Felix in the News (Again)

Photo credit: Dale Molnar


Hi friends!I just wanted to pop in briefly to let you know about some recent news coverage Felix has gotten.

The local chapter of CBC did a story on Felix a few months ago while he was still in isolation (I shared those links here.) They contacted us a while ago to ask if they could do a follow-up story, now that Felix is out in the world. We were happy to welcome them into our home and share our story.

So if you’d like to read, hear or watch a condensed version of Felix’s story, here you go! They did a wonderful job. We had all had a crappy night and none of us were at the top of our game. But the folks at CBC did their magic and made us sound totally coherent.

  • There was a really great TV story, but as I went to link to it, I found that it seems to be gone. Bummer! You would have loved it!

That’s it for now. Hope everyone had a great summer. Hope to be back in this space with some of my own words soon!


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  1. This is so cool! I’m very happy to hear that Felix is doing so well!

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