Shampoo Bar Winners! (Also: Giveaways Are Fun!)

shampoo bar 002

Hi Folks! Just a quick note to announce the winners of the shampoo bar giveaway: Emily W and Ryann! Wooo! I used to select two random numbers from the comments. Thanks for playing, everyone!

(I’ve emailed the winners, and am waiting for mailing addresses so I can send them off).

I learned two things from this giveaway.

(1) Folks are still surprisingly enthusiastic about winning things, even when I’ve offered only a so-so review. I was afraid that my “I wasn’t completely dazzled” review would result in a lot less interest. I was wrong! You still wanted to give it a try!

(2) Giving away stuff is fun! I loved hearing from people who wanted to give my handmade soap a try. I’m so excited to pack them up and head for the post office to send them off. I only wished I had more to give away!

From now on, whenever I make anything to review for the blog, I’m going to make an extra or two, just to give away. Just for fun.

I hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.  Love you all!

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  1. Hooray!! Thank you so much Kathleen!!

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