What I’m Into: March 2017

March continued to involve very little sleep, but at least I watched some quality movies in those midnight hours (when the toddler wasn’t screaming.) (I instagrammed them, by the way. P.S. you should follow me there!)

pride and prejudice bbc

We went on a mini-vacation to Michigan to visit a museum and do some shopping, and most of all, to get some sleep. (Felix stayed with grandparents, God bless them.) It was very refreshing.



It wasn’t exactly the two-week Florida trip we’d originally been planning, but it was something.

Well, here’s what I’ve been into!



A Man Called OveFrederik Backman. A completely heartwarming story from a Swedish blogger. Ove may be the most endearing grumpy old man you’ve ever met. You will fall in love with every single character. I cried both sad and happy tears. The writing is vibrant and lovely. I already think it might be one of the best books I read in 2017. (And the narrator is great.)

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern. A delight for those who love magical stories. Two young magicians are forced into a lifelong duel of magic they don’t fully understand, and the setting for the competition is a mysterious traveling circus. And what happens when the opponents, who must battle to the death, fall in love with one another? The descriptions of the magical circus are breathtaking and riveting. The audiobook is read by the talented Jim Dale, famous for his narration of the Harry Potter series.

KultiMariana Zapata. I listened to the audiobook after Leigh Kramer’s glowing recommendation. I enjoy the occasional romance story! It was kind of fun to try a subject matter I don’t usually go for — it follows the story of a female soccer player, whose childhood idol becomes her coach. Turns out, I’m more old-fashioned than I thought, because the explicit sex scene at the end completely ruined it for me. I swear I grimaced through the whole ten-minute scene. I might have even said, “EWWWWWWWWWWW” out loud, more than once. This from a happily married woman of almost twelve years.

Children’s Picture Books

picture books about art

This month I decided to focus on books about art. (I got most of my ideas from this list.)

Ish – Peter H. Reynolds. Ramon’s older brother makes fun of his drawing, so Ramon gives up drawing . . . until his little sister helps him see the beauty in a drawing of a vase that’s “vase-ish.” A sweet story about the beauty of the artistic process.

The Dot – Peter H. Reynolds. About a little girls who thinks she can’t draw until her teacher encourages her to draw a dot. Her creativity is ignited and we learn that anyone can be an artist.

Art & Max – David Wiesner. This one is a feast for the eyes and a ton of fun. Things go awry when Max has his own take on what it means to “paint his friend.”

Frederick – Leo Lionni. Frederick the mouse teaches us the real value of art.

Children’s Read-Aloud Chapter Books


The Wizard of Oz – Frank L Baum. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU REMEMBER FROM THE CREEPY MOVIE. If you have any negative preconceived ideas about this book based on the film, let me assure you it is nothing like it. (I repeat: Oz is NOT a shudder-inducing hellscape populated by overacting old men in costumes and little people in bad wigs.) Get this edition with the gorgeous cover art to help you get a fresh perspective. I’m so glad I gave this book a try despite my misgivings. It is completely charming. Lydia is loving it. The characters are lovable and the story is exciting. (However, it does contain some bloodless violence. The Tin Woodman is handy with his axe.)


Beauty and the Beast. I took Lydia to the theaters to see the new live-action remake. LOVED IT. It was visually stunning and everything my grown-up six-year-old heart would have wished.

Pride and Prejudice (1995 BBC version). Can you believe I had NEVER EVER seen this version of P&P? I borrowed it from our library and watched it in segments during Felix’s middle-of-the-night wakings. I thought it might be boring (Five hours of idle upper-class Brits standing around and talking!) but I found it utterly delightful. Heart-eyes for young Colin Firth! You have to seriously suspend your belief to imagine that Jane is the town beauty, though. (P.S. I still like the 2005 Kiera Knighty version the best, SUE ME.)

Pete’s Dragon – saw this with the famjam. It was enjoyable for everyone. Heartwarming, good music, impressive visuals.

What have you been into?

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  1. I love Pride and Prejudice BBC version…I don’t rewatch much, but I can rewatch this one. The acting is just so good, and the costumes. You really need that extended view time to build the story well, I think. I saw in before Kiera Knightley’s, and was sorely disappointed when I did see it and had had BBC to compare it too.

  2. When I saw Elisabeth’s face in your post, it was like seeing an old friend — I LOVE that version of P&P with all its sisterly drama and gorgeous costumes and elaborate sets. Haven’t watched it in ages. Maybe I’m glad it’s going to snow this weekend . . .
    Michele Morin recently posted..Musings – March 2017My Profile

  3. We listened to the audio book of Wizard of Oz this summer on a road trip through Kansas. Brooke Shields narrates a fantastic version. You’re right the book is so much better and more epic. Love the BBC Pride and Prejudice – there’s nothing better than Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy! Thanks for posting your list.

  4. I love Wizard of Oz the movie and didn’t care too much for the book! A Man Called Ove was one of my favorite books last year, I agree that Ove is such an amazing character.

  5. Love P & P, haven’t watched that version yet, on my list of things to do. Currently reading “At the corner of bitter and seeet” very intriguing book so far. Also this month squeezed in another short book”the little Paris bookshop” loved this one as well! Enjoy reading the snippets from your life!

  6. Sounds like A Man Called Ice should go on my reading list.

  7. So glad you discovered the Wizard of Oz but don’t stop with the first book! There are at least a dozen others and some of them are even better than the Wizard of Oz. I think Ozma of Oz and Glinda of Oz are my favorites!

    Have you read the Moominvalley books yet? Somehow I missed them when I was growing up and I’m really enjoying reading them with my five year old.

  8. So sorry you and Felix haven’t been getting much sleep :( Have you tried a weighted blanket for him?

  9. Isn’t The Night Circus so good? Gosh, I loved that one. Hope you enjoyed Kulti, other than that sex scene.

  10. The subsequent Oz books are just as delightful. His wife, Maud Gage, was a famous woman’s suffrage and feminist activist, and I think that comes through in his books. Lots of great friendships (female/female and female/male and female/animal, lol), with no romance. Dorothy has spunk and learns from her mistakes and basically all the heart eyes for the series.

    I really liked The Night Circus, too, and, shh, but I’m with you on preferring the Kiera Knightley P&P.

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