Happy Life Day, Felix!

This weekend we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Felix’s transplant — often known in the transplant community as his “Life Day.”

One year ago, this happened:

gene therapy - transplantAnd now a year later, here he is! Completely out of isolation. He is a happy, healthy little boy.

We celebrated with a big old shindig in my parents’ back yard, complete with bouncy castle. We tried to invite as many local friends as we could who’d helped support us through Felix’s awful first year, about 80 guests (wishing we could invite more!).

Our son, who was supposed to die, is alive and well!

It was a perfect day, too — sunny and warm, but not hot, with just a wisp of a breeze.

Here’s a quick photo dump for you:

tent(Friends made that awesome banner)

tea lydia


boucy castle

Felix bouncy castle

Happy Life Day

I think he liked the balloons.

balloonsballoons2We feel so incredibly blessed.

Thank you, God, for letting us keep our boy.


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  1. Kathy!!!! Yay, this makes my heart happy, look at him, what a beautiful boy! Sometimes I look at David and I see the Wall side, and I think he looks a bit like your Felix! So happy for you all <3

  2. Thanks for allowing us to be there through pics:) So happy for you! Praise the Lord!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    So beautiful.

  4. So wonderful!

  5. Elyse B. says:


  6. Coriander says:

    Thanks to God, indeed! I am blessed to know it!

  7. Praise God! The giver of life! You all look so happy and have come so far! Rejoicing with you!!

  8. Oh my gosh, that picture of him in the bounce castle is just breath-taking. He’s so handsome. I love his tiny man face.

    Such a joyful thing – thank you for sharing these pictures!

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