Delightful Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Water

Delightful Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar WaterI’m sure you’re all heard of the health benefits of raw apple cider vinegar, some of which are anecdotal, some backed by science.

Raw apple cider vinegar contains potassium, amino acids, and antioxidants, which are good for overall health. It contains acetic acid which can help kill pathogens, including bacteria, making it beneficial when you’re sick. Some studies suggest apple cider vinegar may help with weight loss; it may help with type 2 diabetes; and some say it might even help prevent cancer. (This article explores these claims in more detail). While there isn’t a lot of really hard evidence proving the benefits of apple cider vinegar (which is unsurprising, since there’s little money to be made in it), it certainly can’t hurt to incorporate it into your diet.

The trouble is, it tastes awful. Anyone else agree? I can’t stand the stuff. I don’t even like adding it to my salad dressing. It’s just not tasty AT ALL.

I’ve heard people say they just force themselves to swallow a tablespoonful every morning, maybe with some honey to make it more palatable. I admire their self-discipline. They probably also go for long runs or do Crossfit every morning, too.

I just know that I would never keep that up long-term.

For me, an activity has to be inherently pleasurable for me to make it a habit. I will never keep up an exercise regime if I don’t enjoy it. (Running is out. Yoga and dancing? Okay.) I will never keep up with supplements if they’re gross. (That’s why fermented cod liver oil quickly fizzled out. Yech.)

So I’m delighted to say I have found a way to take apple cider that’s actually enjoyable. I love this recipe! I look forward to mixing up a glass to go with my dinner, or even sipping on a glass for a mid-afternoon energy boost. And it’s SO SO SIMPLE! Just two extra ingredients (three if you want to be fancy).

I first came across this recipe sweetened with stevia, but I’ve heard mixed reports on whether or not this sweetener is actually good for you. I don’t care for the aftertaste, either. So I substituted it with maple syrup, which was an immediate winner.

Somehow, the sparkling water and maple syrup completely transform the apple cider vinegar. The beverage has a nice, light zing that is complemented by a touch of sweetness and happy little bubbles. With a spritz of lemon juice, it’s reminiscent of Sprite. (From what I remember. It’s been many years.)

If you’re currently addicted to soda, you probably won’t find this a perfect substitute. But if you already eat fairly healthily and have cut back on your sugar intake, I think you’ll enjoy this fizzy, lightly sweetened beverage. It feels fancy, even though it’s inexpensive and takes a couple of seconds to put together. And it feels good knowing it’s (probably) good for you.

So please. No more choking down straight-up ACV for the health benefits. That’s just cruel. Take a moment to make it sparkle.

Sparkling apple cider vinegar

Delightful Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Water

  • 1 Tbsp raw, organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  • ice
  • 1 cup (or so) carbonated water*
  • spritz of lemon or lime juice (optional)

Pour ACV and maple syrup into a glass; top with carbonated water (putting it in the glass in this order stirs it up for you a bit). Add ice and citrus juice as desired. Stir and enjoy!

*I just use a no-name carbonated water from my local grocery store. No need to blow money on name-brand water.

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  1. Ooh, this sounds right up my alley. We just moved but as soon as I unpack I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing Kathleen. I’m so glad your life has steadied out enough that you can experiment with a drink and make a post like this — for my sake, because it sounds delicious, but more for your sake, because it must mean things are okay with Felix right now. :)

  2. Interesting. I’ve never been motivated to drink acv either, but I like it in my salads. I will have to try this. Ever add your acv to your kombucha? And if I can put in my own plug here, if you want to make your own raw vinegar with wine (since acv isn’t usually your thing) there’s a nice little recipe/tutorial here:

  3. I’ve been reluctant to get on the ACV bandwagon, but I’d definitely give this a try. My aunt used to take it by the spoonful and coughed and gagged while doing so. The fact that it’s an acid scares me a bit though (tooth erosion, for one). But I’ve read so many good things about using it!

  4. Agreed. Apple cider vinegar is not meant to be consumed plain. =) My favorite is a tall glass of sparkling water, about an inch of OJ and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

    • This has a mimosa sound to it :) I love it! I usually have acv with seltzer water and lemon, but I’ll definitely try it with some orange juice, too!

  5. will try – I also can’t do a healthy habit unless it’s pleasant, and apple cider vinegar a chore to me. this may make it a refreshing treat! i’ll come back with a review. . ..

  6. Peta . E . Smith says

    Well that’s just bizarre!!! Like you, I cringed at the thought of drinking ACV in water – it seriously tasted like vomit 🤢 But add some maple syrup and ‘voila’ – now it’s perfectly drinkable and, dare I say, even enjoyable!!! Thank you soo much! 🙏🏻

  7. John Foreman says

    I used to be a diet soda junkie…quit all soda Sept 2017 with the Keto diet! I’ve lost 70 lbs to date and have now just started with the sparkling water and ACV. I don’t mind the taste since I drink it along with my (1) meal a day intermittent fast life style.

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