I’m Still Here . . . Just Not Blogging

sidewalk chalkYou know that magical time of day, when your kids are all in bed and you get a couple of hours to yourself, either to relax with your spouse or knock out a couple of items from your to-do list?

Yeah? Is that a part of your reality?


That is not a part of our reality, nor has it ever been. If we are awake, you can bet our kids are awake. If we are asleep, there’s still a pretty good chance our kids are awake.

Our kids don’t sleep. So the only time I can blog is if the grandparents are able to offer free childcare. (I don’t really make a substantial income from blogging, so it has to happen at zero cost.)

And if the grandparents are either on vacation or working extra hours at their jobs, that means blogging (or reading or art or hobbies or fun) doesn’t happen.

So! I have a couple of months-worth of blog posts I fully intend to write, but it might be a while before my hands can hit these keys for any extended period of time.

I hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter, you southern hemisphere folks!), and I hope to be back here . . . eventually.

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  1. My kids don’t sleep either.

  2. I just want to offer some solidarity. Occasionally, one of my two kids will fall asleep early, but the majority of the time both of them are awake for as long as we are. The nice two to three hours of evening alone time is foreign to us as well. And they both sleep in our bed! Haha. I love it and I know it won’t last forever, but it can be exhausting. Hoping you get some rest and relaxation soon.

  3. Thanks for nice sharing :)

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