated. I’m definitely not a fan of hype and glitz and glamour, and doTERRA isn’t either. Never are there dollar signs flashed across jumbo-trons in neon, or outrageous JOIN MY TEAM and get rich type claims. The flowers once a year to celebrate extremely hard working, compassionate people who have achieved their dreams? Considering there were 30,000 people in attendance at the convention last year, 10,000 (while a crazy amount of flowers) doesn’t seem SO ridiculous. And all the “trips” mentioned? doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation is a 50c3 non-profit where 100% proceeds go to fund humanitarian work around the globe, lifting people from poverty and empowering them to sustain themselves with meaningful work. doTERRA members pay their way on these trips and work hard building schools, digging wells, repairing orphanages, building medical clinics, and more. doTERRA Corp. covers 100% of administrative and overhead costs for this charity. Once a year they do offer an incentive trip and allow other members to pay their own way and join the prize winners. So what? I appreciate being appreciated if it is EARNED. 87% of doTERRA members are simply loyal product users, not “distributors” who are trying to earn an income. 80% of the people who purchase a membership continue to use the products and make purchases regularly for one simple reason. The products are superior and every purchase improves lives. Yes, including the person who signed you up. I love that as a mom I can help other families be health using safe and natural solutions, and help support my family at the same time. It’s a much smarter way to earn than that 40-40-40 model, in my opinion. Yes, I still have my jot as a teacher, but doTERRA will be the reason I am able to retire and take meaningful, life changing ‘trips’ around the world serving others in a profound way. I’ve tried Edens Garden (and a whole bunch of others). There is no comparison. And I HIGHLY recommend staying far away from the Frankincence especially. If you understood how difficult that oil is to source, extract, and do so without the use of solvents and harmful chemical additives, you’d gladly pay the $67 for the real stuff. Which by the way that full bottle lasts me year. Even without the earning potential, I would still be 100% loyal to doTERRA because of the quality and purity of the products, and heart of the company. <3 I've never met more wonderful people or been more inspired to do good in the world than when I'm with other wellness advocates. Oh and good news, the Canadian market is open now and prices should be in Canadian dollars and shipping more reasonable, too. :) I actually went through a period right about the same 6 month mark where I started questioning things. I'm SO glad I used it as an opportunity to learn the truth and dig deeper in to doTERRA and the way they do things because it made me so proud and inspired to share with others. Best wishes!

  35. Hello! …I’m glad I found this forum and site, becoming peculiar.com This thread about “Why I quit doTERRA…” has and is helping me process my current question “Do I want to stay with doTERRA? …I’m questioning the MLM approach to business, the whole Essential Oil world and it’s true values… and soul searching as to what fits for myself. I have difficulty approaching my personal friendships in my quest to “recruit”…It’s not for me, I know this much. My friends are my touch-stones and sanctuary to my life and living, completely unrelated to monetary goals. Thank-you all for sharing your opinions as well as discoveries of alternative Essential Oils. And thanks to Kathleen Q. for initiating this thread. I’m going to check-in on your page/blog more often! I’ve found this very beneficial!… Kindest Regards.

  36. I have taken a hit for doing MLM. Already known for my work so could have skipped it. But doTerra oils are far superior, if that is what you want. The results I have personal experience with family, friends, clients, earthquake victims, are profound. Most people do not have a clue about the difference so buy cheap. With quality oils like doTerra, a drop will do so not that expensive. Even retail price with no sign up, no deals. I do have a hospital and a university I am connected with who use doTerra. The university did studies on several oils and only doTerra had actual therapeutic capabilities. There are good studies out there but hey. Not an mlm fan but these oils are available retail and worth the price. So how DO you monetize your blog?

  37. I jointed doTERRA in August 2015 and became a Wellness Advocate. I can’t say enough positive things about this company. I’ve use other company’s oils and have not gotten the same wonderful benefits. I’m not crazy about MLM companies and it took me a long time to accept them. Their only advertising is through a wellness advocate or doTERRA user raving about these wonderful oils. I did not join doTERRA to be in a business or sell it to others, but to only use it for myself therapeutically and couldn’t be more pleased. Any of my friends who have been interested in purchasing these oils, and not interested in joining, I buy the oil or oils for them at the same price I pay and make nothing in profit. I’m in this to help myself and others! Sorry for you if you don’t agree, but that’s how I feel!

  38. Thank you for introducing me to Eden’s Garden. I just bought their “6-pack blend”, and I’m curious to see how they work out.

  39. Why is no one mentioning Living Libations?! It’s a Canadian company with high quality oils. A lot of people act like doTERRA is the only company that sells high quality oils.

    The doTERRA model isn’t for everyone. The reason people get that culty vibe from doTERRA is because people react like above. You feel attacked because someone’s giving their opinion of a brand that you identify with? (Clearing up facts VS bombarding people with brand-speak – which way of conversing is more effective?)

    The reason people think the doTERRA model is complicated is because it’s designed that way. Members eventually end up buying more than they need or want and they walk away feeling used. I don’t blame them. (I also don’t blame the people who stick around because it serves them.)

    If people want to buy from Eden’s Garden who cares? If they wanna buy the crap from the drugstores oh well.

    So tired of the brand bully.

  40. Check out http://Saje.ca – they’re based out of Vancouver, BC. My friend recently put me onto them and they ship across North America. It’s nice to see a Canadian Company on the scene and pay in CDN dollars.

  41. I have to agree with a previous poster who mentioned that people are so scared or put off by the marketing style (direct marketing) of doTERRA, that they allow this to drive their decisions rather than actually listening to their bodies or paying attention to the quality of the oils.

    Fo me, doTERRA comes down to the business model. I never in a million years thought that I would be a part of an MLM, but you know what? I’m sick of giving my money to people who don’t deserve it, and who have shoddy and shady business practices. Why people will allow their money to go to big corps like walmart, whole foods, etc, and buy their oils there because they are cheaper, and then mock the business practices of doTERRA (or YL for that matter) is beyond me. Walmart is about as horrible as they come for making sure that its employees are NOT well treated.

    doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing is one of the key reasons I choose this company over others. When you buy your $80 bottle of Frankincense, you will soon actually be able to trace that bottle to the batch of frank that was distilled! Right to the farm/area it came from! This is key to transparency, and I would challenge those who thing that they are too expensive to take a second and look at your impact when you’re buying just any other oil. Do you know that they people who produced that oil are well treated? Paid fairly? Experiencing growth and benefits from their partnership with their middlemen?

    Take a second and look behind the curtain. Sure the people who founded the doTERRA are making tonnes of money. Is that a crime? It shouldn’t be. Can you not do good while still earning a profit? Is a more complicated system not worth working though to benefit your health, and to better the lives of the people toiling to bring your western self the oils? Just a thought.

    I do appreciate your honesty, and I hope that you and your readers can appreciate mine. Whatever you choose, I wish you well on your journey! ✌🌱

  42. What I love about doTerra is the medical research they are involved with. I noticed from most of the posts that the benefits of using doterra have been missed. Each bottle is tested by 3 independent labs for purity giving a true “Therapeutic grade” out there on the market. Many oils are wonderful and I love aromatherapy and its benefits. Ingesting oils is not available in most oils. This limits the features and benefits. Doterra sees the world from the lens of giving people a natural way to help people over come health issues instead of the out of control drug companies. There Doctors on Staff have made great strides in helping bring natural products into the integrative health community.
    It is not about just selling the oils…. although I have met many in many MLM companies over the years that make that the primary focus. They are not connected to the product or to the global benefit.
    I do have good news… Doterra will be changing some of its sales strategy and soon will be offering a new way to buy. It sounds like for those of you that do not want to be involved in the sales end of things… but still want the product… it could be a new option for you!
    Here is to happy oiling… and saving the world from the corruption in our medical system.

  43. Also new on the scene is Dr Axe selling his new line of ORGANIC oils. No MLM,and lower prices too! Worth checking out if you just want to buy really good quality oils at a decent price.

  44. Hi Kathleen!

    I’m actually a full-time certified Aromatherapist working for a small, Canadian-owned Apothecary in Calgary. If you ever want to have some burning questions answered (whats the difference between the different types of Frankincense, whats a hydrosol, do you do classes, etc), or you want to know how to purchase essential oils in an informed and economical fashion for yourself, email us. We’re all trained and super friendly, and our oils are wonderful quality (usually wild crafted) and price point.

  45. Crystal Wheaton says

    Thanks so much for sharing. I just placed an order with Eden Farms and i can not get over the difference. Shipping to Canada was high but when you put it into the cost of the EO’s the Eo’s are still significantly cheaper. I’ll be ready for the cold and Flu season her in our long cold Canadian weather!

  46. I am so glad that I found this article because now I know that I was not thinking crazy about doTerra. You wrote everything that I was speculating: the expensive prices compensate for all the things you mentioned and probably more. That is ALL for MARKETING and to pay for the trips, conventions, prizes, etc. A dear friend shared her experience about starting her journey with essential oils and how it benefited her health and family. I was also on my quest for healthy, holistic healing for my family’s health so I asked her more about essential oils and then “the hook”. She didn’t push doTerra on me but I did want to try some EOs so naturally, I went to someone who has experienced them already- my friend. In 2 months, I spent close to $500 already and I didn’t have a whole lot of oils. Then my friend kept mentioning doTerra’s Loyalty Rewards Program, Share Program, and the opportunity to earn an income with this. Now I understand the excitement of discovering something new that is benefiting you but “don’t get blindsided by the excitement and throw good sense out the door”. I started to get suspicious when I saw the charges on my order, and some things didn’t make sense and I called to question doTerra. My receipt showed 9% tax but when I did my calculations, I was getting charged 12% on my total price. I called doTerra and was told that although I was paying wholesale, I was getting charged retail tax on the items – WHAT?? WHY? The whole point of me signing up as a member was to get their wholesale price but you are charging tax as retail value? Shady. Their explanation was that they charge tax at retail rate because they don’t know if you are selling them as a distributor. Well, how do they know that you are buying for personal use? Besides, if you are doing as a business, you need to file a 1099 anyways for taxes so their explanation did not jive well with me. Then they tell me that you can mark your order as “personal use” BUT here’s the catch: ONLY if you are doing their Loyalty Rewards Program and that is how you get enticed and subtly scammed into making a monthly order of some sort. I told the supervisor that was unfair to people who signed up as a member and that was deceiving to not reveal and educate that to members who enroll new people. DoTerra has the option of doing LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program order” or “one time order” and the option to click “for personal use (consumption)” is ONLY offered for LRP orders. That option should be available on both types of orders. Again – unfair and shady. I told the supervisor that is unfair to those who enrolled as a member who specifically signed up to get wholesale prices and are still deciding whether they want to purchase more. Then she goes on to explain how with the LRP, you just need to maintain 1PV a month (PV is “personal value” and is usually equal to the dollar amt of a product). DoTerra has NOTHING sold for $1 so you would have to spend something every month to stay on that program AND if you wanted to advance in the program to increase your discount, you need to spend AT LEAST 50 PV monthly AND if you enroll members and want to get a commission from your enrollees, you MUST maintain 100PV MONTHLY or you do NOT get commission. Do you now see the “scam” with their marketing strategy? The scam is not with doTerra’s product, the scam is within their insanely inflated prices and marketing to convince people to believe that “higher price equals higher quality” – that is NOT true in this case. The inflated prices are to pay for what was written in this article. I made this aware to the supervisor and she praised my diligence with analyzing their marketing strategy. She did agree with me that people get excited with the hype of their products and not thoroughly understanding and looking into the other things. I am not badmouthing doTerra’s products but rather their pricing of the oils and marketing which prey on the naive. My business friends saw right through their “pricing and marketing strategies” and agreed that I was totally right. I have since switched to Eden’s Gardens and apparently, many reviews on Eden’s Gardens were former Yong Living or doTerra consumers. Also, I shared this newfound info about doTerra charging retail tax on wholesale orders and how the option of “personal use” was only offered through LRP to my friend who enrolled me, and she was shocked and agreed that it was unfair to not offer that for both types of orders. I want so bad to share the other info (i.e reasons for inflated prices and where that extra money really goes) and share Eden’s Gardens with her to save her money but I don’t want to burst her bubble bc she is so sucked into doTerra and determined to make this a FT business at some point. I know that she was hoping that I would join her but in good conscience, I cannot sign up new members knowing what I know because I would feel dishonest and scamming people. I will be sharing the truth instead. Eden’s Gardens is able to offer low prices because they are NOT a MLM company. They don’t sell to retail stores. It is direct distributor to consumer. They have decided to not spend money on glitzy marketing or advertising and instead put it back into the company to offer savings and more selections for their consumers. Also, unlike doTerra, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the U.S.A, and if you want it in 2 days, it is just $3 more. The savings are 40-60% compared to doTerra. I want my money spent on MY ORDER, not to pay for a company’s prizes, trips, conventions, etc to keep their customers and their business growing. Be smart with your money. Don’t be a naive, excited consumer. Know where your money is really going. Again, I like doTerra’s products and will probably order things that I cannot get from Eden’s Gardens but I don’t appreciate the deceitfuland unfair pricing. I will probably only order 1-2 oil blends from them. It if Eden’s Gardens makes a blend that is exactly the same, I will be ordering from EG. :-) The majority of my oil purchase will be from Eden’s Gardens.

    • Thank you for this. I’ve had many thoughtful discussions with my sister about my opinions of MLMs and why I distrust them so much. She’s very excited about doTERRAs products, and I joined to help her, but I still have my doubts. I don’t want to burst her bubble, but I do try to point some things out just so she doesn’t end up going overboard.

      My main problem with MLMs is the deceit — if they were up front with me, I would be able to say “at least they’re being honest that they’re trying to screw me out of my money (or whatever)”. But it’s the doublespeak and hiding things and walking around certain questions that really makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and then I start scrutinizing every single word I read about the company and its policies.

      However, some people do get super excited during those parties and I’m sad to say that I’m one of them (and it’s a family trait because all my sisters are the same). You jump in with both feet and then you either start to doubt yourself or you wear blinders because you don’t want to accept the fact that you’ve been deceived.

      I understand what everyone else is saying about the ‘you get what you pay for’, but I’m sure there are a few companies who are just as good as doTERRA and are cheaper. I am definitely going to try another company; however, I’m also going to be like you – I’ll get what I like from doTERRA, but it’s not going to be my exclusive oil supplier.

      Again, thank you for sharing your experience.

  47. Sunflower9 says

    Well, this post is definitely “peculiar”. You sound bitter towards a company that did nothing to you. Lots of your “facts” are also incorrect:
    – To get wholesale pricing, you pay $35/year. That’s all. You don’t have to buy or sell a thing to continue the wholesale pricing. Just like when you pay for a Sam’s membership, you get their wholesale pricing. You pay yearly (like Sam’s) and you get that pricing. You also get your shipping back and the following year, if you purchase your membership again, you get free peppermint (one of the most popular oils for any brand) which is the cost of your membership, so your membership is free at that point.
    – Product of the month is easy – don’t like what it is? Don’t qualify for it. Just like if you go into any store and don’t like whatever they are offering (freebie, Buy 1 Get 1, etc), you don’t buy it. Same here. No one shoves it down your throat.
    – I have people under me that say or do nothing – they buy oils that their leisure and use.
    – Doterra will (in Nov) have the ability to tell you where the oils are sourced by entering the source code found on the bottle – do other brands do this?
    – The only oil I’ve seen that costs about $80 wholesale is Melissa which is not available year round. Go and price Melissa in Whole Foods or another store and the cost is not that much different.
    – Wellness Advocate simply means you are an advocate for wellness. Well guess what? When you use EO’s are you not doing it for wellness – physical or emotional? They make zero claims that somehow this title makes people little EO geniuses – you still have to do your research and learning.

    You are kidding yourself if you think you did yourself a favor by choosing another. It’s a brand – just like Eden’s oils. Any brand has a goal to sell and make money You choose to buy a brand or not. Is Eden Oils refunding your shipping? is Eden Oils giving some of their money to charities for sustainability?

    It’s a choice. If you choose to get Eden…fine. That is what works for you. But that doesn’t mean other brands are “bad”. It’s just what they are.

    And a word about MLM’s….
    Anyone who thinks corporations or personal ventures are better, hasn’t really sat down and thought about much. Let’s use Target for example (which a lot of people love)… When you shop there, what are they rewarding you? Nothing. They take the money and you leave with a product. Are they reimbursing your gas? You can get free shipping with the red card and 5% off – that is nice perk, sure. But you have to shop online for the free shipping (downside here is you wait) and the 5% off…ok that is great. But it is wholesale pricing? No. It is retail. Doterra at least gives you the chance to buy it wholesale or buy it retail. But Target…they make money off you and I. We get nothing in return really, except what we are going to buy.

    Personal ventures – say a store or a restaurant. There is a lot of overhead and product you have to buy. But somehow those ventures are “better” than MLM’s? Most MLM’s require no stock. It’s just you, out there, selling, getting the rewards.
    I used to think MLM”s are scams. But then I dug deeper and did my research. What is laughable to me is when people say they made no money in an MLM…did you work it? Did you treat it like a hobby? Then it pays you that way. Just like any other business – restaurant, shop, Easy store, etc. YOU have to make it your own. No different than a brick and mortar store. You would be going in every day, working- using your gas, time, etc. All your money would be poured into that. I don’t need to technically buy anything to keep selling an MLM – the internet does it for you.

    Even if I were to stop using Doterra, I wouldn’t bad mouth them. What did they do? They hosted a party with 10,000 flowers. That IS excessive – I will agree. But it’s their money lol. You think Target (or any other brand) cuts back on it’s spending because people like you and I find it excessive? Nope.

    I am glad you use EO’s and whatever brand suits you in just fine. Just make sure you are including facts.

    • Thanks for your thorough comment, Sunflower9. I don’t feel bitter towards doTerra nor am I badmouthing them — I call them a “perfectly lovely organization selling wonderful products.” I’m just explaining why I’m not buying from them anymore.

      I understand that getting “wholesale prices” is pretty straightforward . . . but wholesale is still unaffordable. In order to get them at affordable prices, you have to jump through all kinds of hoops, which I just don’t have the energy for. I’m glad you’re enjoying being a wellness advocate!

    • I would like to echo Sunflower9’s comments, as there was much that Kathleen said that wasn’t accurate. The shipping on everything (no matter how large the order is or how much it weighs) is $4, and then they give you the $4 back in free oils. If you check that you are using the oils for personal use, they will charge you the tax for personal use, if you check the box that says you are reselling it, they will charge you the tax based on that – you have a choice. In fact, you really have a choice about everything. If you want to earn free oils, you enter the LRP (monthly order) program – and yes, there are “rules” with that program, which allows you to earn literally hundreds of dollars worth of free oils – GREAT deal. And if you want those hundreds of dollars worth of oils, then yes, you have to order something (the lowest priced item is $4, you can order that) each month, and if you want to get to a higher percentage (only during the first year – after that it matters not what you order), you order $50 or more. But you don’t HAVE to do that, you can order nothing by just not being a part of the LRP program that offers you, did I mention, HUNDREDS of dollars worth of oils. I have cashed in my points of $600 at a time, and $300 another time….. it really accumulates fast. This is no scam, it’s actually one of the best MLM structures I’ve ever seen. I’m a business woman with masters in wellness & business, and I have owned stores and medical practices. I find doTERRA’s compensation plan to be well-designed and practical, and as I said, one of the best I’ve seen for an MLM. They give you many options, for what ever best meets your needs, and they have a quality product (backed by scientific research and 3rd party testing) and they are focused on quality and helping others. Great company! And when you look at the business structure of retail stores, you actually see a similar cost-center pyramid, which includes the retailer, the distributor, the manufacturer (which includes everyone from the production line, supervisor, middle management, upper-management, CEO/CFO, board members, etc), the marketing teams for the retailer, the distributor (many times) and the manufacturer…..as you can see, many layers that all contribute to the cost of the product, just like MLM’s. The best news? In America we are still free to choose, and if you choose Eden’s Garden, good for you…..if you choose doTERRA, good for you….it matters not because it is your choice. I would like to say that when someone critiques a company, then in the same article promotes a similar product, the integrity has been compromised (for me) and, again “for me”, becomes another marketing scheme to push their product by undermining another. Not very scientific.

    • I would like to add my 2 cents to this particular comment thread. Yes, those who think doTERRA is wonderful say that you get all kinds of “perks”. But you’re really paying for those perks if you look deep enough. And if you want to pay for that, it’s fine.

      But what I really want to address is the throwing around of the “presenting all the facts” phrase. You do not get 100% of shipping returned to you as points if you do not have an LRP set up that doesn’t have at least a 100PV. If you have a one-time order, you get 50% of your shipping in points returned to you.

      No, you don’t HAVE to buy anything every month, but yes, if you want the free oil of the month you must place an LRP (not a one-time) order of at least 125-150PV before the 15th of the month. So, you need to spend anywhere from $115-180 (this is an estimate for demonstration, not an exact number) to get a bottle of oil for free (of undetermined value until the name of the oil is released. So it could be an $80 bottle, or it could be a $20 bottle — or you could just save your money and buy that one bottle of oil if you wanted it).

      The rules change all the time — I’m brand new, but apparently the 100 point signup doesn’t automatically appear anymore after your second month of qualifying purchases. Which means that you have to make sure you check in to make sure that you get your points by the expiration date, otherwise you don’t get those points. And this year’s BOGO is different — you must have an LRP with a PV of 50 or above in order to get points for the BOGO, otherwise you don’t get any points for the order. So, basically, you have to spend at least $50 to get a $10-20 bottle of oil for free. When you break it down, it hardly seems worth it, especially if you’re not in need of anything but just want to take advantage of the offer.

      What it boils down to is this: yes, doTERRA has a great product, yes they give back to the community and they have good sources. MLMs have a bad rap for a reason and it’s because of the buzz words that are thrown around to get people to join, the “promise” of joining a team and then (typically, as I have witnessed on more than one occasion) you end up working on your own in the beginning when you need the most help because you have no idea what you’re doing and your team leader is too busy climbing the ladder to help you. And none of it saves you any money — regardless of what company you buy from. If you buy from doTERRA and pay for shipping and ultimately collect points to get free product and then pay for shipping, you will end up with the same amount of product as you do when you buy from another company by paying what they’re charging and getting free shipping and no free product. It’s simple math with no sleight of hand.

      The other two companies mentioned early on – Edens Garden and Plant Therapy – both not only give back to some sort of charity, but they also have information on their site about what kinds of tests are done on their oils as well as information that’s available if requested (like the MSM #). So that’s no longer limited to doTERRA.

      I’m a doTERRA WA, but I’m also not delusional about how the MLM structure works. It’s nice for people to have choices and to hear stories from others so they can make their own informed decisions on what will work best for them. Peace

  48. Fantastic site. Plenty of helpful info here.
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    And certainly, thank you on your sweat!
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  49. Love Edens Garden, I order their gift sets. You can also chose which every oils you want in your
    gift sets. I prefer them over Doterra Oil. Check out their gift sets. http://www.edensgarden.com/collections/gifts-sets

  50. I really appreciate your input on this article. When I created my instagram account, I simply put love aroma which I am. In the space of 2 days, I noticed a number of doterra related instagram account following me. There was one who kept tagging me and even sending private messages to check out their products. No harm there since I really love essential oils. I checked their website and I have to admit, the prices turned me off. It was too pricy. As I read more and more about the products, I begin to realize that doterra is another one of those networking scheme program. Having experience MLM, I know how it works. With essential oils, I live by this one credo. Just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is of the highest graded oils. I still refer to a local shop that sell at a rate that won’t dig a hole in my pocket. So long the scent doesn’t hurt my olfactory senses (I have allergic rhinitis) I could live without doterra.

    PS: The doterra ig who kept tagging me unfollowed me after a week. She maybe thinking she will not gain any profit from me. That confirmed my instinct telling me that she is not a sincere seller. There is another company, NU SKIN with their epoch line that is equally as expensive as doterra and young living. Another MLM :)

  51. This is just the information I was searching for as I am about to start using essential oils with my family but did not know which brand I would want to use. I’m getting ready to order from Eden’s Garden now. Thank you!

  52. Given some of the outrageous claims made by those claiming to be DoTerra distributors, I would wager that NONE of them have actually studied aromatherapy.

    Thank you for writing a balanced and honest article. I admit I had a giggle at the Jesus quote and the way that DoTerra distributors have descended on your post ;)

    I would also like to point out that Dr Robert Pappas is not an independent, impartial third party tester. He has financial interests in DoTerra and is inherently biased in that if DoTerra does well, he does too. I have also witnessed this man attempt to ride roughshod over many bloggers and the like (as is similarly witnessed in this thread) who dare to point out the obvious about DoTerra: that it’s a company who package and overprice oils. They certainly don’t have any hand in manufacturing or testing them.

    I am not against MLM. It can offer a small amount of people a good, legal income. And DoTerra offer aromatherapy for the lazy woman – everything written out in easy to access fact sheets with all the marketing material done for them. You don’t HAVE to know anything about the product, just that you can regurgitate what the company tells you to. Again, something demonstrated with alarming frequency in this thread.

    • Wow, really?!? “None of them have actually studied aromatherapy” – that is quite the general statement and false accusation. Yes, indeed, many have. You lost credibility immediately in your opening statement.

      And, your statement about Pappas is inaccurate. I’ve knew about Pappas long before doTERRA was even in existence. He predates them, and was well known before doTERRA was a twinkle in anyone’s mind. The only financial interest he has in doTERRA is that they pay him to do their testing. His lab and his company are very independent of them.

      And, as one of those doTERRA consultants who is well educated and has studied aromatherapy for years, I will just say that most of your comments are false. I will also say that there are many (thousands, possibly millions) of people who are totally grateful for doTERRA because just by their existence many more people have become aware of the great healing powers of essential oils, and so many people have had life changing experiences by using something alternative to pharmaceuticals.

      I just want to say to you, Leah, that you will draw many more people to natural healing by saying positive things about the products that you believe in, as opposed to negative falsehoods of the products you don’t.

  53. I’m from Ontario as well and I frequently buy oils from LIVING LIBATIONS. http://www.livinglibations.com
    They are based out of Haliburton and carry very high quality essential oils.
    The price point is close to doterra, but it is in Canadian. They often offer specials and free shipping.
    I’ve been very happy with their products.

  54. I signed up with doTerra over a year ago and only buy the stuff that I want from toothpaste, deodorant, creams, oils etc. They now have a warehouse in Canada since the summer and so shipping is a lot cheaper, plus you get the shipping back in points which you can use to get free items. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and my son has Autism. Their oils help my son sleep through the night as well as keep calm and regulated. They help me with my tmj migraines, cramps during my periods and pains in my joints. I have not signed anyone up under me and only purchase what I need every month. Sorry but I don’t agree with your story but maybe you didn’t go about it the way that works for you. It it great for stay at home mothers who want to make extra money don’t get me wrong but I just wanted the product and that is what I do. Any time I have had an issue with something their company resolved right away. Love their customer service.

  55. I thought this was an excellent article the follow up is great I have used the oils.. and all I have to say is if you can afford them that is great, There seems to be allot of evangelism associated with the company, and they do pressure you to sell and the whole TOPSELLER mentality is whack I’m just saying especially the competitive selling part – It is an MLM sorry not trying to be negative Im saying you need to think about this stuff especially from an aspect of the holistic health community that has gone @ss up on trendiness – to me.. we use them in our house.. I do yoga and eat rite fortunately I’m in pretty good health.. and so are my kids ~ The cult like brainwashing is pretty real.. the mass SELL SELL attitude of the company is pretty real.. so I can see it in the comments above almost seem fake or like a doterra commercial or some thing ~ MLM’s pray on vulnerability and offer a false sense of hope and I think the product is great but why not just be a good company ~ if its so good and sells why all the complicated multi-level-marketing – oh its how they market.. incentive driven marketing.. Its really bad people its bad for your health and its bad for the economy..jut saying this mentality is viral .. and it effects peoples lives.. people feel bad after getting sucked into this kind of thing and they do feel ripped off, So if you know someone and you love them maybes some alternatives are nice.. to have especially if there are no strings attached – and there more affordable.. I do think they are ridiculously priced Cheers* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6MwGeOm8iI

  56. Anahí Ramírez says

    Do you think it is expensive for candians? try being mexican, lol. Great article, btw

  57. Wow this article reads like a promo for Eden’s Garden ;) Each to their own but yes as repeated there is literally no obligation to buy and many of us would rather spend money on things we don’t actually need then invest money on our health. I love doterra and I think their business option is fantastic. It’s helping me to earn money on the side and I only ever sell to people who have a genuine interest in the oils. Sorry your experience was so bad but if you can’t afford something it just means you can’t afford something it doesn’t mean it’s too expensive. There will always be someone who can’t afford something and when I am broke which I often am I normally get annoyed with companies who charge a lot of money for their products but this says more about my relationship with money than it does about anything else :) Thanks for sharing- it’s always great to hear about people’s experiences and not everyone has to love what everyone else loves xxx

  58. I’ve ordered Doterra in the past and love their products but I can’t afford them. In US dollar and shipping expensive, I spent 500 in a moment. Funny, I spoke with a friend last night who is on the band wagon and accredits everything to DoTerra. And, had to mention a mutual friend is now a millionaire because of being at the top, again, the top. Others I know in this area are struggling to keep the minimum purchase required. I’m all for quality, but not everyone wants to be a seller, so the price is crazy expensive. I’m going to try these oils, thanks for posting.

  59. The thing that bothers me about the DoTerra people is how AGGRESSIVE they get when questioned. and how overly defensive they are about the company. If you have to be that defensive about it and freak out because someone is questioning something, or using another brand, and sit there trolling on other brands facebook pages about how they aren’t as “pure” while questioning them constantly if they own the farms, there is something wrong there.
    Essential oils have been around way way longer that DoTerra or YL have. Those companies just are marketing schemes and literally are the tupperware of essential oils. They aren’t some holy grail product, they are just another company making the same thing that others make, but it’s marketed to make you believe they are more special. It’s the same thing with Shakeology, LuLaRoe, etc. You can get the same exact stuff from other people without the crazy marketing brainwashing. If you genuinely love the products, then wonderful! But it just really bothers me how single minded the sellers of these products get and start to believe that THEIR product is the BEST EVER in the whole wide world, and get really really aggressive and pushy on anyone who happens to create the same thing under a different brand name. Thankfully not all the sellers are like that, but there are always some who use it to fuel their superiority complex which is just sad.

    • I agree Melissa. I have DoTerra’s starter kit as my friend was encouraging me to use them for certain ailments but I have yet to make another purchase as I find the oils to be expensive especially since the prices for the oils cost more for Canadians. Plus, I am a single income earner, and cannot afford to buy many of the oils that I would like to use as the cost is too high especially after adding in shipping costs. This is Kathleen’s blog, and she is only expressing, and comparing companies who sell essential oils. I don’t see a problem with this. It does not mean that you should stop using DoTerra or Young Living. The blogger is using her site to express her opinions, which she is free to do.
      There are so many essential oil companies out there. As Melissa stated, essential oils have been around much longer than most of these companies that started 10 or 20 years ago such as DoTerra, or Young Living. I don’t think it’s necessary to criticize the blog just because she finds issues with how DoTerra runs their business. Personally, I am not a fan of MLM, and also find the website complicated. I also don’t like the fact that in order to earn PV with DoTerra, you need to spend quite a bit of money just to get a bottle or whatever product for free. They are expensive enough as it is. I know that you are not required to be involved in earning PV but for those of us who are trying to find ways to save, and purchase items at a lesser cost, this doesn’t help. Also, as the blogger stated, DoTerra came up with the term Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. It’s a phrase that they made up, and got a trademark on so nobody else can use it but it does not mean that other essential oil companies do not have pure quality oils.
      I think everyone needs to be respectful of others’ opinions, and to be mindful that we are all in different situations. There are no experts here. Even doctors make mistakes! Everyone is sharing what works for them, what they like, don’t like, etc., and THAT’S OKAY!! : ) It’s the same with buying Nike, Reebok or Asics. I used to rave about Nike, and Reebok, and loved them when I was younger but then they changed the style of some of their shoes so that they were narrow. I then heard about Asics, and decided to try them, and have been wearing them for several years now! I don’t bash Nike or Reebok. I think they are still a good shoe but just not for me. Same goes with how people feel about the company that they decide to invest in when purchasing essential oils! : )

  60. I have been using doTERRA for a few years, and while I love their blends, I cannot afford to purchase many of the oils I’d like to add to my collection/need to replace, and I have grown weary of Wellness Advocates who have no formal aromatherapy training giving sometimes dangerous advice. I have been investigating other options, and found several favourable reviews on Plant Therapy. They are a family run business, with FREE SHIPPING to Canada, reasonable prices, a dedicated child-friendly line (including hydrosols which are recommended for children under two years old), they work with world-renowned aromatherapist and essential oil safety expert Robert Tisserand. You can view his quality tests on their website, and he is involved in their product development. They offer many oils and synergies (blends) not available through doTERRA. There is no minimum to purchase, no pressure to sell (it’s not an MLM company), it’s affordable, and they have quality products. Check them out! planttherapy.com

  61. Thank you for this post! I was thinking to start selling doTERRA but something was unconfortable to me, And I think It is all you are writing about. Now I am sure I should do something different. I am a simple girl too…

  62. Thank you for sharing this. Based on your post, I ordered a bottle of Eden’s Gardens Vanilla Absolute. It arrived via amazon a couple of weeks later and it smells DISGUSTING. Seriously. I would rather put vanilla extract into my blends. I definitely won’t be trying anything else from this company.

    Other than that, for anyone bothering with comments this far along the thread… you do not have to sell doTerra to get the wholesale pricing. You just have to get a wholesale membership and you get the same 25% off that a wellness advocate (seller of the products) gets… and if you order monthly on the LRP program you get your shipping ($5.99 in canada) given back to you in points. If you order on that LRP over a certain amount you earn points you can spend on free items, and finally if you order that LRP before the 15th of the month and over a certain amount, you get the free product of the month as well. Not a bad deal, and you don’t have to sell the stuff.

    Maybe this is different than the available options when you looked into it, as the company seems to be always looking for ways to improve, but this is how it works at the moment.

    As for the oils themselves, I haven’t tried Young Living, but I’m sure their oils are great. What I do know for sure though, is that doTerra oils are amazing.

    I used various health food store brands for about 10 years and never got any health benefits out of them. They just seemed to smell kind of nice and the rest I figured was make believe. Enter doTerra.

    After getting a couple of samples from a friend, my mind was blown.

    The Deep Blue Rub for sore muscles is amazing. The shampoo and conditioner, amazing. My over-highlighted hair is soft and brushable again. The Easy Air/Breathe oil actually helps with sinus congestion. The Past Tense blend has ended several headaches and currently has a similar success rate to tylenol and advil for me and I am much happier rolling a little oil on my temples than swallowing organ-damaging pills.

    The face products are amazing and have cleared up a couple of weird skin bumps I have had for several years that salacylic (sp?) acid didn’t remove.

    I don’t know much more than that yet, but so far I am actually impressed with my experiences with these oils in a way I never was with any of the other brands I had tried.

    From that first smell of Motivate, that is my favourite day-to-day oil, to the Hope roller blend that is a lovely perfume, to the Lemon oil that took the stinky ‘wet-dog’ smell out of the laundry we accidentally left in the washer for 3 days, this stuff is great! I never had this kind of power in any other brand I have tried.

    And yes, I love it so much, that I actually did decide to go ahead and sell it, which is something I never, ever thought I would do, but it is quickly proving to be an excellent income opportunity as well. I’m not asking anyone on here to buy doTerra from me, and I’m not claiming they are the only company out there to buy, but for me they have been fantastic in every-which-way and I just thought you might want know how the company is currently operating in case you wanted to get back to a higher quality product.
    Amy recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  63. Thanks for sharing this! It was exactly what I needed to hear. I have always sworn I’d never get involved in a MLM and I got sucked right into doTERRA’s claims of being the “ONLY” pure oil! I just placed an order to try out a few Edens Garden Oils. You have truly saved my pocketbook! <3

  64. Great article! Thanks for posting this. I recently just bought a membership with doterra and have been skeptical about this stuff from the beginning (still am). I will probably just let my membership run out after this year and I don’t plan on selling the products either. I had heard that their products were better than anyones because they are “certified pure therapeutic grade” (CPTG). Now I know that means absolutely nothing because it is done by them and not by an official certifier. Good to do research on this stuff. Wish I would have before buying a membership with them.

  65. Thank you for posting this. I wish I had seen it a few weeks ago. My sister is a doTERRA wellness advocate and I recently became one (I feel a little bamboozled because I told the woman who was running the show that I didn’t want to become a consultant). I love the product, but I agree that it’s a little cost prohibitive. My head is spinning over the literature — I’ve worked in MLMs before and I’ve never liked them. But I wanted to help my sister out and I figured I would use these products, so it was a win-win. And, I’m I got sucked in to the excitement of the home party — we all know how that can be.

    As one person said — yes, you are the maker of your own destiny, but not everyone has the fortitude to say “no” or stand up to a forceful salesperson. In any event, I don’t regret my decision to purchase (even though I vowed to never do another MLM), but the whole program is very overwhelming (and somewhat confusing). I’m always skeptical and notice the “fine print” that comes a week or two after you sign up, which always makes me want to opt out, and I probably will after my year is up.

    I’m glad to see that there are other oil companies out there that others have researched to be of similar high quality — I wouldn’t even know where to start as I just got into essential oils. My husband will definitely be happier with the less expensive alternative.

    • I have exactly the same feeling. About a week ago I signed up for a wholesale account and automatically became a consultant. My intention was to buy a set and maybe in the future some oils, but definitely not on a monthly basis through the LRP. I probably do another one time purchase and after that will opt-out. If you know how to cancel a membership, please let me know. DoTERRA’s website is not very user-friendly when it comes to canceling a membership.

  66. I too get my oils from Edens Garden. Great prices for amazing oils.

  67. Jose R Romero says

    I was the most skeptical person you could imagine when my wife introduced them to me. But, being a supportive husband, I decided to do as much research as possible to prove her silly little essential oil business wrong. I spent months deep into the futile exercise only to become a believer and eat a little very delicious crow along the way. What I found is that Doterra not only has the BEST MLM plan but also the very BEST oils. They dont hide anything. You can speak to anyone in the organization. Additionally, you DO NOT have to buy ANYTHING or have to sign any contracts or maintain ANY level to purchase products. That’s just simply not the case. If you want to enjoy the wholesale pricing, you sign up and that’s it! NO MINIMUMS, NO requirements!!! If you want to become a wellness advocate and build a business then their are very reasonable requirements but nothing that will make you go broke like other MLM. ANYONE can do this business and have success. That’s why Doterra enjoys the highest retention of ANY MLM company by FAR. Currently over 70% So, thank you for you article, but….I’ll stick with Doterra…..!

  68. LAURA TALIAN says

    Curious to know Kathleen if you are still using the Edens Garden oils, and how your experience has been? I recently attended a doTerra presentation, and while I loved what I saw, and all the claims etc, I too feel that it is a complicated system, and am not terribly interested in another MLM as I was previously involved in something else.

  69. You know… I was sort of on the fence, but after this nasty reply, I am certain that I want nothing to do with doTerra. I’m sure that there are lots of great essential oils out there. Some are better than others depending on your purpose for use and at the end of the day, even if doTerra is the best, if you can’t afford them, then you’re going to be looking for the second best. I got to this page because I was looking for an alternative to doTerra, and now I have found one to research.

    Thank you, Kathleen, for providing your opinion on a subject that is obviously drawing a lot of interest. It gave me something new to think about!

    • Thank you for this article. I sent in my application to become a DoTerra member along with my check for $35 because my friend is selling it and urged me to. It has been many weeks and I have heard nothing from DoTerra. I guess if you don’t pay with credit card and place a large order they don’t want your business. In the meantime, while waiting to hear from them, I found Edens Garden and ordered some of their oils which shipped very quickly. I absolutely love them and they are much more affordable.

  70. Thank you for this! I really wanted to try the digestion oil fro DoTerra but was put off by the high price here in Canada. Eden’s Garden is MUCH cheaper and since I am headed to the states in the next couple of weeks, a good option. Thanks!

  71. Thanks for your great post!

    I appreciate your honest view of DoTerra
    and your wonderful,
    considerate secondary option
    of Eden’s Garden.

    Cheers to you!

  72. Great post (and wow, lots of comments!).

    I’ve noticed that people always seem to quote Dr Axe when it comes to doTerra. I actually signed up for his mailing list a couple of weeks ago, and one of his sign-up ‘freebies’ is a pdf about essential oils. In it, he talks about the four grades of essential oils, from worst to best. doTerra oils fall into the second-place category of oils. The first and best category that Dr Axe identifies is Certified Organic essential oils. He suggests you always try to go for Certified Organic if possible.

    I’ve purchased doTerra oils, and they are lovely, but they’re not organic. Pesticides are used in the cultivation of their plants. That is why they cannot be certified as organic.

    Here in Australia, we have great certified organic brands of essential oils (such as Springfields, Mt Retour, Perfect Potion) that are often priced similarly or even lower than doTerra – I assume because there’s no MLM structure to these companies and they don’t need to pay wellness advocates upstream. It never hurts to try out other brands and think about what it is you’re paying a premium for. Organic for a lower price and without all the marketing hype could well be a better option :-)

    Best of luck on your wellness journeys,

    • Oh im so glad that I read this comment. Im Australian and have been struggling to find anything but the very over marketed DoTerra!
      Going to look up your suggestions now :)

  73. Hi,

    Great article! I use doTERRA but wonder if these oil are pure steam/cold pressed distilled like doTERRA? Also, can some of these oils can be ingested- for example peppermint, lemon etc?

  74. Mike Rideout says

    Commitment equals results
    I was told I would die with no hope of recovery, or if I survived I never recover to a normal life.
    Black Mold entered my home via air exchange system. Before it was discovered 3 of 4 heart valves had stop working. After a year of low immune system fighting every day for 7 months just to live another day. I used Frankincense by doTERRA and highly respect Dr David Hill and his Book on Frankincense. Regardless what is the best …doTERRA is a safe place to trust for your better health and a good climate to build a worthy business that has a profound effect on your own life and thousands of others.
    I have am proud to be in an MLM company and the industry where people do not complain about their hours and their pay that never goes up. MLM is if nothing else a place where those who really commit to learn and understand rise up often much better people in the process. Honest financial gain for achievement. In all companies , churches, schools and government we see people taking advantage of others. That is just part of the human condition. However I never meet a finer management team. Plus I guarantee not one person that has ever complained of doterra has been to head office and actually spoken to the owners. Plus not one of you could operate any company like this …there was a company bragging all over the internet ( they were better than doTERRA ) Well their financials said they did 2 million that year. That same year doTERRA gave away 144,000,000.00 ( 144 MILLION ) that year in FREE products to reward and thank the millions of people that love and are loyal. In my organization that was at least 3 million in free products. How do you buy that much good will. DoTerra is a big business but one day they were small. Sure some people want to have cheap flowers and say all our flowers was wrong. Why ? Did we not support more growers in the flower industry and the shipping and I suppose flower shops and I imagine some group was paid to decorate ….but we could have it in a basement some where with no flowers. We are all part of an economy and one thing we do not need today is non buying. Buying creates jobs …. Who of the complaint people have ever created 100 jobs, how about 500 jobs or 2000 jobs …were you voted top 10 employer in a tough economy …maybe you did like doterra and you built schools and hospitals and earthquake proof schools where 8000 died in Nepal I know you drill wells in mountain towns and you creating new prosperity by offering steady market where there was little. Maybe you effect the income of 30,000 people in other countries , maybe you went there and raised the pay level 35% higher than any other company had paid.
    My Heart EF fell from 50 to 15 ….do your research and you will know that is Tombstone time. BUT I believed in Daily use 10 times a day and more of Frankincense plus Dr David Hill got a daily oil list to me for Black Mold and it left my near dead body. Another company was selling Frankincense for 40.00 less a bottle ….should I have saved 40.00 x about 30 bottles ….well maybe but you see they told me I could never rise above an EF of 20 if I did Max 23 …. well I spent 7 months in a hospital bed sleeping sitting at 90 degrees and could not have a normal life … recently I struggled to attend the 2016 convention in Utah, It was still difficult but I was inspired to be there. In the last 30 days my Echo Heart test has revealed EF has climbed to 50 again. So you all can keep your cheap oils …I love paying the price doterra has created so they can support thousand of mothers have a better life and income …what second job ever made life better. People want the best shoes, cars, Laptops, cell phones at 700 a pop but when it comes to a business or heath they want cheap. At least cheaper. Quality is always worth it …no company does more than doTERRA …. We are just getting started …the small companies just want their share of a big exciting market so their way is to sell cheaper and keep all the profit for the owners. I would not support such an idea. In todays world we need more doTERRA companies to give good people a way to prosper with out being a slave to a job or 2 jobs. Sure a few people don’t fit that mold but why bad mouth a company and a proven system that has MILLIONS not thousands seeing HOPE in their life … I think it is best if the people that are complainers and rather we did not help Thousands around the world ….just get a little job and next 30 years hope they can keep it and pay the lower prices but ask who is creating new jobs, new hope. Oh I was unable to make any phone calls in 2016 but because I believed in doTERRA and actually stuck to it. I was able to be paid $ 17,000.00 more the year I was sick ….every job in the planet would have let me go and I be bankrupt. Maybe dead. There is no better place than doTERRA. The internet is a wonderful place but who ever dreamed so many people unwilling to learn and experience the REAL MLM life that is free and empowering. Would think their greatest contribution would be to complain. Good Luck with that mindset. Here is my last thought, If you thought you like to be in the Networking Industry …. READ a book on it !!!! stop reporting what you think when you just do not know what your talking about. DoTERRA saved my life and it will for many others. A friend died a few weeks ago from a Tick Bite…. would not try our Terra Shield Bug oil …would not try Frankincense … Simple things like Tick Bites can Kill You ….simple things like Frankincense can save your life. Proud to be a professional in a great industry …very proud to be an oil guy in doTERRA

  75. I’ve been studying EOs since 1993 and love them. Recently, I’ve been doing research on which company to be involved with…..I am turned off with the LDS connection. I am pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-secular, etc, etc and I am worried my hard earned $$ will be funneled to anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-science with the strong LDS association.

    Is there a direct sell EO company that is not connected to the Mormon Church? It’s a total ick factor for me and most of my friends and family here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Thanks in Advance for Any Help,

    Wondering in Sonoma County

  76. Thanks for your post. I too have had the similar experiences. Another option I just found is called Plant Therapy. Free shipping, amazing prices, claim that they don’t dilute the oil and from the research on their website they test each batch 3 times in 3 ways. I was impressed, and so far I love the oils that I have purchased.

  77. Wow, so many comments. You said you lived in southern Ontario, just curious if you’ve tried My Choice Natural EO – a local company that claims high quality EOs. I’ve purchased Frankincense from them which is labeled organic, steamed distilled, and therapeutic grade. I’m just getting into EO and find doTerra is awfully expensive.

  78. Thanks for posting your opinions Kathleen. You are not alone in your wariness.

    All it takes to be a Doterra “Wellness Advocate” is $35. No education, no practical knowledge, and I can sell you something that will “support” improved “function” to fend off some undefined malady. Seriously. I know this, because I became a WA with exactly that level of expertise. I never had any intention in making revenue from this MLM, but thought it would be an okay way to get some oils and support a friend who’s an “all-in convert.” But ordering for myself from the DT backoffice site is a nightmare enough to give me migraines. It’s clumsy. It crashes. It doesn’t save things when you think you did. If you try to save/process without putting 100PV in your LRP, it gives you a big Yellow Warning popup that implies you need to order more. I hate pushy people, so this is over the top for me. And let’s not get started with the multiple emails and Instagram and Facebook posts from my uplines *every dang day* going on and on about how they’ve solved world hunger or cured cancer with a blend – okay, they’d never make a claim that specific, it’s not FDA compliant, you know? wink wink, nod, nod. It has become seriously tiresome and disingenuous.

    that’s my 2¢, and a small part of the reason I am getting away from DT.

  79. Oh, I so needed this post! I have the same feelings about doTERRA. I just listened to a webinar presented by a couple and the thoughts that kept running through my mind – These oils must come at a premium price in order for them to be making the money that they claim they do. I have no issue with people making money, but I need to SAVE mine!

  80. Joleen Christopher says

    Interesting mindset. You say ” you have to” which isn’t the way it was explained to me. What I discovered is that if I decide that I liked Doterra products and use them each month I am giving multiple Rewards, like a thank you for being there customer. Those rewards make their oils more than affordable. The quality far exceeds anything else on the market and since it goes in my bloodstream that is important to me. I absolutely love with this company is doing in Nepal and other third world countries. I love with this company is doing for women and children. I love all the free resources and Leadership training and encouragement they offer for those who want to work out of their home. If you have found another brand that you like… That is fine. But as a Mennonite should you have anything negative to say about a company that gives so much and does so much for others globally. Perhaps it would be better if you said nothing at all.

    • Moonelixir says

      And most of all, it would be convenient if she said nothing at all, to enrich those at the top of the pyramid massively and those at the bottom, marginally. A company that works with plants giving back to those communities is the norm, not the exception. Look at Givaudon as one example. That is the barest minimums doTerra would need to do for my respect. Their unethical usage practices speak volumes (advocating internal and undiluted use for the masses). As for the quality, since reps are not required to have any training in aromatherapy at all, I really do wonder what you base that on.

  81. Woahhhh these comments are intense but im so glad i found your article! I’m new to the whole essential oil thing. After suffering severe anxiety for years and years I thought it was time to look into alternative options – not to “fix” it but to “help”.

    Everyone recommended Doterra to me but jesus, its like a cult. Maybe thats because its great or maybe its because people earn points or money from getting people to buy through them. I got suspicious and as someone who is starting out and not working, Im not willing to spend $53 (plus shipping) on a tiny bottle of serenity blend without trying out a few more affordable (and yes pure, ethical, not slave labour) options. Who knows – maybe I will end up with Doterra in the end but the whole over marketing bullshit really irks me. I did buy their Balance oil…so far I honestly dont feel more than I do with my non Doterra Lavender.

  82. Jennifer says

    I didn’t know Mennonites could say H-ly crap. Lol. Not judging. Just found it humorous

  83. Wow the amount of doterra shills on this comment section is staggering. This company pumps out comments like this to make it appear that their products are superior to all others. this is not the case. MLM’s are a SCAM and are guaranteed to fail. I feel so sorry for anyone who gets sucked into this kind of buisness, especially when it reaches the inevitable product saturation situation that nearly 100% of MLM’s fall into.

    Additionally, many people on this comment thread are discussing “essential oil treatment” for extremely serious medical issues that should be treated by a DOCTOR not a random person selling over priced oil that has absolutely zero medical benefit to them. MLM’s are disgusting predatory business that prey on the naive and ignorant. Get out while you can.

  84. Diane Johnston says

    It seems you can get these Eden Gardens essential oils on Amazon.ca – which is Candian – and you won’t have to pay hefty shipping charges as if your order is $25 or more shipping is free. Love your posts by the way!

  85. You should check out Zayat Aroma. They are family run essential oil company based in Québec. Extremely high quality ingredients and lots of options; from plant material, size, proprietary blends, to carrier oils and clays, and fully prepared products. Shipping anywhere in Canada is $12.00, or free if over $100.00. As a maker of cosmetics myself, I have tried a multitude of brands, and Zayat always comes out on top. I highly recommend you take a look!

  86. I’ve recently made the switch to Edens Garden myself. As someone who believes that most times “you get what you pay for”, I was initially skeptical that they could provide a quality product so much cheaper than Young Living and doTerra, but the oils I have purchased have been a very high quality and I’m quite happy with them.

  87. Moonelixir says

    May I suggest Aliksir, Divine Essence and Zayat as wonderful Canadian brands (and certified organic by the rigorous independent farm organization Ecocert?) I love Eden’s Garden too and is one of the ones recommended by my aromatherapy teachers. None of the serious aromatherapy teachers recommend the MLM oils. by the way. Poor quality, high prices and unethical practices.

  88. I bought a basic set of the main DoTerra oils – I never had and still do not have ambitons to be distributor but i am a ‘wholesale dist’ b/c I bought the basic set (certain cost I think) I buy 1 bottle of something each month.. lemon for our water, OnGuard and we LOVE the Terra Shield powder greens … they are JUST greens – slow /low dried, as Dr. Oz has suggested. I have had challenging time finding one at retail that doesn’t have Ginseng, Ginko, Green Tea etc.. added – just want the GREENS .. this IS just the greens. Beautiful in smoothies or with some juice. I use mynpoints from product & shipping to get greens at no cost.
    I don’t buy a lot or spend a lot, but at Christmas I got oils for gifts and got the free Frankincense :)

    It can be as difficult or easy as you make it … I like the oils & so does my husband – diffuse in bedroom at night (buy diffuser off Amazon – WAY more affordable!) and living rm when there. I add a drop or 2 of oil to my unscented hand & body moisturizer and love the scent & benefits…

  89. One question I have that I can’t seem to find the answer to is how do I end my doTerra membership? I’ve been a member for a little over 2 years & have a nice stockpile of my favorites, my personal life is in a bit of a changing state & I think it’s just time to try something different, & I know I will forget about it until the autorenewal comes around only to end up charged the membership fee again (& I really don’t use enough peppermint for it to justify). So I want to make sure my CC info is removed, how do I do that? Do I email them? Do I just not order & eventually the account will be voided? I can’t find anything except the statement in the contract that by signing I am authorizing yearly renewal. How do I unauthorize?

    Again, I don’t want to be talked back into it, I just want to know how to cancel it. I have the products I like stockpiled from LRP orders, I’ve been thinking about this awhile, It’s not doTerra’s fault or anything I’m just ready for change.

  90. I totally agree with Kathleen, the author of this article. I just wanted to buy quality EO’s and got roped into signing up for doTerra by a friend who told me in order to get the best price I need to sign up. Why don’t they just sell them at that price and save people the aggravation? Anyway- long story short- I gave up on doTerra and YL and am now buying, at affordable prices, from a local organic farmer that makes her own essential oils. I have also started distilling some of my own, as well. I figured the money I saved by not buying the expensive oils I could afford to buy the equipment I need to make my own. In the long run I will be money ahead.
    Thank you Kathleen for a great article!

  91. My daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy. The neurologist was very confident about the diagnosis based, my Daughter had an EEG (no idea if it showed anything; we were tired and may have misunderstood what he said about that). MRI was negative for problems. For the past 4 months or so, I have seen weekly occurrences, making strange faces (this involved cheek twitching and lip quivering). We did not realize it could be a serious problem until she had an obvious seizure (simple partial) last week. What is troubling about my daughter condition is that we have seen many daytime seizures, and that recently the seizures seem to cluster together. No idea if there are seizures occurring at night.
    We were given a prescription for Kapra, but are still weighing the risk / rewards of giving the medication to a toddler. After returning from the hospital, my daughter experienced a round a vomiting lasting from 3 AM to 11 AM, followed by additional vomiting the following morning at around 2 AM. Nothing sense then. She has not had an appetite, is drinking fine, and otherwise appears healthy. I read a lot of blogs where people who shared their testimonies kept mentioning Anti-seizure Herbal medication. I searched for a website (http://seizurestory.blogspot.com/2008/10/seizure-free.html) I just followed the email address of Doctor Lawson that was shared on these testimonies; I got lucky when I got a reply from Dr. Lawson Bryan. I followed his instruction, used Herbal Medicine in less than 2 months, my daughter seizures reduced drastically. Within a period of 5 months, my daughter was cured. I went back to my neurologist, where my daughter checked up and marked epilepsy free. contact him +1 (979) 475-5130

  92. This article is so very wrong!!! I understand “free of speech” but there is nothing correct in the writing! To even purchase dōTERRA products you need a yearly membership, just like at Costco you need one, and that’s where you buy their products as a customer. You do not become an advocate unless you give your SIN number and that is optional not even required!!! Advocates do not sell anything, they teach classes and educate people on the oils like how and when to use them! The customer orders the oils themselves online they do not buy anything from an advocate directly, not even possible! The Canadian dōTERRA warehouse is in Canadian dollars not USA dollars!!! So I have no idea where you get your information from but it’s so very wrong and an injustice to a good company.

  93. I was searching Dr. Axe and essential oils when I found your article. :) I don’t think you even mention him i your article but I guess because of all the comments your blog post comes up.
    I’m looking for essential oils that aren’t sold via MLM because I am already in one MLM I would rather not refer people to another. I will check out Eden’s Garden. I just noticed you have another blog post about oils. I will pop over there to look.

  94. Hi there everyone

    I’m considering becoming a DōTERRA WA. I do have some scientific training and I’ve bought and used the products before as a customer so am familiar with them and the great results they offer. I wanted to thank you all for the discussion above as it’s helped me learn so much more about the company, the business structure and the ethos. Kind regards

    • Linda Johnson says

      Bhavini, I just came across this blog and read your post seeing that no one replied to it. I’m happy to help you with your process of becoming doTERRA Wellness Advocate or even a Wholesale Customer, whichever you prefer. Most just become a Wholesale Customer!
      Please contact me through my FB page OR my doTERRA page (mydoterra.com/LindaJohnson4). I’m a science minded certified holistic health coach myself who teaches on the big picture of wellness. There’s no magic oil, however that said, because of my personal intense experiences with my first doTERRA uses, I began my journey to truly learn more about the body’s systems and what our bodies need for wellness. AND they’re not including synthetics! I’d love to connect with you, Bhavini.

  95. Hi,

    Thanks for the post.
    I never bought from DōTERRA. I like Jade Bloom and AuraCacia Oils, they are good and price is pretty close to Edens Garden.

    I can’t wait to try my E.G. oils!

  96. You can check this oils




    I like your post and I think an organic 100% essential oil is an organic 100% essential oil. What did people do before doTerra? Oils and their benefits have been around for thousands years… I don’t want to pay for flowers or something like that!

  97. I absolutely enjoyed the diffuser…. it all provides a terrific tension relieving odour (you can implement which ever odour everyone want) Make the most of lavender.. it calm down. ” https://itday.com/fragrance/top-best-oil-diffuser-review-ultimate-guide-buyers/ “. My best daughter favors eucalyptus that will help your girlfriend nap. you can find numerous brightness configuration settings for that terrific nightlight, so its possible to go with which unfortunately colors you love. Or simply.. you will not insert any brightness regarding; basically makes use of the water. It’d produce terrific nightlight from a infant’s room in your home at the same time.

  98. Hello!
    I also use and love doterra products. I was wondering what makes you think doterra marks their prices for money for extravagant events? dOTERRA does not advertise their essential oils like MANY other companies and that alone is extremely expensive. Where is the proof that Edens garden does multiple testings on their products and pay their farmers fair wages??
    Do you know what locations they grow their essential oils, are they grown in the right origin for water, soil and air quality.
    I am always curious about other companies. Doterra is a large science based company and do a whole lot more then just sell oils. From non profit funds they have ‘volunteers’, not people they pay..help with building homes, schools, water systems etc. O.U.R is huge as well…saving children’s lives. I personally would rather pay more money to help with all these causes and be apart of something greater then just essential oils. dOTERRA is changing the healthcare system and I am so proud to be a part of this change :)

    They do a lot more then what some online company does who grows there own plants.

  99. I”ve purchased a few DoTerra oils. I went to a roller ball class to make a natural bug spray and before you know it I had $500 in oils that fit into a ziplock bag. Needless to say, I felt obligated to follow through with the purchase because it was at friends home.

  100. Great article, too bad I just bought the essential kit from DoTerra haha. I’m liking it so far so it’s nice to see other options as well. Do you know any canadian website for essential oils? I believe that I just met another Windsor-Essex blogger on the internet by chance! :)

  101. I LOVE doTERRA!!! I’ve been using their oils for years. I started as a builder, but am now just a user. Because I have others “under me,” I make just enough to cover the cost of my monthly oils. I believe they are a reputable company with amazing pure products. They do beautiful things around the world to help underprivileged countries. They’re truly a gift of the earth, as the names means. It’s too bad that a few people have had pressure in their experiences.

  102. For Canadians with a business. try Ashbury’s Aromatherapy much less expensive in business for over 40 years and created in facilities where organics are produced and high quality oils from land of origin! I use to work for their sister company Colour Energy

  103. First of all, Thank you. I freaking love it when I get to laugh. ‘At my wedding there were exactly six flowers — in my bouquet, which we picked up for $2.99 from the grocery store on the way to the church. So maybe I’m not the best judge of opulence.”

    Great information and great writing! I love Do Terra and I also love a lot of other really good quality companies. Single blends I get from Rocky Mountain oils or Mountain Rose herbs, but still havent found anyone to top the Doterra blends like Breathe, Ongurd and Balance.

  104. I don’t know where in Canada but we have Would it here in Quebec which are making their certified oils too, fair price and they don’t use ignorant representative to sale their products. They are aware that some oils can be really harmful . It’s not a matter of making money more then giving accurate advises. You should take a look. Very respectfully company.

  105. Debbie Reinbolt says

    God bless you for posting this very informative article. I loved the part about the flowers at your wedding! But I digress…………I have been trying to convince fellow eo users about the possible dangers of ingesting oils because they’re learning this from their money-making upline representives. I feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall.
    I’m happy to hear stories like yours!

  106. I joined DoTerra simply to buy EOs for myself. I have been in various MLMs over the years, including Amway, and have never been either successful or interested in pushing friends and family to join.
    I am thrilled to find this blog and that Edens Garden actually ship to England and other parts of the world. Others like Rocky Mountain oils or Mountain Rose herbs simply won’t ship, which I find very disappointing! The prices are amazing (Frankincense – 15ml = £47.50 plus loads of added on costs from DoTerra Europe, 10 ml = £9.26-£12.12 plus £12.87 shipping for up to 2lbs weight [or less if I want] from Edens Garden). I’m looking forward to ordering more of what I wanted but couldn’t afford at greedy DoTerra prices :)

    • Oh, forgot to say that with Edens Garden there is a choice of FOUR types of Frankincense ranging from £9.26 to £12.12 for 10 ml, PLUS a choice of 5ml, 10ml or 30ml, which you/I don’t with DoTerra.

  107. Claudia Flores says

    Thanks for posting this!! I am just about to order something from doTerra and browsed about crticism. I feel exactly the same – their sckeme far too complex, I just want oils, not the whole set of oils to begin with… I will read into the useful comments you’ve got just to inform myself. I do not find it reasonable to spend too much time to buy and sell for a company that does not provide any labour rights – exactly what MLM companies do.

  108. Thanks for the article. I have my own line of organic and wildcrafted essential oils and I am based out of Canada. I am always working to educate people who have been become influenced by the MLM companies who promote ingestion with very little understanding of the implications. It is unfortunate that there isn’t a governing body that can hold regulations for those working with these potent medicinal plants.

  109. i am doTERRA wholesale customer. And I was in love with this company all the way from the beginning till i spoke to one of the Wellness advocate who is doing business. She is just has an aggressive manner that approaches other people. All she is looking for is more enrollments, more sales. To be honest it put me off and im quiting doTERRA. Im looking at the alternative companies and found this great articles comparing different Essential oil producers. check it out https://essentialoildiffuser.io/what-essential-oil-brand-to-buy/

  110. Patricia says

    Thank you for your post. I am at the same point that you came to about Doterra. It is a wonderful product but far too costly! I cringe at the amount of money I have spent and I’ve only been with them for four months! After what you mentioned about galas and trips and so forth, that’s exactly why they charge a premium price and the only people that truly benefit are those that sell it, not the buyer. It’s too bad they they need all the glam and extend that onto the buyer with high costs. I too have been in search of cheaper alternatives and have found PlantTherapy.com which even have free shipping to Canada with a $50 US purchase. Their prices are much cheaper, even in American dollars, and you have the option of buying different sizes. I’ve had no problem with any shipments I have received other than a longer wait time, but that’s understandable. It’s too bad Doterra couldn’t be more like this type of company!

  111. Hi, I am a new DoTerra user… I am quite happy ingesting the lemon and grapefruits for weight loss. My metabolism has improved…. I put 2 drops in capsules and filled it up with virgin coconut oil…. what I am interested now is the ON GUARD…. I have a 10 year old daughter who suffers from severe hand eczema…. what essential oil should I use for her?

  112. I thought this was a great article regarding quality and how to find a quality oil, cutting through the cost, the marketing, and the hype: https://aromaticstudies.com/the-quality-of-essential-oils/

  113. From what I know and have read, if you are going to ingest Essential Oils, then you should do so until the guidance of a medical professional. They are very concentrated, and there are many people that are just ingesting too much and are causing their body harm. As far as I have read and found there is no international “Therapeutic Grade Test” out there for essential oils. It is a test that Do Terra does on their own oils

  114. Virginia Lyons says

    I’m sure this might have already been mentioned but I don’t have time to scroll through and read all the comments posted on here.
    I went to the Eden site and none of their products can be taken internally. Almost all of the Doterra oils can be taken internally. To me, that is the biggest difference and speaks volumes about quality.

    • Many experts believe that NO essential oils should be taken internally unless under the careful direction of a healthcare professional, so the fact that DoTerra CLAIMS their oils can be taken internally makes them a more dangerous organization.

  115. Cristina F says

    Thank you! Sooo interesting!
    I am going to the first doTERRA conference in my life, this coming June2nd, and I agree with your point on big fanfare for their conferences! Jesus is not coming yet, but surely He’ll be coming soon. Overall I feel sooo blessed and excited using the doTERRA products! I am a Bible believing Christian and I know Jesus is coming on schedule! 🙏 👑 ☀️
    A comment was about a blogger that was giving trips and other advantages by doTERRA, but this is not different than a friend of mine who’s s given all kinds of advantages from the money people are donating to the cancer society or to the Sick Kids foundation apparently for research purposes! We are living in a meaningless society, but I personally have a purpose and I am waiting for the blessed hope of Jesus return, my precious Savior!
    Waiting for His return,
    Cristina F

  116. 😂😂😂😂 seeing the comments from doterra sellers. It really cracks me up. This is why I dislike MLMs they definitely have the cult mentality. No your oils aren’t the only ones that work. You are just justifying paying a ridiculous amount for them! And you all are proving the person who wrote this articles points..even if she did get some things wrong. She has an opinion….get over it that not everyone is head of heels in love with the overpriced product you love and worship.

  117. There’s still one huge problem with all of these companies that sell essential oils, though. None of them are USDA Organic, or even fall under the Canadian Organic Standards. They may have been labeled, “safe,” to the company’s standards, but they aren’t necessarily safe for personal standards. The best essential oils on the market aren’t ones sold by an independent sales representative, at all. Garden of Life, Plant Therapy, Organixx, etc. are by far a better quality essential oil than those from doTerra, or Young Living. If these companies really wanted to corner the market 100% on essential oils they should really revamp their oils and create organic options.

    • Question, how do you know those other companies are better quality? I just wanted to know where you got your information and what research was done please.

  118. DoTERRA is all about caring, sharing and empowering. I see more health promotion and it is affecting the world on a large scale. Also, it can be used in different ways like food preparation and beauty treatments. The reason so many people prefer the doterra oils is because they are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade.

  119. Free shipping doesn’t exist. The product has to be shipped, there’s no way around that and someone has to pay for it ( hopefully not the merchant from their own pocket so that they don’t go broke and you can continue enjoying their products ) If a company offers very low prices and still manages to offer “free Shipping”, I would start worrying about the quality of the product because in order to do that you have to lower your costs a lot ( unless you are a really large company that enjoys great benefits from the carriers, but even so, someone has to pay for the delivery. So think about that. Maybe there is a reason behind DoTerra’s prices. They reward people that in many cases offer their home ( including snacks, beverages, time, etc ) to showcase the oils ( sampling ,which we all love, don’t we? ). All that social and sensory experience simply doesn’t exist when you just order online from other “direct to customer” companies. As for the flowers, they don’t bother me at all, nor the fanfare. At least you admit DoTerra has a great line of products because that is the case indeed. In the end you decide what’s best for you..

  120. I tried Edens garden to give them the benefit of the doubt. They are not even the same.

  121. You do not have to become a doterra advocate to buy at wholesale. I buy doterra but do not sell them. I have a friend that I do not mind supporting, specially because she does not pressure me to sell. I really believe in using what people find affordable or successful to them. Not everything works for everyone, and I do not remember ever reading anything on the doterra sight that states proven results or cures. People have to be safe and do their homework. Any kind of oil, supplement, or “natural” product can be harmful to any given person for many reasons. I mean, poison ivy is natural but you arent going to use it for toilet paper in the wood right? Lol. Just lightening up the mood a bit. Do your research, don’t overuse the oils, be honest with your doctor about what you are using when they ask you what “meds” you are taking, and be safe.

  122. I am a great believer in the power of the oils and I wonder if you could offer some of your healing wisdom to me.

  123. Love, love the way you write! Straight forward, like you are sitting talking to a friend. Appreciate that you gave your perspective without totally dumping on doTerra or anyone else. State your experience and allow the reader to glean from it what they will.
    and THANK YOU for sharing your experiences and info on Eden’s Gardens. I am planning on checking into that.
    Blessings and wishing you a delight-filled week!

  124. Thank for sharing , so sad people are lead down the garden path ,doTerra and young living and all the other mlm are trying to say there product is better than none mlm products . the doTerra say there product is certified is a pure joke, are people to so stupid . please share this great info with as many people as you can . thanks for putting the info together

  125. Hi there! I use doterra but o was looking at my friend’s edens garden oils the other day. Some of them smelled really really bad… i mean minty cedarwood and not minty peppermint…. did you have a different experience? I’m wondering if others have a different experience than I did.

  126. Hi there,

    I see you posted this article a while back. I’m like you – not interested in being part of the MLM, mostly because I’m in a small town and it won’t fly. However, they now have a wholesale membership where you can still get preferred pricing without having to sign up as a rep. There’s a small fee and you get a free oil when you sign up or renew. So not a bad deal.

    You probably already know this, if you’re still a purchaser of the products – but just in case!

    Take care,


  127. placebo effect of snake oil. How can so many be fooled??? People are willing to be fooled.

  128. Thanks for posting this article! Now, I feel like I should try these at my home and I am very excited to do it!
    Brenda recently posted..Thanksgiving GiveawayMy Profile

  129. What a great article you pulled out here! I totally agree with you. I was just about to enroll when I realized I don’t want that because the oiks are too pricey! No matter how many arguments I get from salespersons, I don’t see the reason I would pay that much. I finally decided to fo some research and found Plantherapy.com, a company with fair prices, no MLM, and great customer support! The oils are fantastic and so well priced! In fact, I paid for 2 DōTERRA oils the same amount I paid for 7 plant Therapy oils. And no, please don’t tell me DōTERRA are better quality. Plant Therapy are curated by Tisserand and he knows what he’s doing!
    Cristina recently posted..Living big in a tiny houseMy Profile

  130. Hey there! Just wanted to post an update. You absolutely DO NOT have to be a distributer to get DoTERRA products at wholesale prices. I don’t recall, in my 4 years with the company anything that forces you to sell the product. In fact 85% of people in DoTERRA are wholesale customers, not distributers and we love them. Also, there is a $35 fee (like Costco does) to be able to log in and order at 25% off. This fee is waived for people who start with a starter kit and that kit is even below wholesale. I am sorry you had a bad experience or were misinformed. I will say that is one downside to Network Marketing. People get too excited when they start out and make untrue claims and over exaggerate. This is what gives MLM a bad name. But DoTERRA is a great product and is #1 because people LOVE it and trust the integrity of the beautiful, heart felt company with the highest testing standards in the industry. :)

  131. This is a very honest opinion, Kathleen. I like the fact that you’ve both mentioned the good and bad points of doTerra, which is good to avoid bias. While reading through some of the comments, the experience with doTerra differs from one individual to another. Some may find issues with doTerra and some may not, so I think it’s best if people should weigh both sides of the picture and decide on their own whether to accept a certain point or not without disrespecting other’s opinion.
    Aika Ignacio recently posted..Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Scarlet FeverMy Profile

  132. Looks like you can’t ingest edans lemon oil … just one I checked… DoTerra’s you can.

  133. Doterra Bottle Height

    I have never bought Doterra and wanted to know if the 15 ml bottles would fit on my nice shelf in my master bedroom (away from sunlight of course). I researched and could not find ANY Doterra bottle measurements online. I then called Doterra and their representative told me they do not have that info and gave me an email address to inquire with. I thought that was odd but emailed prodcutsupport@doterra.com anyways. Their answer was ” Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the dimensions of our essential oils bottles. Our bottle and cap specs are proprietary information that we cannot release. They are made by a third-party manufacturer who owns these specifications”.
    Are you kidding me??? They can’t tell me how tall their 15 ml bottles are???

  134. I particularly like doTERRA and all its essential oils. I know there are many other brands besides her, but here in Brazil she brought many advantages in good times!
    Look my post about: https://marketingmestre.com/doterra

  135. I’m not reading all comments, but does Canada have Amazon Prime? Edens Garden, and another good brand, Plant Therapy (i checked reviews & sites that checked quality, process, etc.), which I also use, comes with free shipping and good prices at Amazon. Maybe Amazon has same dealios with Amazon Prime in Canada? Also, they’ve got organic

  136. I go by how the oil smells, and how it makes me feel while diffusing.
    I have tried Plant Therapy, and Rocky Mountain oils in addition to DoTerra.
    PT oils all smell like heavy lavender and I just don’t like the blends at all.
    The sacred Frank oil from Rocky Mountain was diluted. I put up to 15 drops into the diffuser and couldn’t
    smell it at all! (they did refund me but this incident turned me off forever).
    The smell of Onguard, and DoTerra’s Frank oils are just lovely! I diffuse them all the time, and nothing else
    I’ve tried compares. I buy a yearly membership, and since I get a free oil with the deal, I don’t think it’s so bad.
    I buy oils for myself. I won’t buy through Amazon since you never know if the oil has been diluted.

  137. Hi Kathleen,
    Your have shared your opinion on DoTerra.
    I have not join it yet so i can’t explain my experience with you.
    By the way thanks for your opinion on it.
    Charity Prado recently posted..Cost Saving Advantages of Commercial Window TintingMy Profile

  138. Its definitely one of the best essential oils companies out there in terms of product quality and how they treat the supply chain and employees across all facets of the production process
    Lou Meggiato recently posted..Essential Oils for Premenstrual SyndromeMy Profile

  139. Beside I have no problems with my doTERRA, i have to agree with you in some of your points of view!!But I am not going to so radical like you to quit with it!!

  140. Recently, I went to a DT party, and I was impressed with how much longer the scent lasted than the cheaper brand I use at home. Would you say EG oils last as long?

  141. Thanks for sharing!
    I was recommended to get Past Tense from doTerra. The logistics of understanding what I was missing out on was overwhelming on the Doterra website. google searched what the heck is happening here I just want to buy essential oil for a headache. Found this article. Found a similar product in Eden’s garden, could check out with Amazon. Shipping is free. Got a bottle for me and a friend of ‘Head Ease’ a comparable product to one bottle of Past Tense. Thank you for your article and providing an easier and less expensive route. #relevant
    To commenters. I will not be engaging.

  142. All you have to do with doTERRA is purchase a $35 membership to get them wholesale for the entire year, similar to a Costco or Sams Club membership. The second year is $25 with a free peppermint, so essentially, free. That’s it….. No one pressures me into anything! After I tried every oil company including Eden Gardens, I found the best company and oils are doTERRA, hands down and I researched for two years. But let me tell you what happened… My life, my health changed…I couldn’t help but share and people couldnt help but see me change… I got them started using the oils too, only when they asked. You all start out looking for the bargains and plan incentives…Let tell you, there is NO one out there to give the exact official 3rd party test results on EVERY bottle of oil, except doterra. (Source to You). I’m a regular gal, who knows whats best for her… I don’t get up every day, saying, I need to get rich off of my oils, but because I did take the time to become an oil educator, my business did grow. They are a great company with great oils…. I have proof….

  143. Before I used doTERRA lemon oil to lose weight until I discovered bodyfit caps! I only use this one now

  144. I have heard of him before, but after watching his documentary “healing spell” I was turned on to the full story  about Dr adrsikama . He is a man who has the Cure for HERPES,HIV AIDS,Cancer,Sickle Cell,warts,HPV,ALS,Diabetes and every kind of illness, through a whole foods vegetarian diet and natural herbs, what he calls Electric Foods. He went to herbal school college, and has thousands of testimonials of healing people with HIV AIDS, HERPES,ALS and HPV and several other illnesses. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC was cured of Herpes by him and she was so moved by his knowledge that she went on  to spread the word about him in every way she could. She also opened a Cultural/Healing Center for Children in USA before she passed away tragically. This all inspired me that i had to contact Dr adrsikama , because i was having HIV AIDS which could not be cure but was only managed, when i contacted Dr adrsikama , he sent me some herbs which i took, and now i can tell you, i have be totally cured of my HIV AIDS, My Name is Jasmine Jennifer, I am from the South Carolina, Please if you have any form  of illness especially STD,Infertility,HIV etc. you can contact him immediately through his Email Address on adrsikama

  145. There are a lot of good essential oil companies out there. Our academy encourages each student to select the appropriate oils to suit their needs. We train in how to discern purity of your oils and how to use and blend them and MUCH more. We have many students from among the MLM companies because they want deeper training than what they have received PLUS they want the certification credential. Understandable.
    One of our policies is to not align with any particular oil company because we don’t want a conflict of interest and prefer instead to train students from any and every essential oil company. I think that’s the most fair policy.

  146. 80% of members of doterra are users. Period. For a reason they stick to the brand. They are not enemies of their pockets – they know what works and what not. Many of them are past their learning curve and experienced the magic of essential oils. It is expensive, it us true. But they are unpaired in the market of EO’s.

  147. I also ended up spending more money than necessary & purchasing oils I didn’t need to keep up with the ‘discounts’

  148. Im considering different oils and I’ve used Neal yards oils, what does folks think Neal yards vrs Doterra ?

  149. I was looking a detailed info o these particular oils. Here, I found. that’s for sharing Witsadda

  150. Vanessa Johnson Ibarra says

    Hi, This is false information, please update info. It would be awesome if you could edit this to be true.

    You can buy Doterra retail (may be expensive for you, there are a lot of people who will pay for the purity). You do not automatically become a Wellness advocate with a purchase of a wholesale membership. It is an option you chose if you desire, you never ever have to sell, ever. There is no obligation to order at all if you do get the wholesale membership. You can cancel anytime.

    I respect your opinion, I just wish you would clarify this misinformation.

  151. Hey Ashley,
    I hope you have found someone to answer your questions by now… Several years later lol.
    I somehow stumbled onto this old blog post and this whole comment section was so interesting to read!
    I love Doterra’s oils, love the quality, and even more, I love their transparency and commitment to fair and honest practices, plus their healing hands foundation is amazing.
    As a happy oil user, I also love helping others find wellness solutions. If anyone is still looking for info about oils or wondering what specifically might help them, feel free to email me. Best wishes to all,
    My email: genesisremedies@outlook.com

  152. Eden’s garden might be a great substitute.
    Godwin recently posted..Best Outdoor Garden Storage Box – Buyer’s GuideMy Profile

  153. Just wanted to make a point here, you DO NOT have to become a wellness advocate, it is not mandatory. If you want a cheaper price you pay the membership and get the discounted price for all your purchases, as easy as that, it’s like a Costco membership.
    Only if you feel like becoming a Wellness Advocate you do it and of course you take more advantages of discounts and products as you mention.
    I am a wellness advocate, I have sell membership to friends and family, but they are not forced to buy or to sell if they do not want to. I offered them the membership because in that way they could get their products cheaper, but Im not bugging them to become advocates, or to sell of to buy if they dont need it or want it.
    I think is a personal decision and we must respect that, maybe when you enrolled they did not informed you properly, sorry for that.

  154. I buy the Doterra mint oil to ingest a few drops diluted by a glass of water. It appears that the Eden’s Garden peppermint oil (as with most brands of inexpensive mint essential oils) is not recommended by them for ingestion.

    So where can I find a high quality, reasonably priced essential mint oil that is safe to ingest?

  155. The best essential oils are from Bulk Apothecary anyway!

  156. I think it’s wrong to claim there is no actual benefit in writing bad things about a company. I’d like to compare with my work: some people ask me about the depth of things that I’ve learned and I can only speak about the college I went to, not the others. The way you write, it’s like saying “I don’t want to judge Yale, but I really preferred going to Harvard”. I have issues when names pop up, especially when one thing is negatively described in the favor of something else. There is clearly an interest in trying to destroy a company, product, or whatever, and then naming it, and finally comparing it to another very distinct company. You wish to speak your mind? Fine. Tell your friends you don’t like MLM companies and stop whining online. We all have a good or bad fit in places; you don’t need to write a novel about it.

  157. Hi,
    To let you know my Mom and I have been using doTerra oils for a long time now. As I’m a survivor in remission (02′, 03′), my Mom helped me with specific oils and blends for my left foot nerve damage pain, my urine problems, arm pains, leg pains, my skin blemishes, etc and the oils work like magic. Although the oils are pricey, but it’s the price to pay if you want to heal and be happy. They have been proven to work and sure helped me!

  158. Lots of hun bots on here wow! All quoting what they have only heard and read. Where is the analytical thinking? I guess if you waste thousands of dollars and make promises to personal friends and family members, you feel you must remain as hun bots quoting the rhetoric you’ve been fed. I only need to know one thing to reject all MLMs: I will NEVER use my friends and family as ‘network.’ I am no one’s billboard. I will not spend one penny on an MLM. It’s a very negative and selfish business plan.

  159. Thanks for the info, Kathleen (I just read your main article.)

    I haven’t had any issues with MLM stuff with doTerra, but I do pay $25 a year to get a lower price. That must be a different level than you had access to. They may have gotten off that high horse :->.

    My distributor has been great about not pressuring me to sell. I do like the quality of doTerra. One drop is all you need in a glass of water for the internal stuff, for example.

    Right now (June 2022), doTerra has run out of a product I need (a nutrient for bone health), so I’ll be looking elsewhere for that. OTC doesn’t trip my trigger because of all the yucky extras they add.

    Thanks for your time writing this article.

  160. Think for myself says

    Ignorance. You clearly didn’t understand things correctly. As for Edens garden. The proof is in the tests. Some people have actually started testing all the essential oils out there and many are not pure. Maybe you should do more research on everything you’ve said here. As well as many of the comments.

  161. Actually if you only want the wholesale pricing you don’t sign up to be a distributor. You sign up to be a customer. A customer gets the same prices as a distributors but they do not build a business. Customers do not provide their SSN nor can they even have a team under them. Customers cannot sign up anyone. They can only buy products at wholesale just like a Costco member. As a doterra customer having a membership is no different then paying a membership to access discounted prices on products from any store online or brick and mortar that require memberships for discounts.

  162. Vanessa Johnson Ibarra says

    you do not sign up to become a distributor.

  163. No, all it takes (and I think I started using doTerra innnnnn …. 2017, maybe?) is $25 per year to get wholesale. I use Bergamot to make Earl Grey tea. I just touch the tea bad to the top of the bottle and that’s plenty. It isn’t even a drop.

    Bergamot lasts me about a year. One bottle per year is affordable. This may be a big change and I came in at a good time. I don’t sell anything. I get good prices, though.

    One 15ml bottle of anything from doTerra lasts for months (but then, I’m the only one in the family ising the Bergamot).

  164. Vanessa Johnson Ibarra says

    I wrote her to update info. So many people will read this and be turned off. It is just sad what people will do for clicks.

  165. Yes. It only costs me $25/year to get great prices. Of course, when a bottle of oil last a year, that’s a great buy. You don’t need several drops. Usually just one or two for internal use (with water).

  166. I also ended up spending more money than necessary & purchasing oils I didn’t need to keep up with the ‘discounts’…not worth it to me.

    Here is another option…also Certified Organic essential oils farmed in Africa. It does not require a membership, is not a MLP and definitely more affordable.



  1. […] Below is a screenshot of their Bergamot essential oil. As you can see, their 15-ml (1/2 ounce) bottle retails for $36.67, which equates to $73.34 per ounce, which is a couple dollars more than the Young Living brand. If you want to pay the wholesale price, you need to sign up to become a distributor, which requires the payment of a membership fee. (4) […]

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