Pausing for Advent

gold christmas tree(Yup, our Christmas tree is gold. Cuz we’re super-classy.)

Hello, dear friends,

I’m just writing to let you know that things will probably be a little quiet around here for the remainder of the Advent season.

I would love to say it’s because I’m in the midst of some deeply spiritual practices and things, but honestly it has more to do with practical limitations and a busy schedule. My Mom hasn’t been able to watch Lydia the last couple of weeks, which hasn’t allowed me much time to reflect and write. I’m hosting a few Christmas gatherings with friends. Things like that.

This last week I had to spend an entire day just Being Sad about the absence of a second child in our family. Being Sad is exhausting, you guys. I could hardly do anything else all day.

Then on Wednesday my blog imploded. I dunno, it had something to do with a theme failure and an encounter with the White Screen of Death. I spent most of today (Thursday) talking to tech support people, trying frantically to explain what was wrong. I was doing the writerly equivalent of making wild hand gestures until someone made sense of what I was saying and went in and fixed it. Thank God for computer nerds. (And I mean that as a genuine compliment to people who are good with computers.)

Now I really, really don’t want to look at another computer screen for the rest of the week.

But life with my family is lovely, and I have wonderful friends and am in good health. I just need to take a little break from the Internet for a space.

You’re probably busy with holiday festivities as well, anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. Rest away Kathleen! Thanks for fighting to get your blog up. What a headache. I love your words in this space, and I hope you can be fully present these next few weeks for all the feelings–sad, expectant, joyful–that come with the season you’re in.
    Amy Rogers Hays recently posted..9 Books of Stories and Prayers for Advent and ChristmastideMy Profile

  2. Glad you got your blogo fixed. That sounds like a pain :( and I get that being sad is exhausting…how did we do it for so long before? Sigh. Hope Christmas with the little one is fun this year, I think Sam probably still wont get it, but he may surprise me! Our advent calendar has been a total bust ha!
    alison recently posted..Our DIY, interactive, anachronistic advent calendar!My Profile

    • Thanks, Alison. I find that no matter how sad I feel this time around, it doesn’t come close to the sorrow I felt before I had Lydia. And I know having her here will make Christmas so much more fun. Bummer about the Advent calendar! It looked so promising! :)

  3. I am a new fan of your blog. . . also, unfortunately, an infertility veteran. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel comfortable telling people what you need. So very sorry you are going through this.

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