What I’m Into: February 2015

February 2015 will go down as the Month of Crocheting.

Ben and I were sitting on the hospital cafeteria one afternoon early this month and I was weeping into my pizza AGAIN when Ben suggested I take up a hobby. I have so much time to just worry about my sweet baby and think about how horrible this all is . . . he thought I could use a distraction. Hadn’t I always wanted to learn how to knit and/or crochet?

I immediately perked up. Yes. It was PERFECT.

I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I’m an obsessive person. Once I get started on a project (or book or TV show . . .) I can think of nothing else. The need to eat,  sleep, and use the bathroom (let alone care for other members of my family) become inconveniences I have to work around to get back to my thing. That’s part of the reason I have avoided taking up some of these hobbies so far.

But when I’m in the hospital for months on end? Nothing could be more perfect. It has been wonderful for my soul. It’s like meditation for my hands.

I asked around on Facebook, and a friend recommended Crafty Minx’s free Crochet School. (She’s wonderful and thorough and provides lefty videos.)

First I learned all the different stitches and techniques. . .

crochet school

And then I started on a few simple projects. The goal was mostly to master simple crocheting. As with this bowl . . .

crocheted bowl(Tutorial by Bunny Mummy. I used only the same two colours of yarn throughout)

And this small granny square afghan for Lydia’s doll . . .granny square blanket for doll(I used some clearance acrylic/wool yarns from Michael’s.)

Also this scarflette  . . .

crocheted scarflette(tutorial by Pretty Prudent. I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn in Grass.)

Followed by this chunky basket . . .

crocheted basket(Tutorial from A Handmade Year. I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Barley and Wheat.)

I’m currently working on a blanket for Felix.

As a result of all this crocheting, I didn’t do much reading or movie-watching. Except for the following:


Veronica Mars novel

DID YOU GUYS KNOW THERE WAS A VERONICA MARS NOVEL?! Two of them, in fact?? Written by the creator of the TV show? No one told me this while I was obsessing over the show all through October-December. I just happened to learn of its existence while randomly surfing through social media. And I immediately decided I HAD to read it.

I’m just over halfway through and I’m loving it. The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line is a sequel to the movie, and it takes place a few months after the events of the film. It’s just like watching a VMars episode. Thrilling mystery, witty banter. The characters are written perfectly. I can imagine every line of dialogue coming from the actors’ mouths. It’s a pretty cool experience, actually. I’ll be sure to pick up the next one when I’m done.


Flight of the Conchords and The Office

These are two of the funniest TV shows I have ever watched in my life. Murray from Flight of the Conchords is possibly my favourite TV character of all time. Re-watching these hilarious shows and laughing my butt off are so therapeutic.

That’s what I’ve been into! How about you?

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  1. ooh, so many crochet projects! i love to see it all!
    and some neighbors and i read the v.mars book last year for book club. i think you would fit right in here :)
    alison recently posted..He is exactly the same.My Profile

  2. Yay Crochet! I don’t know how, other than to badly wobble along some single crochet (I’m a knitter), but I’d LOVE to learn to crochet lace. Thanks for the tip on the Crafty Minx link! Knitting is totally meditative, so I understand how crochet would be similar. I’m glad you take time to laugh! I love FotC and my husband and I still spout off songs (and quotes) to each other. Funny, funny show…

  3. Really good. You have really got a talent!

  4. Great job on the crocheting! I’m impressed with what you’ve done in a month. Recently I’ve been really into crocheting amigurumi (little stuffed toys). I’ve made some Dr. Who characters as well as some dinosaurs for my niece. There’s tons of free patterns on the internet if you’re interested and a lot of them are pretty easy.

  5. I am impressed that you were able to have the patience to crochet so much stuff.
    leelee recently posted..February Was Awesome BecauseMy Profile

  6. Hello from the What I’m Into linkup!

    I have the same obsessive tendencies, so I totally get it, although I’ve never been able to master knitting. My mom tried to teach me, and she’s a leftie, and I’ve been sort of backwards and confused any time I’ve tried to pick it up since. The scarflette is adorable and those baskets and bowls are so cool!
    Emily McFarlan Miller recently posted..What I’m Into: Book nerd problems {February 2015}My Profile

  7. Sounds like your routine is like a meditative state. So glad you have found yourself the perfect hobby right now. I just watched this Style Like U video and thought of you. Don’t let the title put you off.

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