First Week Back in London Hospital: Totally Uneventful

Felix eight monthsI am happy to give you a totally boring update.

Our first week back in London hospital was completely uneventful.

Felix is doing well. His neutrophils (white blood cells) are coming down from the chemo which is exactly what we wanted them to do. He isn’t exhibiting any negative effects, though. He’s his usual happy self. Full of energy and smiles. He LOVES to play in his Exersaucer. He loves to chew on things, too, since his second tooth popped through.

Our second stay here is entirely different from the first one.

Most importantly, we feel hopeful. We have lots of hope that Felix will overcome this and eventually come home. There’s no immediate fear of him dying. Our stay isn’t indefinite, either. If all goes well, it’s just a matter of  time (hopefully only another three weeks) before we are headed back home with our sweet boy.

And this time around, we were prepared. We brought everything we needed for a comfortable stay. (Our first time around, we showed up with one change of clothes and our toothbrushes. This time, we brought suitcases full of clothes. We have a laptop, iPod, knitting and crocheting supplies, books, etc).

Moreover, everything is familiar. We know exactly where to go to do our laundry or get a snack. We know how to get wifi on our mobile devices. We know all the surrounding stores. We understand the nurses’ shift changes and we’re familiar with the hospital equipment (we even know how to turn down the volume on his IV pump). We know our doctors. We know whom to ask for toys for Felix. Knowing all these things, and being familiar with our surroundings, makes life so much less stressful. We know what to expect.

So these days we’re just sitting around and waiting. We feed and bathe our baby. (He’s finally getting the hang of purees!) I’m learning how to knit. We’re watching the last two seasons of The Office.


We’ve already seen Lydia four times in the last week. We’ve had an impromptu picnic on the grocery store lawn and taken a walk at the marsh. We (unsuccessfully) managed a couple of her epic meltdowns. Just like old times.

Life is okay. We’re so full of gratitude.

Thank you, everyone. For your prayers, your financial support, your words of encouragement. All of it. It means so much to us.

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  1. Melissa F says

    So good to hear!!! Will continue praying for you all, Felix is so adorable!

  2. I am so glad it’s uneventful! And the knitting looks good!
    Abbey @ Surviving Our Blessings recently posted..Five-Minute Friday: HOPEMy Profile

  3. I feel a lot of hope for him too. Always have.

  4. Yay! So glad life is uneventful right now. Lots of prayers your way for more uneventful days ahead.

  5. Coriander says

    Bore us some more! What great joy to read of your contentment and relative comfort and ease at the hospital this visit! May God heal your child in the ways that He is willing and continue to give you peace! I think our baby boys are almost the same age, our young fella is finally getting the hang of purees and even a bit of texture lately. Such good fun!

  6. The boring updates are the very best! So glad to hear it, Kathleen. You all are continually in our prayers.

    PS: Love the knitting!

  7. I am so happy to hear this update. My 2 and 4 year old have been praying along with me for you and your family. They love seeing his picture:). Will continue to pray:). God is good all the time.

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